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[Edain] Support / Re: Edain Mod Download startet nicht
« Letzter Beitrag von oN1c3Fr0z3N am Gestern um 20:51 »
Hi Elendils Cousin 3. Grades,

ich habe es über den normalen Link vom Forum:


versucht sowohl mit Chrome als auch mit Opera...

ein Kollege hat es mit Firefox versucht und mir daraufhin die Datei des Launchers geschickt. Für mich hat sich das Problem damit gelöst aber vielleicht gibt es andere Nutzer die ein ähnliches Problem haben. Ich danke trotzdem für die schnelle Hilfsbereitschaft :)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen!
[Edain] Support / Re: Edan Mod Bug
« Letzter Beitrag von The_Necromancer0 am 26. Okt 2021, 09:07 »
Please do not create duplicate threads for the same issue. As you have been advised, re-download the edain installer and make sure to run it as admin to insure the mod is properly installed.
[Edain] Support / Edan Mod Bug
« Letzter Beitrag von seifa28rb am 26. Okt 2021, 08:48 »
i have a problem playing the game no maps is available to select from and i cant select any faction either
[Edain] Support / Edan Mod Bug
« Letzter Beitrag von seifa28rb am 26. Okt 2021, 08:41 »
I Downloaded. and installed the game just fine. But when i get into the game there is no available maps in skirmish and i can't choose any faction the select button is freezed. can someone help? i updated the mod bfme 2 and rotwk and i have net frame work so i cant quite get whats wrong!!
[Edain] Support / Re: Ältere Edain Versionen
« Letzter Beitrag von richyo666 am 25. Okt 2021, 17:31 »
Wow vielen Dank Gnomi !!!
[Edain] Support / Re: Ältere Edain Versionen
« Letzter Beitrag von Gnomi am 25. Okt 2021, 17:29 »
Hier sind viele alten Edainversionen verlinkt:
Alles bis Version 3.8.1 hat das freie Bauen.
[Edain] Support / Ältere Edain Versionen
« Letzter Beitrag von richyo666 am 25. Okt 2021, 17:29 »
Ich grüße euch!

Vor knapp 10 Jahren, damals war ich 13,bin ich auf diese Seite gestoßen und habe die Edain Mod lieben gelernt.

Nun möchte ich in Nostalgie schwelgen und Edain Mod zocken!

Soweit klappt das auch, jedoch fühlt sich das neue bauplatzbasierte System für mich einengend an. Auch hatte ich den Spell-Tree (wenn man den so nennt) komplexer und spannender in Erinnerung (das ist natürlich alles geschmackssache).

Ich würde also gerne eine ältere Version benutzen, bei der ich meine geliebte Nebelberge Fraktion zocken kann.

Hat jemand hier noch ältere Edain Versionen und würde mir diese schicken, im Idealfall mit einer kleinen Installationsanleitung?

Ich würde mich sehr darüber freuen!
[Edain] Bug Reports / Re: Angmar Bugs
« Letzter Beitrag von Only True Witchking am 24. Okt 2021, 21:49 »
This is going to be a very long post.

I have tested Gulzar's level 10 ability against virtually every recruitable hero in the game (and then some) and will report my findings here.

Reference: This is the English description of the ability:

I tested if he gains any ability at all, if the ability can be used, if it has any effect and if the effect seems to be the one advertised by the description of the button.

Heroes that just have "works" are ones where all the questions above can be answered with "yes", though I have also commented further on some heroes that "test positive" [ugly] on all questions but that I find odd for other, somewhat arbitrary, reasons.
This list does not claim to be complete; some abilities listed as working have wonky descriptions, incorrect hotkeys (a lot of those, as far as I noticed) or no FX, for example. Balance was mostly no consideration.
Finally, I often looked into the game files (or let my brother do it) to find out why an ability may be bugged, if I found a reason, it is reported here.

The heroes will be sorted by factions, those in turn do not have any particular order besides the one I tested them in.

Aaaaand done.

The Only True Witchking

PS: Any feedback/questions/corrections are welcome. I can conduct a large number of tests on this ability fairly quickly now, so if you want info that isn't here already, ask away.

PSS: I would love to see this ability used to its fullest potential, which currently just isn't the case. Beyond the bugs, it feels very unpolished and has some major balance issues & inconsistencies, but the concept is awesome so I'd hate to see it go. I'm currently thinking about opening a discussion about this in the Balance section.

