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[Edain] Mordor Suggestions / Re: Brief Mordor Suggestions
« Letzter Beitrag von The_Necromancer0 am Heute um 12:48 »
I've had a good look at Morgul Shadows and I'm still confused, so basically the description states:
"The life of Morgul Shadow is bound to the will of the Ringwraiths \n Any life the Morgul Shadow loses, will be transfered to nearby Nazgûl \n \n passive ability"

If that's the case I would suggest that the system be switched around, both from a lore-wise perspective it's more likely that the Nazgul feed on lesser wraith to heal themselves and from a gameplay perspective everybody would prioritize a expensive hero over free units.
Bücher / Re: Bücher von Pascal Wokan
« Letzter Beitrag von Ealendril am Heute um 12:02 »
Hallo liebe Leser!

Dieses Samstag, den 21.10.17 erscheint der dritte und abschließende Teil der Arakkur-Saga

Arakkur - Das Seelenband

Ein großes Dankeschön an Raschi, der wieder einmal ein phänomenales Cover gestaltet hat!  xD

Vor den Toren von Amerys tobt eine grausame Schlacht um die Zukunft des gesamten Landes. Alle Hoffnung scheint verloren, nachdem Elhan, der letzte der Avar, verschwunden ist. Nun liegt es an Alrael, Cathien und Draia den drohenden Untergang abzuwenden und einen uralten Krieg zwischen Leben und Tod zu entscheiden. Die alles entscheidende Schlacht beginnt …

Das Buch wird es als eBook für 3,99€ und als Taschenbuch für 12,99€ geben.
Achtung: Am Veröffentlichungstag gibt es eine Sonderaktion, d.h. das eBook wird es für 24 Stunden für nuir 0,99€ geben.

Mehr Informationen dazu erhaltet ihr auf meiner Website:
An Edain Submod / Re: Special Maps:
« Letzter Beitrag von Glorfindel23 am Heute um 11:06 »
Minas Tirith Description update with news about Gandalf
[Edain] Imladris Suggestions / Re: Brief Imladris Suggestions
« Letzter Beitrag von dkbluewizard am Heute um 02:02 »
I am in FAVOR of this proposal by Walkure, if we look at the timeline as well, Gil-Galad did not have Vilya when he went to War during the Last Alliance. So I am heavily in favor of Aeglos, but then again, someone against me would say: "What is Gil-Galad doing in the third age."

Nonetheless, Vilya was not with Gil-Galad (nor Narya) and it says that the elves took their rings off once Sauron declared himself to be the Lord of the Rings. So either way you look at it, Aeglos is more fitting.
[Edain] Imladris Suggestions / Re: Brief Imladris Suggestions
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Heute um 00:19 »
The problem with having Frodo and Sam available via the spellbook is that these heroes are already a special feature of Lothlórien, if we may say so. The player unlocks them after having refused the One Ring; Galadriel thus relinquishes her ambitions and gives way to the Hobbits to continue their perilous quest. Moreover, the two Hobbits are also part of the Fellowship as a hero unit, when Elrond himself picks the One Ring up and appoints those heroes to the utmost mission, aimed at the Ruling Ring's final destruction. As you may understand, that would be too much.

Concerning resting camps, well, that's the very embodiment of Elven art: making everything of stone and marble resemble a holy temple :P
RPG Library / Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Gestern um 23:54 »
Through these shires I roam and wander

Free I am, and ever-content I feel to breathe the breeze of the open air,
Malice and the ashes of war have forsaken our lands, for now our lives we conduct in peace and serenity,
Those of the Loyals who served and strived, by the western authority a fertile island of joy they were gifted,
The dwellers of this one-time somber continent may be relieved, because menace has parted from here and the immortal race, the ones whose love for the halls of mortality was too great to do without, tells that the entire earth they might heal once again through the arcane arts in their possession, and I thus roam and wander hither, merry and confident in a fate finer and better.
[Edain] Imladris Suggestions / Re: Brief Imladris Suggestions
« Letzter Beitrag von kreso am Gestern um 19:55 »
Hi guys!!

