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Autor Thema: Suggestion Guidelines  (Gelesen 1612 mal)

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Suggestion Guidelines
« am: 4. Okt 2022, 10:58 »
Welcome to the Edain Suggestions Forums! This is where you can share your ideas for Edain and discuss them with the community and the team. To ensure constructive discussion, we ask you to keep the following rules in mind.

First, make sure that you're posting your idea in the right board. There's one forum for each of the currently available factions, in addition to forums for general ideas that affect more than one faction, the War of the Ring game mode, custom heroes and maps.

Once you have found the right board, you can create a thread for your suggestion and discuss it with others. We urge you to keep a civil and respectful tone even in disagreement - we all share the goal to improve the mod. Spam and insults will be deleted without comment.

Ultimately, every suggestion's goal is of course to convince the community and the Edain Team in order to make it into the mod. When posting your idea, you should keep in mind that it's very important to make a great first impression. We recommend that you put some effort into presenting your suggestion as well as you can. This increases your chances to convince others. The following guidelines should help you to make your post as appealing as possible.

Describe your idea as accurately as you can. A well-structured and detailed concept is the best possible starting point for constructive discussion. For example, if you want to suggest a new unit, include ideas for its design, power level, role in the faction and abilities.
Explain why you believe your idea would improve the mod. Not everyone will grasp the intent behind your idea right away, so detailing your thought process and reasoning will help you to convince others.
Use clear and appropriate language. Abbreviations, spelling errors, missing punctuation or confusing formatting all make your post more frustrating to read and may reflect badly on an otherwise good idea.

And above all, have fun being creative!
Your Edain Team