PSSS: Healing abilities are weird, especially Athelas. However! There is a far better way to include an ability that heals heroes exactly like Athelas without actually using an AutoHealBehavior (and possibly tinkering with Lua scripts, disgusting :P).

I present to you: The PlayerHealSpecialPower! Just make sure to set "HealAsPercent" to False and you can achieve the exact same effect Athelas has. I'll just post an example of code below:

   Behavior = UnpauseSpecialPowerUpgrade ModuleTag_BeShorterDammit
       SpecialPowerTemplate                = SpecialAbilityAragornAthelas
       TriggeredBy                         = Upgrade_Level_5

    Behavior = PlayerHealSpecialPower ModuleTag_CreateAHeroHealingPower_Level2
       SpecialPowerTemplate                = SpecialAbilityAragornAthelas
       UpdateModuleStartsAttack            = Yes
       StartsPaused                                 = Yes
       HealAffects                                    = HERO
       HealAmount                                  = 2000
       HealAsPercent             = No
       HealRadius                                    = 150
       HealFX                                            = FX_StreicherAthelas
       InitiateSound                                 = AragornAthelesEffect
       TriggerFX                                       = FX_StreicherAthelas

    Behavior = SpecialAbilityUpdate ModuleTag_CreateAHeroHealingUpdate_Level2
       SpecialPowerTemplate                = SpecialAbilityAragornAthelas
       UnpackTime                                 = 1
       PreparationTime                          = 1
       PackTime                                      = 3000
       UnpackingVariation                  = 5

If you know this already, sorry for rambling, but I think Gulzar could very much use this :)

That's it from me, this abomination of a post has grown to insane lengths already.

PSSSS: Quotation marks galore.

Edit 24.10.2021 - Forgot to write "Works" for most of Mordor's heroes.
[Edain] Bug Reports / Re: Lothlorien Bugs
« Letzter Beitrag von The_Necromancer0 am 24. Okt 2021, 20:17 »
The Longbow upgrade modifier (LongbowsModifier) has the following line:

    Modifier = VISION 120%

Which intended to increase vision range by +20% to match the range and shroud clearing. However, according to notes left by EA, VISION is actually an additive modifier meaning that the vision of a unit is actually more than doubled.

[Edain] Lothlorien Suggestions / Re: New spell for Caras Galadhon Pyjama Guards
« Letzter Beitrag von Vladimir am 23. Okt 2021, 19:58 »
Ok too bad damage based on missing health does not work. I really don't know what's technically feasible or not.
I have two other suggestions then based on the suggested ambush mechanic:

Option A:
Lvl 5: Spell name: "Requires being stealthed for activation. While stealthed, the Guards select an area and monitor it closely. After 12 seconds, enemies inside the area are marked as "high threat" enemies. "High threat" enemies receive a debuff for 15 seconds, which makes them take an additional 30% damage but only from other Caras Galadhon Guards."

Gameplay arguments: The area could be marked in a way that both sides can see it with some sort of circle on the ground. Debuffed enemies could receive a colour debuff maybe. This could create an interesting tool for zoning, as due to the delay, the enemy could react and move high-value units out of the way. And it would be interesting for the Lorien player to try and predict where the damage buff would be more valuable. Or the Lorien player could try to combine it with the Mirkwood ambush mechanic that knocks enemies down, therefore making them stay in the dead zone.
Lore arguments: It still ties in with my previous arguments that as Guards, they would be watching an area and searching for the most threatening enemy.

If unit-specific debuffs do not work in the mod, maybe something like this could work? xD -->

Option B (B stands for boring):
Lvl 5: Spell name: "Requires being stealthed for activation. After 10 seconds, the Guards have spotted and analyzed the weaknesses of their opponents. For 15 seconds, they deal 40% increased damage to units in heavy armour by shooting where their armour is weak." (The idea is basically to make them deal URUK type damage for 15 seconds.)

Lore arguments: Same as above, you still get that additional damage, which you would want to put on high-HP units anyway.

Gameplay arguments: Why would it make sense to let them deal URUK damage now? As they are Heroic Archers, ideally you would most of the time want to focus the strongest units anyway to avoid overkilling your enemy. Therefore, this would be an easy way to implement the additional damage, which you would still need to micro correctly for maximum efficiency. The problem is that the micro aspect might lose its importance in the lategame against most factions, as most troops would have heavy armor. And since you get the Guards in the late game, you won't have to micro anything anymore...

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