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RPG Library / Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Letzter Beitrag von DieWalküre am Heute um 20:51 »
The last bloody contest

It has all befallen at the unveiling of the arcane relic,
Which for an entire era had rested in careful care, just to wait for the proper scope,
Unusual hands the One Ring from a common river took, and murder was sudden and the curse soon,
When a quest was about to be at the apex, the Artefact a new owner found, of humble and gentle kind,

Until the time was just and the seed of malaise had long been acquiring strength,
The Dark Lord demanded his Ring back, and in doing so a total war he then waged,
Against the ones who liberty cherished and much to defend from the claws of tyranny had,
The pawns had been prepared and thus violence was given way to spread,

Albeit staunch and obsessed to conquer the will of whom was free,
Sauron and his minions had to withstand the most adamant of the defences,
With heroes of the bravest deeds being the legendary authors, and the different races at the end managed to cooperate,
The Evil was vanquished by the joint effort and akin ghosts from the Fourth Era of Arda forever banished shall be.

[Edain] Diskussion und Feedback / Re: Edain von früher
« Letzter Beitrag von Gnomi am Heute um 18:42 »
Such einfach eine alte Version mit Google und du solltest eine finden.  (vor allem 3.81)
Aber es wird da eben keine Erneuerungen geben und keinen offiziellen Support.
[Edain] Diskussion und Feedback / Edain von früher
« Letzter Beitrag von IPlunder am Heute um 18:40 »
Ich weis nicht genau ob das in dieses thread gehört aber ich habe eine frage,

früher war der Edain mod ja mit einem freien bau system, ist nun aber wie SuM 1 mit festen Bauplätzen. Ist es möglich die Mod irgentwie wieder so weit downzugreaden das man wieder das freie bauen nutzen kann?

wäre dankbar für eine antwort
[Edain] Support / Re: Typrischer "Ladebug"
« Letzter Beitrag von 40Fixxer am Heute um 18:38 »
Weiß zwar nicht warum das passiert aber du kannst zumindest versuchen die PCs übers Internet per virtueller Lan (Tunngle, Gameranger, Hamachi) zu verbinden. Ist zwar doppelt-dreifach gemoppelt aber es ist einen Versuch wert.  ;)
RPG Library / Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Letzter Beitrag von DieWalküre am Heute um 18:01 »
The eerie green, and loose it grows

The Forest of the World has seen much of what was and is,
For different kinds of forces the vast woods their dwelling have made,
Just to accommodate their wishes and secretive designs,
Green is ever-calm and with the Evil does not side, yet eerie the paths have been turned and the plant now to grow loose and wild decides,

What has been of the government of old in those old forests? An Istar is even thought to reside there, but very few of him hitherto have known.
RPG Library / Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Letzter Beitrag von DieWalküre am Heute um 16:07 »
The Untold Truth

Many have wondered why that befell,
The cause of the ending of the perfect symmetry that once the prime quality of matter was,
The riddle a very right of a response seems to have,
That decay entered the lyrics of the Ainur along with anything good, and forever it shall be with us unto the new moulding of all.
RPG Library / Re: Conversations in Doriath
« Letzter Beitrag von DieWalküre am Heute um 15:49 »
While on her way to the gardens of the outside, Galadriel meets the Queen of Doriath in the halls of Menegroth. Her radiance, even in the shadows of the night, is utterly an otherworldly spectacle, worthy of the tales of Valinor.

MELYANNA: ''Princess, thou wanderest lone and silent among the paths of this palace. Art thou sure to proceed this way? I am too heading outside tonight, and I would fain have the company of the Princess of Kôr. After the rising of the new Fires, the night is now embellished by the soft touch of the Moon. It is a great deed, the one that the Power opted to do. The consolation of light shall not abandon these places anymore, for we have dwelt in the darkness of antiquity for too much time. The mortal souls of these ways deserve to be blessed by the warmth of the day, even if it is for determined hours. The Eternal Day of Valinórë may be a lost memory in these days, yet I remember it with vivid images and colours, at the beginning of the lore of this continent. Aye, when the westernmost continent had just been retrieved from the depths of the vast ocean that everything used to encircle. Memories that could never get dim nor pale in my mind, proud maiden of Aman. But I also fancy the solitude of night in Middle-earth. All is quiet along the forests of our domain; nature resteth and nocturnal animals pave their way to the green of the outer places. Such a marvellous ensemble, made even more relevant by its splendid uniqueness in Beleriand. An oasis, in the midst of worrying days for us all.

Please, follow me, Princess. I shall take thee to highest tower of this grand palace, from whence one may see pretty much of what lieth around here. Never hath the beholding of stars been so much gracious up there. I'm sure of this, that heavens shall give good advices and the wisdom one always needeth to change the course of their story.''
RPG Library / Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Letzter Beitrag von DieWalküre am Heute um 15:11 »
The Legacy of the Stars

Stars were the prime and first,
To kindle light in the Void and the cold to make warm,
From the Queen's thoughts they had come out,
Albeit the pale and far radiance, immortal they still stay, when the mightier light on the World via snares and malice had been unfortunately darkened.
RPG Library / Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Letzter Beitrag von DieWalküre am Heute um 14:12 »
So that Ulmo may reach thee from above

Manwë brings the rain in the World.

Winds, I command that a task be done for the good,
Green deeds of my holy kind request aid and nourishment from the heavens above,
And I shall also give it to the Children who are to come,
Sadness and gloomy spirits might provoke, but many shall be content of that and at the wonders of the skies they shall in jubilation rejoice.
RPG Library / Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
« Letzter Beitrag von DieWalküre am Heute um 14:04 »
CELEBORN: ''Aye, I agree with your conclusion, valiant captain. I concur that our main concern is necessarily to be the defence of the very Tree-capital. This will be our own imperative objective.

A fragmentation of forces along the external woods would do nothing else but put us in a troublesome disadvantage of power. The sheer number of forces belongs to the Enemy, it's true, yet we know very well by experience; the hordes of Dol Guldur will be as blind in our own territories. The forest will halt their passing and we shall then move to counter-attack in the most decisive way. We must, as a foremost goal, repel the assaults, in order to measure the magnitude of the threat and to nullify the surprise factor that the Evil rely on with such unceasing desire. Then, once the bulk of the invasion will have their plans rendered useless, the enemies that were so confident to invade our shires will pay the disgraceful consequence of their act.

As a preemptive condition, I decree that all borders be closed to the outer eye or visitor. In war, there is so little time for welcoming others in our realm or permitting loose passages among our ways. We have to be sure that every potential breach of our defence will remain well sealed, although the attack is to be performed on our eastern side. But prudence is always a very wise counsellor, and all existing eventualities ought to be considered with careful attention, if we are really intended not to allow terror in our borders. The western side shall remain closed as it is now; Rivendell won't provide aid for us in these stringent moments, for they are soon to move in the direction of the Grey Havens and the Lord of Imladris must necessarily stay in his enchanted valley. The southern woods will too be left guarded as they are at the present time; Rohan is too much worried about the great ruin which is to be cast against them. They will fight for their own lives and for the very realm. Their very existence is at stake. We just pray and hope that the renewed White Rider will come at the just moment, to determine the fate of the western lands of this world. I'm confident in him, because an Istar arrives at the turn of the tide, and wonders may thus happen then. Gandalf, the hope of the Good was entrusted in your own hands; may the glory of your sanctity help your deeds. Thou art the wise saint who doth good and who the wrong maketh right.''
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