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Titel: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 19. Mai 2017, 11:57

This RPG narration shall explore the grave times that the realm of the Golden Wood had to face, while resisting the assault of Mordor and withstanding anything foul that had come out from the ruined fortress. The story is to end with the cleansing of Dol Guldur.

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Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 20. Mai 2017, 01:58
The Fellowship leaves the borders of Lórien, with renewed hope and confidence. The hour is nonetheless critical and each companion is bound to be put in front of great perils. Their mission is on the edge of a knife. Yet shadows are reaching the Golden Wood equally...


GALADRIEL: ''May light never abandon your path, proud companions. Gandalf's guidance you shall greatly miss, but the task is an imperative one, on which the destiny of this grey Middle-earth depends, lest darkness be upon every territory and realm on these shores. In that case, silence and desperation will pervade all, and you shall linger here in chains, until the immortal world will maybe come for the rescue and the liberation of the mortal...

Fear and doubts are virtues of the Children of Ilúvatar too. Do not let yourselves be commanded by them, however, as valour is also born from wisdom. Meanwhile, the creeping shadow is coming forth from the eerie pits of the ruined fortress, and I can no longer divine for how much time still the Enemy won't dare to wage war against us. It has therefore happened that blood and grief shall be brought within the forests of Lórien. Yet, albeit fearing the schemes of the Evil that none could discern, I shall never give in, for I dread naught. I dread naught!''
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 20. Mai 2017, 17:55
GUARD: ''My Lady, sentinels report that great masses of Orcs are patrolling the eastern shores of the Anduin. It's now apparent and completely evident. The Fellowship will probably opt to circumvent the edges of Mirkwood, but another menace might hinder their mission, for we have knowledge that a pack of other Orcs is chasing our allies; they say they're taller and much faster than common Orcs. They may also bear the sight of light. At this pace, they will reach the Fellowship in a couple of days.

We are focusing on our forces to strengthen the eastern borders and to keep control of the peripheral woods. We can't therefore send any aid to Frodo and his companions, lest we compromise our own defence. I'm afraid that they will be compelled to face the threat themselves. Out of our perimeter, there is little we may do.''
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 20. Mai 2017, 18:24
GALADRIEL: ''The Fellowship braced itself to its paramount duty. The task is now up to them only. We may indeed do very little for their cause. Yet we have our own cause to look after. Saruman's betrayal, the unrest in the South and the great turmoil in the East are not scattered manoeuvres, for Sauron is carefully placing his pawns on the map. He's ready to launch a full-scale assault against the entire Middle-earth. Henceforth, although Men shall suffer the heaviest blow, we and the other corners of this continent must fight with unceasing effort equally, because a defeat somewhere is a defeat for all the Free People too.

The Enemy has now forsworn secrecy. It can only mean that swords are soon to be swung and that blood shall stain these sacred forests.''
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 21. Mai 2017, 23:52
GUARD: ''Noble Queen of Lórien, is the approaching hazard to render our merry realm a garrison-realm? Isolated and shut to the outer fortunes or struggles?''
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 22. Mai 2017, 00:08
GALADRIEL: ''Nay, I tell thee. My prowess is the garrison of these woods. It is me who sustain the mystery of Lórien's defence. We shall maintain minimal contact with our allies. And I hope that all the Free People shall bear the brunt of the fight; especially our akin kind dwelling in stone-carved halls, along the northern ends of Mirkwood.

Let us now appoint ourselves to the task. Summon all chiefs and strategists. The Lord of the Galadhrim will soon take the lead of our resistance.''
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 22. Mai 2017, 14:43

According to the canonical sources, the three consecutive attacks that Lothlórien faces occurred in sequence, within a quite brief frame of time. If I didn't grasp things mistakenly, the very last assault was already concluded by the time of the siege of Helm's Deep, or in the meantime.

Therefore, given my intention to enhance the whole dramatic aspect of this narration and to connect the story with the other events that the War of the Ring entails, I shall choose a slightly different way to go through, departing from the version of the canons. Speaking concretely, I'm going to plan things so that each assault of Mordor is to coincide with an important happening of the outer lands. I'm thus going to proceed as it follows below.

