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[Edain] Imladris Suggestions / Imladris Spellbook Proposal
« Letzter Beitrag von Aranruth am Heute um 07:54 »
Hi all, I've had some ideas for Imladris' upcoming spellbook rework, and wanted see what the community thought. My hope is that we can have some good discussions over what you like and don't like. I certainly don't think its perfect, so please be honest. I simply want this to create some interesting points for discussion and maybe we can collectively come up with some ideas the Edain team would like to use.

Influence of Aule: “Targets a friendly structure. Structure is temporarily indestructible and passively repairs itself for the duration of the power.”
Heal: Same as current heal power. Definitely makes sense lore-wise for Imladris to keep their Heal ability

Light of the Evenstar: Grants heroes faster health regen and 25% faster ability cooldowns, but also reduces cost of hero recruitment, since the power has moved from 2pp to 3pp.
Summon Hobbit Allies: Same as current hobbit summon power. Again, it makes sense lore-wise and is helpful to Imladris in early game when they have few soldiers.

Arwen’s Banner: “Places a banner anywhere on the map which grants leadership to nearby troops. Also decreases the cost of recruitment for units from the Library, Barracks, and Green Pasture by 5% for each Arwen’s Banner on the map.”
Luthien’s Song: Functions like the current power, but must be buffed with longer duration and larger AOE to make up for the increase from 3pp to 5pp.
Breath of Manwe: Functions similiarly to the current power, except that it also weakens the armor of affected enemies for a time afterward.
The Lady of Lothlorien: “Summons Galadriel temporarily to the aid of her fellow elves.” Summoned Galadriel would have a limited ability set compared to the Lothlorien faction hero.

Guardians of the Old Forest: Summons Old Man Willow as a permanent structure that can be placed anywhere. Old Man Willow doesn’t move, but will attack passing enemies. Tom Bombadil and Goldberry can be summoned to Old Man Willow temporarily. Tom Bombadil functions as he does currently and can roam the map; while Goldberry attacks with wind and water from afar and is effective against structures.
Last Alliance: Functions the same as the current Last Alliance Power, but with a longer duration.

Ancient Lore: This spell would function just like the Dwarven Runes spell in the Dwarven faction, in that it activates several mini powers. The Scroll of Fortitude permanently increased the HP of a selected structure by 50%. The Scroll of Plenty permanently increases the production of one resource building by 50%(not stackable with Erestor’s influence). The Scroll of Experience increases the experience points of all troops within a small radius. The Scroll of Warfare fully upgrades one squad of units and gives them and troops near them passive health regen.

That's all folks! Please comment and let me know how this could be improved!
RPG Library / Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Gestern um 23:18 »
Amok he must be wandering, for now...

The Tyrant? Amok he must be wandering now, along ways unknown and forbidden in the deep East of this earth, of which many are seriously frightened and no accurate tale as just account we may dispose of,
Who in the world might travel thither safe and unspoilt? Who could find the reason of his voyaging in such abandoned wastes, forsaken by grace and beauty?
For now, I feel like saying, in that the Evil holds return as an unceasing flame which its own interiors keeps on devouring in hunger, and naught evil entities learn,
For always they yearn reappearance in the broad Middle-earth, to move pawns again and war to wage, yet never their past mistakes they are likely to comprehend.
Dieses Video hat mich einfach nur traurig gemacht.
Das schlimmste ist, dass sie sagen, dass sie ihrer Meinung nach so nah wie möglich am Buch bleiben. Und dann wissen sie noch nicht mal, warum Helm "Hammerhand" genannt wurde. Oder wann Rohan gegründet wurde.

