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Titel: Tips for Isengard
Beitrag von: DrHouse93 am 16. Okt 2015, 19:33
Greetings, companions of the Edain!^^

Recently, I've been playing a lot with a friend of mine, who uses the Dwarves (mainly the Ered Luin or Erebor ones). I play with Isengard (my favourite faction), but I can't defeat him in any way (not even with other factions, and Isengard is the one whom I play best with). I think the problem is the superior standard infantry of the Dwarves, the mines, which provides him upgrade reduction as well as spamming units directly inside my castle, and the freaking forged blades that also deals more damage than normal. Thanks to this, he's also more capable of expanding in the early game. And this is exactly where Isengard and me as well are weak: expanding in the early game. I usually start by building two lumber mills, an Uruk pit, and then I proceed with Isil-Pro's tactic (don't know if you saw one of his videos), which is this: starting units + scout -> destroying creeps, conquering settlements, securing important plots or attacking enemy buildings. However, this doesn't work anytime. So, I'd like to ask you some tips and hints to either go relatively quickly in the midgame as well as building my economy and securing important plots

Hope you can help me^^
Titel: Isengard vs Dwarves: some hints?^^
Beitrag von: Skeeverboy am 16. Okt 2015, 19:51
At first: Dwarvens are the strongest faction in the moment :D

When I play Isengard I make it the most time so:
Build Lutz Farning, build in the same time the ressourcen buildings in the fortess and attack from the beginning on the Ressources Building of your enemy. When his units will attack your scouts:
Attack the Units with Lutz Farning and Run away fromt them with the Scouts to the next Ressources Building. So he must attack Lutz, or he attack your scouts.
When he attack Lutz: Level him with money, so he will win the fight against the Units.
When he attack the scouts: Attack the Units with your Lutz, and run away with the scouts again to Attack the next Ressources Buildings.
Make it so long untill you have 4 Ressources Buildings. Than make a Uruk-Pit and Level it with the money fromt the Ressources Buildings to level 2.

So you have overlive the EG and destroyed the buildungs of the enemy.

When you have any questions, or don't unterstand something (bad english :D) say it to me :D
Titel: Re: Isengard vs f***ing Dwarves: some hints?^^
Beitrag von: Adrigabbro am 16. Okt 2015, 20:15
Fu*k Bill Ferny, he is boring.
My advice would be NOT to skip early game, but instead to try to pressure him as much as you can with Wildmen. They are quite strong when used correctly. In the meantime, don't forget to get your economy started.
Beware of the late game though: Dwarves can (almost) match Isengard.
Titel: Re: Isengard vs f***ing Dwarves: some hints?^^
Beitrag von: Elite KryPtik am 2. Nov 2015, 19:38
I would say that late game Ered Luin are a match for Isengard, along with Gondor. The difference is that Ered Luin have a weak early game, along with Isengard, while Gondor has a pretty strong early game. Isengards EG is arguably better against Ered Luin because of wild men. I would combine both of the previous posts, get Bill Ferny, and then get Wildmen after that. Bill Ferny's level 10 power is absolutely key to Isengard's early game, stealing 40 resources per hit for roughly 60 seconds can not only boost your economy significantly, it also hurts your enemy quite badly. He also makes very short work of any and all creeps, including trolls and dragons if you're clever.
Titel: Re: Isengard vs f***ing Dwarves: some hints?^^
Beitrag von: Adrigabbro am 2. Nov 2015, 22:18
I am aware of his strength. I just don't like him.
Titel: Re: Tips for Isengard
Beitrag von: DrHouse93 am 22. Feb 2016, 22:09
Greetings, companions of the Edain^^

I bumped my old post and changed his title to make it a more general topic about some tips for Isengard.
I must say I've become a better player since the last time I've post on this thread, and actually I'm able to defeat the friend of mine above mentioned with my beloved Isengard. Except for a single faction, which I can't defeat in any way: Mordor

I don't know if this is because I still suck, or because Orcs are too strong (other than free and timewasters)
Btw, the tactic I use (which works 70% of the time) is this:
- Send the starting units to the closest settlement and building a Lumbermill/Mine Shaft (depending on how many trees there are). Meanwhile, recruiting Bill Ferny
- Leveling Bill to level 10 and using his last skill on creeps. While he fights the enemies, the Uruks go to build another Lumbermill/Mine Shaft on settlements
- When the enemies of the creep are gone, I send the Uruks to destroy the creep, while I build one or two Furnaces (I prefer them to Mine Shafts because they give a stronger discount, and with just 3/4 furnaces you may have a 30/40% discount on upgrades, which are one of the strong points of Isengard)
- When the creep is destroyed, I build the Clan Steading, and while Bill's ability recharges I start recruiting some Dunlendings, and then the Uruk-Pit (this is usually when the first stupid Orcses attack me, making me waste time to defend the building, cause in aggressive stance they deal too much damage to it)
- Shortly after, while the Dunlendings and Bill Ferny keep pressure on the enemy, occasionally attacking his buildings (I say occasionally because few times I have the occasion to actually reach them, being intercepted by Orcs), I recruit two more Uruk-Scouts and, together with the two starting units, I send them to the closest outpost/camp/castle in a key location to keep it safe and preventing my friend to build on it very soon (which is something he's terribly good at)
- The game then proceeds with me spamming Dunlendings to try to counter his Orcs (usually at this time he already has a Nazgul and Gothmog) while I use Devastation to purchase War Machine on level 2 and Burning Forges (at this point, I have atleast two furnaces already on level 2, going to upgrade them to level 3. If I've played well, I have four furnaces at level 2 (three on camp maps))
- He manages to overcome me in the same moment when the Clan Steading is destroyed (the Orcs are too many!) and the Uruks (even Uruk Warriors upgraded with Heavy Armor and supported by Crossbowmen with Steel Bolts, the former in shield-wall formation and defensive stance, the latter in battle formation and aggressive stance) aren't able to hold their position, and all because the Orcs are (as I said) - too fucking many

So sorry for my huge post, but I had to explain the situation (I think I should have the replay of that match, in that case I will post it). I think my main problem is I can't simultaneously upgrade my buildings/units and expanding on the map as fast as he does, getting too many resources and too many units in a ridiculous amount of time, and simply overwhelming me by convulsively clickling the mouse button to vomit an endless wave of stupid orcs.

What can I do to defeat him? I tried once with Wargs, but the problem is the same: they're too weak (or too few) to counter the huge armies of Mordor
Titel: Re: Tips for Isengard
Beitrag von: Captain Jin am 6. Apr 2017, 20:38
From my limited experience I can say cavalry harassment is my recommended way to go against Mordor early game. Get a couple of Wargs to harass their army while Wildmen harass their economy. Because orcs are free, you're wasting units, resources, and time trying to hold them back in battle. Keep a Warg or two hot-keyed and micromanage the crap out of them any chance you get. Cavalry crush damage is a great way to circumvent that net-loss more often than not, at least until they get Cirith Ungol Halberdiers. As you get closer to mid-game, Nazgul will rapidly become an issue. However, Lurtz should have Cripple Shot by then, which works very well against them in conjunction with archers/pikemen.

My recommendation does come with limited Isengard experience, so take it with a grain of salt.