First Assault: It occurs during the evacuation of Edoras and the journey of Rohan's people to the safe defence of their century-old stronghold.
Second Assault: Dol Guldur's forces attack in masses the peripheral woods of Lothlórien, indicating that their first attempt had been a sort of reconnaissance mission. Meanwhile, Saruman's grand army besieges Helm's Deep.
Third and Final Assault: Mordor launches a massive strike against the Golden Wood, with the objective of breaching the Galadhrim's ranks and making their way unto Caras Galadhon itself. The violent clash takes place when the fate of Middle-earth is being contested at the gates of the White City, and during the siege of the Lonely Mountain and of the Woodland Realm equally. You may now see how the last chapter is linked well with the other three major military operations of the War of the Ring.

Each of the three battles will boast different characteristics and special features/events, in a crescendo of action and bloody clashes. Obviously, the Lady of Light is to be endowed with a prime role in the story, in line with what Tolkien himself tells us.

After the fall of the Dark Tower and the passing of Sauron the Shadow was lifted from the hearts of all who opposed him, but fear and despair fell upon his servants and allies. Three times Lórien had been assailed from Dol Guldur, but besides the valour of the elven people of that land, the power that dwelt
there was too great for any to overcome, unless Sauron had come there himself. Though grievous harm was done to the fair woods on the borders, the assaults
were driven back; and when the Shadow passed, Celeborn came forth and led the
host of Lórien over Anduin in many boats. They took Dol Guldur, and Galadriel
threw down its walls and laid bare its pits, and the forest was cleansed.

In the North also there had been war and evil. The realm of Thranduil was
invaded, and there was long battle under the trees and great ruin of fire; but
in the end Thranduil had the victory.
J.R.R. Tolkien - The Return of the King: Appendices
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 29. Mai 2017, 00:39
The Fellowship has finally left the ends of Lórien. The destiny of the task is in the hands of their members, alongside the chances of the Free People to behold a new era of peace. With them getting further, patrols and scouts began to garrison the eastern borders upon the river, that would later become a place of battle and clash. The woods of Lothlórien are all in motion.

CHIEF SCOUT: ''Guard the external ways that lead to the capital. Do not make yourselves visible, for we shall defend and conceal our moves at the same time. Our wooden houses on top of the trees will offer shelter and a good spot from which one can observe, so that arrows can fly swiftly and catch enemies by surprise.''
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 29. Mai 2017, 01:09
On the outskirts of Caras Galadhon, troops start mobilising and preparing for the upcoming challenge.

LIEUTENANT OF THE GOLDEN WOOD: ''Move faster, Elves of the woods. We are the heart of this realm's defence. Darkness is assembling forces on the other shore of the Anduin, and I doubt that our gallant sentinels could ever be able to fend off such a major assault. Be it incautious Orcs who dare to trespass or legions bidden to raid and devastate, swords and shields we shall bring to the contest, knowing that a mighty force dwells here, of which very little is known and which none may bend.''
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 30. Mai 2017, 13:54
The Axe of Doriath

Meanwhile, in the heart of the golden forests, at the gates of the Tree-capital, the Lady of Lórien meets with a stranger. A traveller and an inhabitant of the forests on the other shore. She has a gift for him of the noblest kind.

GALADRIEL: ''I have knowledge of the sorrowful strife of thy people, skin-changer. Decades ago, the door of the Lonely Mountain was shut for those dreadful legions of terror, which had descended the forgotten ends of Angmar and had been assembled in the pits of the ruined fortress of Mirkwood too. But a new contest is now before us. A new war, and it shall be the last war of this long era. Who faileth shall not be given the chance to mend what is broken, for it shall be irreparably lost. The power within those ruins has augmented again, and I may see it terrorising thy peaceful people of the woods. The Golden Wood shall face and withstand the major brunt, yet the Woodland Realm above is to suffer amidst the fight as well. Any dweller of those ways approacheth a terrible risk. Shall ye be keen, Woodsmen, on counter-attacking and defending your lands?