I have another suggestion for summoning hobbits spell. So could we have Frodo and Sam in that spell additionally because in match where we don't use Ring heroes. We cant see two most important characters of LotR in the mod. That thing makes me sad. And this would not make big difference because Lothlorien will have Mirkwood summon, Rohan have their Archers+Hero, Mordor have Shellob. So others have also heroes in that 2nd row summon. This could slove Imladris problem against Dragulin and Gorbag+Shellob, because Gildor is good scout only because his map revelation, his dmg sux. His purpose in early game are only bad harassing enemy creeping and pulling troll.
Those two heroes will really help Imladris fight early against heroes and prevent them to snow ball lead because with 3 points they can summon hobbits, that is not that good because Imladris in the early game creep faster than other factions and they will get lead so early with that summon and they continue to push out enemy and ruin early game in almost every matchup, we saw that scenario in this patch very often. (in patchfix by "someone in gameranger community" we put that summon at 3 cost skill) 

3rd row is really good, Imladris were lack of supporting stuff, only lore masters had it (but rarely used) I think Bombadil get his resistance with debuffng attack of near units/heroes, so I hope he wouldn't die fast as he is dying now. Luthien is really good, only thing that reduce armor in Imladris were Loremasters combined ( Water+ Wind) last spell, so this is good change. 

I think new spell Journey to Valinor is a bit awkward if it is resting camp to summon structure that looks like temple :D . But with Protection of the Bruinen this could be good spell.

Central spell: Omniscience. It is good but is overrated in cost. That is too much points to spend if You really want to know what is in enemy base u have to spend on Gildor 250 gold. That spell cost need to be 5 not more.
It could be spell that provide line of sight and experience gain and passive healing when they are out of combat for every Imladris unit, that cost could be 7 name as I was suggested earlier "Immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings". I know it is hard to make central spell for Imladris but I think Omniscience don't fit that much especially for 7 cost spell. I know they lost Palantir ability of Lindon tower when Ciridan is lvl 10. But Gildor is doing stuff instead. Make him more useful don't make others spell which make Gildors best abilities useless.

I agree with 4th row spells they are really good. I don't know will they be balanced but I am glad that we don't have flooding there. :D

So I tried to change some data in the _gamedata.inc file, like for example: the cost of a Gondor soldier from 200 to 100, but that didn't do anything and I don't know why.

This is what I am doing in detail, please correct me if I am doing something wrong:

Within the shortcut on my desktop I changed the goal to: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king\lotrbfme2ep1.exe" -mod "C:\Users\remo\Desktop\Edain Modding\Mod".

The "mod" is thus located in C:\Users\remo\Desktop\Edain Modding\Mod.

Then I changed the text in file C:\Users\remod\Desktop\Edain Modding\Mod\___edain_data.big\data\ini\_gamedata.inc:


#define GONDOR_SOLDIER_BUILDCOST                    100 ;previously 200, for testing perpose
#define GONDOR_SOLDIER_BUILDTIME                     20
#define GONDOR_SOLDIER_HEALTH                       400
#define GONDOR_SOLDIER_HEALTH_DA MAGED               200

This is the only thing I changed, but ingame it didn't do anything. (The game didn't crash though.)

I read something on the internet about the _gamedata.inc in the installation folder having more priorities than the modded file.

Can someone please explain why this didn't work?
Sonstiges / Re: Skulldur´s Let´s Plays
« Letzter Beitrag von Skulldur am Gestern um 18:30 »
Total War Arena Closed Beta. Endlich wieder Total War Arena. Derzeit wieder in der Closed Beta...nach über 2 Jahren Stille um das Spiel geht es endlich langsam los. Ich erzähl ein wenig über das Spiel und zeige auch das erste Gameplay mit der Barbaren Schockkavallerie. Eine schöne und spannende Runde!

<a href="//www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZydYCTFT0kI" target="_blank">//www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZydYCTFT0kI</a>
[Edain] General Suggestions / Weather and terrain mechanics.
« Letzter Beitrag von kreso am Gestern um 18:08 »
Hi guys,

I need to set this topic up because of incoming patch. I had really awkward situations with spells who change weather and terrain. When I played match where both players had weather or terrain spells, they become useless I need to take that spells only because I want to have it for instant counter and almost don't use it in "weather matches".

So my suggestion is to make weather spells last 1 min, their effect generally would be reduced in cost of duration. After You use spell You need to wait 30 second to effect be activated, opponent doesn't know when You used spell. So you have min 30 second of your weather and your opponent have 1 minute. It could be 30/15 sec timers. And there comes weathers spells. You will use them when You prepare your attacks or defense. It is still risky to use it but it is big difference from now. And this mechanics could work with terrain too.

Of course:

1. Could break should change its effect to reduce enemy units attack or defense and be feared(not stunned)

2.Freezing rain could additionally buff Uruk-hai with 10% movement speed.

3.Darkness is cost atm, 50% attack and defense. I think it should be reduced buff in cost of duration.

4.I think Lothlorien should keep their weather and terrain. Only adjust effect to duration. Maybe 50% armor for structures and heroes for 30 seconds.  (15 if countered)

Match up against others faction who doesn't have weathers or terrain it should balanced trough cooldown. Hope you like this Idea and comment yours opinions.

Kreso sends his regards!!! 
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