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Titel: Expansions to the citadel building.
Beitrag von: Tukolp am 8. Mär 2017, 03:29

I sat here, reading the forums, but I can't find information for my question, so I post it here, because I would like to ask some help.

So, as the title says, I would like to add a fortress expansion to a the citadel.

In Edain 4.x we start with castles, and camps, these buildings have citadels in their center, as a commanding building of the camp/castle.

I would like to ask, is it possible to add some fort expansions to these citadells and allow them to shoot one arrow as defence like an arrow tower ( and maybe later upgrade it with fire arrows or stg. )?
I mean to the building, not to the whole bse file ( not to a camp or castleflag ), so I will be able to use it as a complete separate building of my base without the camp or castleflag.

I added MordorCastleKeep as starting building to my mordor faction with builders In my playertemplate.ini (without a castle or campflag ), It spawned but I had no vision with it, and no expansions with it.

I would like to use this building as a "mini fortress". Or that building what I can use as a center my a base. And to be able to build it as a separate building ( I can build the citadell separately, but I think It will be a complete new building )

I asking for this, because I had no luck with restoring the fortresses to their usable state
, and maybe it would be a great idea to use these citadells as a bit different.

If someone could help me, I would be very grateful.

Have a nice day,