Grimbeorn, thou bearest grave tasks on thy shoulders. The Lady desireth to bestow upon thee the blessing of her people. Accept this as a gift, gallant guard of the forest. It is a silver axe of Doriath. Don't fall prey of prejudice, for its simple fashion hideth more. An ancient queen of millennia ago bewitched its blade and on the metal cast her powerful magic. Naught the axe suffereth from the passing of time, nor doth it rust as the other arts of the mortal kind. May it avail thee much in battle. Were thou to meet the Evil on thy path, thou shalt cut it apart.''

Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 8. Jun 2017, 08:44
The forest is all in motion to prepare for defence. Patrols become more frequent each day and night, especially. Rest has now become a luxury that none within the Golden Wood could afford. The valiant guards of Lórien know well that Goblins are not source of concern, as they hide in their lairs and never dare to head out of there, recalling the wrath of the Elven Queen in past days. Forces are thus amassed about the eastern borders, where Sauron is due to strike, although it is not clear when that is to happen. The hour is tense and menacing clouds gather outside the golden ends. The battle of Lothlórien is about to begin...

HALDIR: ''Grim is the present, yet we have to watch carefully and be ready for the strife. That obscure malice, which is poison for anything green that lives, has finally unveiled its plans. And so, as the Fellowship leaves our realm, we too are bound to cope with a grave peril.

Old days, chants of merriment and jubilee for the dawn of the sun. I miss the joyful voices of singers along these woods, when time was apt for feast. But blood and tragedy we are soon to experience; the bitter sorrow of war and the mournful despair for whom fell in the clash. The challenges you are soon to face, my gallant sentinels. My fate will take me far from my beloved land, for another people is in need, striving to survive the devices and spells of the one-time chief of the Wise. The most infamous treason: the Horse Lords will bear the most terrible brunt of war, and their lands, of which they are extremely fond, are already being raided and devastated. However, a new spirit arose, for the king his right mind and judgement has retrieved. Yes, he did take it back. He will then fight for the good of his loyal subjects. Pray, may valour and honour be enough to fend off the threat! And I, defenders and inhabitants of the heath, I will in short time come to your aid, so that the old alliance between our two kinds may be rekindled again, one last time.''
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 8. Jun 2017, 09:00
PATROL: ''And so be it. May fortune assist you, chief. Our hope relies on the unity and determination of our people. A very courageous of a people. We heard that all possible horrors are coming forth from the ruined fortress; the strike will be swift and violent, for the enemy longs to make this whole territory his own, erasing our memory and decreeing the twilight of one of the mightiest Elven kingdoms that ever existed in the annals of history. The last act of grandness, as the Free People approach to the ultimate battle. The battle for liberty.''
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 8. Jun 2017, 09:20
HALDIR: ''I fear our twilight would befall nonetheless, proud warrior. The time has come for the Elven kind. This grey era is getting close to its end. The few Eldar left in these mortal shires will give their all to vanquish the Evil, in the last and greatest war of the Third Age. But even with Sauron defeated and with the Good victorious, with a new king on a united throne and with sunny days as the common norm, the bell would toll for our kind. Not for tragic death, not for ruin or unfortunate fate. A sadness destiny awaits us all, but everything is designed to make us reach our true home; a green and immortal home beyond the blue surfaces and the curtain of mist. And even if many are to relinquish their arts and lands here, of this epilogue we all ought to be content. Don't dread! Within these golden woods dwells a force that naught if not the One may bend. A force which this bliss sustains and keeps alive, and the Evil will never breach this sacred shield.''
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 8. Jun 2017, 11:42
The guards of the Golden Wood start chanting in honour of Haldir.

Behold, he is the head of whom these ends guards,
Remember, long he trod these ways and anything with utmost care watched,
Honour, he greatly served his duty and of the White Lords of Lórien was a loyal vassal,
Mourn, he now must withstand a dreadful test, for he about all gentle people kindly cares.
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 10. Jun 2017, 15:28
At the gates of the Tree-capital (Caras Galadhon), Celeborn sends a herald to Mirkwood. Thranduil must be informed and all possible help from the near Wood-elves must be sought as well.

