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RPG Library / Re: Conversations in Doriath
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Heute um 17:14 »
MELYANNA: ''Is this what your eyes have seen, Princess? It seems to me that your sight is wider and keener than when you and your noble court had made for the path of exile, here. It is thus true that strife and battle, violence and grief might make one wiser of the world. And you are to see further, joyful maiden. You bear a power in your heart. You harbour yearnings and longings that shall lead your way far and through the meanders of this sad earth of ours. A very grim present. And even now, your words sounded lapidary and plain as the common divination of my People of Aman. You might have foreseen what is to be of these territories beyond the sea. You may have predicted frames and gleams of a future that is still unclear for us all. It is a sign of destiny! It means you were verily meant to experience the bitterness of the ice, so that you would come to the lands of sorrow; in my kingdom, for a pupil I have always desired. One that carries on the legacy of our old wit and the memory of these carved halls. One who is apt for learning the secret of magic and incantations. One that is strong and may endure; and you are strong indeed, Princess, the mightiest of your kin. Despite the fog of doom that encroaches these perilous ways, you saw and beheld the final verdict of all, even though you cannot fully comprehend now. The portrait is still incomplete. Yet, it was the proof I longed for and needed. You are welcome to stay, gracious lady, if that is what your heart wants the most.

In your words, the fumes of the Evil shall eventually cover all, until hope finally comes, but it shall only come via routes of water and sundering waves.''
RPG Library / Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Heute um 16:51 »
Long shall you wander alone, but not in eternity

Ring-bearer, hearken to me,
A whole world is yet to manifest itself for you to see,
Wonders and tests, of which one might fail to fathom the kind,
Be strong, cunning and with the sharpest mind!

Fate is to lead you in hostile lands, where one despairs and chokes under the ashes,
At the turn of the tide, in which the heir reclaims the throne and to the White City a black host marches,
Long shall you wander alone, but not in eternity,
The task must be done, in courage and resolution to succeed, with no tricks, snares or subtlety.
Na da bin ich gespannt, was noch für ein Titel kommen mag :D

Habe u.a. auch wieder für Edain gestimmt. Gibt auch noch ein paar andere interessante Mods zur Auswahl, wo ich auch schon länger auf eine Veröffentlichung oder die neue Version warte :)

Mit besten Grüßen,
RPG Library / Re: Varda
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Heute um 16:30 »
Voyaging through empty spaces and horizons with no end

The Emperor of the blue finds much sport and pleasure, in the midst of his creatures beneath the sea and immersed in the water he so proudly commands,
The Smith labours without pause or rest, unto the completion of his work, when his very thoughts have shaped and fashioned even the hardest rock,
She, who gives fruit and grows golden wheat, treads the green paths of your reign, laughing at the intense Sun and gazing at the immense plain,
You, Queen of radiance, always set your eyes afar and unexplored distances stare at, yet not ever-still you remain, for the sole of your kind you are that may rise above the air of the sky, voyaging through empty spaces and horizons with no end, where you kindle your stars and that darkness lit you partly make.
Cool now I can hypnotize Bard and don't have to worry about that black arrow. Thank you.

By using your own logic, Galadriel should basically be immune to pretty much all heroes, the Witch-king could only be slain by female characters or creatures, the Dark Lord would literally be invincible, the Ring-wraiths could not be killed by standard units and the list goes on and on. The game would therefore be rendered a living hell and nightmare.

The lore serves the noblest of the purposes, when it gives rationality and substance to a given concept, finding that proper coherence that permits a feature to fare well in a real-time strategy game; not when it's used to force itself into the game in such a disruptive manner or to back ridiculous arguments.
Cool now I can hypnotize Bard and don't have to worry about that black arrow. Thank you.
Theoretically, there is no boundary or some sort of limit that might constrain people during the debating of a concept, provided that all belongs to the topic which is being discussed. Said that, I second the Smith's words: focusing on details is always fine, but it wouldn't be wise and constructive for our scope, if we were to twist and change the foundations of the concept radically, lest we start a chain of infinite debates and lengthy as well, without this thread benefiting from any of that. The very purpose of this topic was the showcasing of a quite established suggestion, comprised of all the needed indications. It follows that, if there is someone who agrees with the kernel of the proposal, albeit being wary of a couple of details, I wholeheartedly suggest them express themselves in plain terms first, and then we could delve deeply into the minor sides of the conceptual construction. The utmost objective of ours is the gathering of all support possible in the forum, if people share favourable opinions in regards of the founding premises of this concept.