Freu dich. Es gibt noch mehr von der Sorte. Es wurde irwo in einem Video gesagt das Sauron Suldan in seinen Dienst mit einem Ring zwang und Isildur ebenfalls. Wobei das bei Isildur eher freiwilig aussieht als gezwungen. :D
<a href="//www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgNW9YPIT5Y" target="_blank">//www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgNW9YPIT5Y</a>
Dieses Video hat mich einfach nur traurig gemacht.
Das schlimmste ist, dass sie sagen, dass sie ihrer Meinung nach so nah wie möglich am Buch bleiben. Und dann wissen sie noch nicht mal, warum Helm "Hammerhand" genannt wurde. Oder wann Rohan gegründet wurde.
Allgemeine Vorschläge / Re: Kurzvorschläge allgemein
« Letzter Beitrag von Gimli888 am Gestern um 22:00 »
Mal ein Vorschlag zu den Zwergen. Wäre es möglich, Wäre es möglich thorin mit dem einen Ring seine Rüstung zu geben, die er in der Hobbit anhatte, als er dem Wahn des Schatzes verfallen war, und dementsprechend seine rüstwerte und der seiner verbündendeten zu verstärken? Vllt im Gegenzug dazu dains Offensiven Charakter hervorheben, indem man ihm statt Verlangsamung mehr Geschwindigkeit giebt. So hätte Ered luin im Ringmodus die eigenen Vorteile, plus die der Eisenberge und umgekehrt. Zu erebor hätte ich noch keinen Vorschlag. Aber was haltet ihr grundsätzlich von dieser Idee. Im Moment sind die zwerge mit dem einen Ring kaum zu gebrauchen leider.

<a href="//www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHGnXj37V-k" target="_blank">//www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHGnXj37V-k</a>
[Edain] General Suggestions / Re: Artificial Intelligence
« Letzter Beitrag von FG15 am Gestern um 21:52 »
Also, even if it were legal, we would need someone to either being able to change the engine, without the actual source code, or even redevelope one, which both is rather unlikely.

I can promise you that there will be some more things for singleplayer in the future.
[Edain] General Suggestions / Re: Artificial Intelligence
« Letzter Beitrag von Isaac632 am Gestern um 21:45 »
*sighs sadly* Ah, okay. So it's really more of a legal issue. I guess it can't be helped then.

I'm going to be stuck waking up at the wrong times in the morning, unable to play edain mod with other people, and stuck with an unfair AI every time. It may just be better to accept it rather than trying to change it.

It's really disappointing, but... maybe I can get used to it eventually.
Allgemeine Modding-Fragen / Re: Game Crash HILFE!
« Letzter Beitrag von Tornos am Gestern um 21:16 »
ich dachte ich hätte es schon aktualisiert aber jetzt geht es :D
vielen dank was würde ich nur ohne euch tun mein lord :D
RPG Library / Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Letzter Beitrag von Walküre am Gestern um 21:15 »
Do not be wary of the arts of a wizard

Men, common and resilient kind you are all in truth, versed into learning and making theory a wonderful practice, because you need raise your hard strongholds of stone and pale marble which is renowned in every corner of this world, but you should also pay attention to these words of counsel and care, that wary of the arts of a wizard you ought not to be, being those not wanderers and beggars whom fortune has casually brought hither.

They are old and uncanny wit they hide, of this I am sure, and affected by toil they don't seem to be, and by aging in equal manner, for a mission they must must fulfil, of which the common man may not be told, and so let us pray that their coming an omen of positive future is to be, being us weary of grey vibe and increasing tension, as mankind as a whole needs hope as never before throughout continental events and diverse happenings we might have little memory of.

Men and Elves were both puzzled by the arrival of the wizards in Middle-earth. Figures cloaked in mystery, whose nature could not be equalled by anything in the lore of modernity (the Third Age). In very rare cases they were dreaded by people, though, given their natural proclivity to helping the one in need; and voyaging to the furthest places was a constant trait of all of them, being ever-interested in acquiring knowledge entailing the secrets of Arda and thus unearthing what lay hidden, veiled by the passing of eras. Someone was more fond of thorough studying, whereas others preferred the adventurous vibe of long travels, getting peoples and realms to know them personally, with the forging of staunch ties of amicable courtesy and friendship. As soon as it became evident how the burden of aging did not affect their kind, murmurs were being spread and voices would say that the Istari could be emissaries of the ancient West, sent hither to prevent a catastrophe from befalling. The Keeper of the Havens, the Lord of Imladris and the Lady of Lórien were the sole to know who they in truth were and where their fate would lead them. In particular, Círdan foresaw the miracles which Gandalf would be author of, at a first glance; thus, to ease the toil and fatigue of his mission, the millennial Elven lord entrusted Narya to the most pious and kindest of the five: the Grey Wizard.
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