CELEBORN: ''Go. Go swiftly past woods and rivers. Beware of the shadows lurking in the southern forests. Proceeding north from here and then beyond the river would be the best choice. This message has to be delivered and handed safely to the monarch of the Woodland Realm. His guards are ever-vigilant, as we are; they may already know that the menace gets closer to both our kingdoms, but we ought to be sure that they also feel our sympathy for the strife they and we are to face. Too much silence and incomprehension have existed between us. Two akin kinds of the woods. This shall change. At last, in need and danger, valiant spirits shall fight side by side, united in strength and purpose. Isolation didn't and could never bring anything good now. Shadows have come forth and waged war against all the free who inhabit this world; fool he is, who thinks to remain neutral in the conflict, for violence won't spare anyone who hides behind. Tell the woodland king that I am to lead Lórien's defence; we shall fight on the landing ground, we shall fight among bushes and trees, we shall fight on shores and on the river. We shall never surrender. The hour is late for projects concerning a unified force; not at the moment. I can't guarantee that Mirkwood won't suffer equally the deceiving schemes of Sauron. They must resist, no matter the magnitude or scale of the assault. This I command be done.

Once you have entered the secretive borders of their realm, it will no longer be possible for you to return. Remain there. Your services shall be of valuable use for them. I shall meet you again when woods are eventually liberated from all snares and venom.''
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 10. Jun 2017, 17:20
HERALD: ''I will go, my Lord. I will fulfil the task and bring your words to the king of Mirkwood. I will tread the outer paths and then pass the Anduin. Hopefully, those territories are clear from foes of any sort, as Orcs hide themselves in the ruined fortress and Goblins daren't to make any foray from their foul lairs. Albeit wild and unguarded, the Gladden Fields and the other northern territories are not dangerous to journey through. The sole thing one may feel and perceive is that a past rule was over those lands. Decaying statues of the Lady lie lonely among grass and untamed trees; revealing who once reigned such shires. Nostalgia, for the prowess of the Elven Queen may not reach and sustain those arts. No shield for time flowing, which all out of the Golden Woods consumes and deteriorates.

I too hope and staunchly believe that we are to meet again, commander, after all that is wrong will have been made right.''
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 21. Jun 2017, 17:10
GALADRIEL: ''While the approaching shadows and dark clouds veil the sky over us, we shall see the clear path; we shall see what is before us and our tasks to fulfil. 1000 years of peace and defence are now a dream that is slowly waning and vanishing in a tumultuous wind of events. A war was being designed and planned all this time, and now it's the hour in which all the valiant ones come forth and their own fate determine. Pain and sorrow we will surely go through, as all the other souls of this world will, because the threat is great and darkness reaches all, in one way or another. And I thus see, I may divine, grand battles and horrible slaughters among the Free People who this Middle-earth seek to defend from the mastermind that all moves, from his fortress-tower in the Land of Shadow. And my thoughts, gentle thoughts, go to any who the challenge shall face, be it wild forests, a hidden kingdom inside a mountain or a vast realm to guard. If the brunt, the gravest brunt, is borne with valour and success, the schemes of the Enemy might be halted, until the snake's head can be severed by the action and noble quest of a humble being of ours. A humble hero who willingly undergoes death and an immense peril. Be faith and strength with him and his dear friend; may hope never part from them. They are now far from my sight and concrete help I may not provide anymore, for ashes and raging storms don't let anyone's mind enter. Yet we shall not succumb, nor shall we give in to the Evil; a creeping malaise which for long hid itself and concealed its deeds. An illness, akin to the one that still lingers and affects Mirkwood on the other shore. That eerie fortress, as it was in the previous time, of that is the venomous source. Alas, if the one-time chief of the Wise had been wiser and by greed not blinded, those woods would have been cleansed from the filth long time ago. But wailing on a past guilt won't render the present better. Woods, leaves and tough trees, how long will you have to suffer and mourn? You I shall avenge, and what is wrong right shall be made. I promise, I shall. This is an oath of wrath and love for the weak; it shall not be torn asunder, as my pledge like diamond shines clear, and, as the stars in the blue, still remains!