Coming quite late to the examining of the issue, I think that leaving just Ring-heroes aside, speaking about the hypnotic gaze, is at the end of the day the best solution. Making use of the sheer lore doesn't really help here, since we're still within an in-game scenario; above all, there is a simple yet prime reason for the original choice of writing the sole Ring-heroes off the list and it's very practical: all descriptions in the game should be the most concise possible, for the sake of the players and of the very character, as having endless essays about the effects of a feature (indicating which heroes may be affected and which may not) would likely result in an awful outcome.
[Edain] Turnierring / Re: LPWG-CUP 8tel
« Letzter Beitrag von >Darkness< am Heute um 15:15 »

Da wir auch wieder einige Spiele streamen möchten, bieten wir folgende Termine an:

Kommende Tage:

Freitag: 20:15Uhr
Samstag: Ganztägig mehrere Partien
Sonntag: 20:15 Uhr

Weitere Termine folgen...

[Edain] Mordor Suggestions / Re: Annatar Model Discussion
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Heute um 02:58 »
Discussions of this kind please me always and it's also a pleasure to debate the very sources underlying the matter we focus on, delving and digging deeper in the old lore; I love it. On the present structure, I'm well glad to participate in the topic, but I'm afraid my stance on the proposal will have to be negative this time. I've already expressed myself in this post of mine and I reaffirm my thesis here too: as far as it pertains to the game itself (our defined context), I think it would be counter-intuitive and conceptually wrong if the Lord of Gifts were given that fair appearance, which is perhaps too fair for the case. Being Mordor the quintessential representation of the Evil in the Edain Mod, it is important that its leader (the tyrant) be characterised by some details that signal his real malicious nature. Clearly, his evil intentions are well embodied by his own abilities (it would thus be nice if his physical appearance matched his wicked mind).

Furthermore, the aforementioned reasonings reflect my personal opinion on the lore as well. It all revolves around the definition that Tolkien often gives to that atypical example of beauty: fairness that emanates might and provokes authoritative awe or dread in the people witnessing such types of uncanny events. I think that a comparison could be drawn with the Dark Queen; Galadriel says that she would be fair as nothing else in the world, but also terrible as the rising of the dawn or as raging storms. Tolkien writes that, while the One Ring causes her inner ambition to come forth, she does emerge as an unspeakable fair figure, yet dreadful and affected by that ill-natured power. The reference to natural phenomena is simply perfect, because this is nothing else but the canonical definition of a sublime manifestation (immensely beautiful and equally terrible), which both art and literature connect most of the times with nature. Tolkien follows therefore in such literary legacy about the sublime theme.

Now, this is what the passage that was presented here reminds me of. Sauron is exactly described as a commanding figure; one with a noble composure that stirs reverence within anyone beholding him. Nevertheless, it is quite far from a completely saint-like characterisation, which is instead used for the Maiar of Aman or even the Powers themselves, being terrible yet holy. And there is very little holiness in Sauron, even though he's disguising himself to trick others into believing he's a real angel who was sent as a divine emissary at the behest of Valinor. So, I'm not saying that he wasn't fair or bright, but there is that subtle trait of his which the current model shows well; his cunning and ambiguous ends, surrounded by an aura of clout and sheer power. This is what I read into Tolkien's own words, and we should also not forget that not all Elves were ensnared by his manners, for some saw through him and discovered that his heart was not pure nor pious. Additionally, I believe that the Elven smiths had been conquered more by his vast knowledge of the secret of metallurgy, rather than his fair appearance.

In conclusion, despite appreciating Necro's work, I would personally stick to the cinematographic adaptation, as it gets closer to the portrait of the Lord of Gifts that was depicted above. I will also provide other visual examples of that awe/authoritative presence/fearful reverence I was talking about.

RPG Library / Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Heute um 01:13 »
Master of iron, ore, jewel and stone

Blessed hands of thine, thou wast miracle and fountain of joy for all of thy kind,
A grand realm beneath the shadows of peaks of fog thou hast created,
Lit and home of splendour whose very soul in words may not be told,
Smith who dwelleth in legends, thou art so,
Sham was the advice that thy ears hearkened to, in goodwill and yearning of crafting,
Thy people knew much of the riddles entombed and into the earth concealed,
Ruled by the finest of craftsmen, master of iron, ore, jewel and stone,
Sorrowful divination read that those deeds their ruthless end would meet, one day, and it was then true and very exact of a tale, once the gruesome Lord broke the Smith's domain asunder, to get back of chaos the main flame.

'Flame' indicates the main cause of the havoc that spread afterwards. The wicked flame which had originated the entire dispute, destined to torment the ways of reality for centuries ahead still: the known and feared Rings of Power.
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