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The Lord of the Rings / Re: Annals of Aman
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Heute um 13:41 »
Lone seat, resilient kingdom,
Sung across shires and along the earldom,
Recalled in chronicles, of how fared the Dwarven sire,
Ere annals slew the gallant monarch and put him on a pyre.

RPG Library / Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Heute um 13:33 »

A rare flower of good hope,
Firm and hard as the fabled Elven rope,
Not a phantom of vain desire,
But a flaming spark of lively fire,
One whom folks ignore and know not,
One whom the free hold dear and long sought,
A ranger, come from dim woods and savage,
Set to claim his throne, for this world to salvage,
Contending right and realm against the gathering storms,
Daring the one-time hidden beast, which now fears not war and free roams.
RPG Library / Re: Dismay and Sorrow
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Heute um 13:10 »

Treason, the vilest of all!
How goodwill was poisoned and dream made to fall,
Into the pitfall of deceit and sorrow,
Destined to be pitied and mourned in the lay of tomorrow.

Heirlooms of extraordinary nature and scope,
The master of which was forged in secrecy, upon the infernal slope,
Scheme of a cunning guest who just misery willed to spread,
Laying waste to splendour, sparing neither living nor dead.
RPG Library / Re: The Hearth of Tales
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Heute um 12:57 »

Should one opt for wild and danger-road,
We won't speak much praise or sing an ode,
For ever is the Hobbit advised not to proceed farther,
In the land of lawless and murder.

Strange tale does the wind bring to the ear,
Not bogus story or snide smear,
For peril dwells ahead, out of green and wooden fence,
Far from warm company and merry dance.
RPG Library / Re: Varda
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Heute um 12:47 »

Before thee are woes to pale,
Before thee we shan't succumb nor ail,
Unto the last hour of bliss,
After which shall the Powers wane and miss.

Such was the fate foretold,
Such was the future that thou wast to mould,
Praying that light will prevail,
Drawing the sword of justice and the shield of law, of great avail.
Schlacht um Mittelerde / Re: Die Schlacht um Mittelerde in Unreal Engine
« Letzter Beitrag von ljosdos am Heute um 11:51 »
Mal angenommen das sind einfach nur motivierte LotR Fans und wollen einfach nur etwas schaffen, was Sie sich schon immer gewünscht haben. Würde das Edain-Team bei einem erfolgreichem Release sich an diesem Spiel beteiligen? Es gibt zwar viele Schwarze Schafe in der Modding Community, wäre es aber nicht fair denen wenigstens eine Chance zu geben sich zu beweisen.
Ich verstehe persönlich nicht viel vom Modding. Normalerweise bleibe ich auch eher ein stiller Genießer. Deshalb bitte ich schon im Voraus um Verzeihung für die folgende Frage:
Was ist denn so schlimm daran, wenn jemand Teile einer anderen Mod verwendet? Es kommt ja eigentlich niemand zu Schaden und der andere macht ja auch keinen Profit.
Allgemeine Modding-Fragen / Re: VP6 Videos in Mod verändern?
« Letzter Beitrag von Rodericky am Heute um 06:28 »
Do not know how to help me? About the knowledge I'm looking for, I'm following up on sharing this information.
[Edain] General Suggestions / Re: Strengthening of faction leaders
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Gestern um 22:57 »
The community asking for a mount was actually one of the first major threads that arose in the forum, at the dawn of the very English forum. A very in-depth discussion and among the most popular ones hitherto debated. That doesn't mean, of course, that new suggestions cannot be brought to the general attention, since any refreshing idea is more than welcome here, but people's will should be taken into consideration, too, and equally respected. On par with lengthy disquisitions about the lore or gameplay mechanics, a widely-recognised popular support was also a significant drive for the old proposal to be finally accepted, not before having gone through every single detail and hue, though. Prior to community support comes the due discussing of concepts.

Ergo: I suppose that retaining the mount and implementing additional effects could rightly be a just compromise that saves both the past and the present. In particular, expanding the role of the Ring of Air does sound as an interesting point to start from. Vilya was primarily meant for support and preservation; there might be the proper scope for endowing the Ring with something else than the hero's defence (which was a great improvement already, at the time).
[Edain] General Suggestions / Re: Strengthening of faction leaders
« Letzter Beitrag von SP19XX am Gestern um 22:10 »
Elronds mount was added because the community wished for it.
Indeed and it is nice to have, which is why in my proposal I mentioned adding it as an active aspect of his Leadership to retain it.
[Edain] General Suggestions / Re: Strengthening of faction leaders
« Letzter Beitrag von FG15 am Gestern um 20:12 »
Elronds mount was added because the community wished for it.
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