And you, brave races of the World, fight and bring honour to your own kin. Shields shall be shattered, walls torn down, branches cut apart and set on fire. Yet, who now ignites war against us all will soon agonise and much regret his disgraceful choice. His fell minions will flee in terror and from all lands disappear. Wise Elves, proud Men and gallant Dwarves, the fate and next path are up to you only. You shall fashion the last fortune or doom of this old and grey continent.''
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 2. Jul 2017, 23:51
At night, in the palace of Caras Galadhon. The day after, a meeting among all captains and guards of the Golden Wood, along with the whole military council presided by Celeborn, is to be held to discuss the upcoming war that will spread swiftly across the trees and broad branches of those woods.

GALADRIEL: ''Tell me, Prince of the Sindar, at the turn of the tide, who do you behold in me? The Princess that had left bliss for grand deeds, or a noble Lady who strives and endeavours to save her realm from the very last menace of this age? A menace destined to determine what our fate shall ultimately be. What is to occur for the Elven realm under the old golden trees.''

CELEBORN: ''Fair love and bright pearl for all who cherish beauty and splendour within these secretive ways of ours, I see both. Your fire, warm and willing to make the wrong right, burns still and always rekindles your prowess, for you are up to contest malice as much as you were six millennia ago, when your legendary family set foot on the Hither-Lands on which the grand realm of my kind had been established. That Elven maiden, unsure yet fiercely convinced of her acts, who longed to seek solace and lively adventures at the same time. A Princess, who grew in strength and by any Elda revered for her far-seeing wisdom. The mightiest of her sort, later worthy of being granted the custody of one of the three treasures of the immortal kind in Middle-earth. The mightiest of the Eldar in this grey era of doubts. A queen, some say, who naught fears, neither would she ever forswear her duty or her people leave. Despised by the Dark Lord in his fortress beyond those mountains of ashes, and he has in truth great terror for your arts and magic, of which he could never guess the root or source. Aye, I'm certain my love, enemies shall regret their next move: to wage war against our land and threaten the peace of our paths, that always are defended and made secure by the valiant guard at the edge of the ends of the woods. The price and toil of defeat shall be their last memory of this continent, which they much yearn to spoil and mar forever with the darkest means, imposing slavery and misery upon all its joyful inhabitants. This shall be, as I'm sure of my words. The Elven Queen shall pass the test, and Lórien shall respond, giving voice to the most vigorous of the answers.''
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 4. Jul 2017, 15:35
GALADRIEL: ''Much joy and genuine wellness your words bring to my heart, loyal husband and valiant Lord of the Galadhrim.

At the end, it seems we are again together, embraced and tied, to face the ultimate test of our long staying in this continent, when all is to withstand upheaval and pain. As together we stood proud and defiant during the destruction of the beloved kingdom under the trees of Beleriand. After the wise rule of the Silver-haired Monarch had vanished, like his holy wife, whose angelic being parted from these mortal halls in the saddest of the ways. Yet we endured and we were brought by fate to the eastern lands. There, we saw the increasing peril spreading across Middle-earth and the snares of the false Lord of Gifts causing their dreadful outcomes. The wars for the reclaiming of the Rings by their evil craftsman were terrible and resulted in unspeakable wounds for both sides of the conflict; but the Eldar were adamant and fully resolute, that our Three Rings had to be kept safely in our hands, lest the only good of the Rings of Power were completely annihilated from this world. And war thus ended with us winners and peace having been restored in lands weary and suffering from the brutal violence. Then, it was not before a millennium that we were called and offered to govern the ancient realm of King Amroth, who had left these shores for the sundering seas of Arda and beyond.

The perfect place and environment for my powers to influence the course of events and shape our dwelling, which my longing for the western bliss and Nenya made a sanctuary among shadows. A shelter, secretive and hidden from malicious eyes, for all the Elves who love the green of this earth and are not yet ready to make the final step. But the might of my Ring I have forsworn, when the possession of the One was offered me and subsequently denied by me in equal terms. Nenya shall perform its last task and duty, until the undoing of the Ruling Ring in the fire where it was given life. Henceforth, we shall all inexorably head to our definitive destination: fading and departure.

I dread naught, my love, for you are beside me, as you have always hitherto been.''
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 17. Jul 2017, 18:33
The day after, the military council of Lórien has its beginning. It's night and all seems quiet within the defences of the Tree-capital. Celeborn hosts and presides the assembly, being him the general commander of the host.

CELEBORN: ''Military heads and gallant chiefs of our forces, you have here been summoned to discuss the plans to face the upcoming invasion of our lands. Yes, because an invasion it really is. We have gathered enough evidences of the will of the Orcs to head out of their dark lair and try to breach our defences. As much as we have formulated a vivid portrait up to this moment, Sauron shall probably seek to make it so that this sudden attack befalls at the same time of the strike he's planning against Rohan. He shall use the fallen White Wizard as his very puppet and therefore he longs to vanquish all the hopes of Rohan in less than a day. We have just reasons to believe that the people of the heath, the valiant Horse Lords, will probably not resist the assault of Saruman, unless the renewed and true White Istar manages to gather the scattered knights that were banished by the king, in time to save the fate of their very realm. Given the utmost peril they are up to, and in hopes to make them acquire more precious time during the battle, I have decided to send a company to Helm's Deep, at whose head Haldir is to be, as it was commanded. We hope that the task shall be fulfilled and that the armies of hell won't find triumph at the gates of the century-old stronghold. Should Rohan fall, we would face threats on multiple fronts, along with the suffering kingdom of Gondor being bound to contest another foul enemy. This we cannot permit. I'm confident and much hopeful that Mithrandir shall succeed in his mission; too many doubts and much unfriendliness have been spread so far across the shires of Men. If Rohan outlives the imperative challenge, Men will find unity again and they will be marching together to end the era of darkness that might become reality with a victory of Sauron.

From our part, we have to cope with a full-scale assault against the Golden Wood. We are certain that this will happen, as it was predictable. Henceforth, I ask that all of you be ready to bear ourselves with your bounden duty, which is the repulsion of every gruesome nightmare that threatens our quiet life. We do not have knowledge of the Enemy's schemes, unfortunately, as the eerie fortress is now veiled and from its foundations poisoned by the malice of centuries of terror. A terror that is to be unleashed against us and thrown completely into the heat of the confrontation. Presumably, the Orcs are willing to distract and frustrate our forces, with the will to make us waste energies and create openings via which they may proceed with the invasion. Any breach of our defences must be considered fatal. We must avoid this eventuality at all costs, with all the means at our disposal, lest hordes of monsters go past our woods unto the gates of this fair city upon the trees.''
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 20. Jul 2017, 17:33
CAPTAIN: ''Lord, you always speak words of wisdom, and we are surely aware of the risk of war from two different sides. Although we would certainly have made great usage of more troops, we perfectly understand the utmost necessity of sending aid to the people of Rohan. We will strive unceasingly to meet our tasks and be ready for the tough battle awaiting us. Since a full-scale strike is to be expected soon, I advise that the host be withdrawn from the very outer borders, given that it would require a fragmentation of forces that we could never accept in these terms; the defence of the peripheral woods is by now of little importance in front of such a danger. Our grand army is thus to retreat in the internal ends of the profound forest, at the defence of Caras Galadhon, being this the objective to which we dedicate the most careful care. If all goes as predicted, the hordes of Dol Guldur will head out in grand number and the outskirts of our realm will be swarming with foul Orcs and beasts. Then, we will fend off this attempt of theirs, taking advantage of our mastery among the trees, so that we may proceed with the counter-offensive. Even though, in the words of our noble guide and Lord, the imperative task will be to realise when the most violent attack in mass is in being, as the cunning strategy of Sauron could always opt for ploys to divert our efforts and confound us all. We must avoid that. We just must.''
Titel: Re: The Siege of Lothlórien
Beitrag von: Walküre am 26. Jul 2017, 14:04
CELEBORN: ''Aye, I agree with your conclusion, valiant captain. I concur that our main concern is necessarily to be the defence of the very Tree-capital. This will be our own imperative objective.

A fragmentation of forces along the external woods would do nothing else but put us in a troublesome disadvantage of power. The sheer number of forces belongs to the Enemy, it's true, yet we know very well by experience; the hordes of Dol Guldur will be as blind in our own territories. The forest will halt their passing and we shall then move to counter-attack in the most decisive way. We must, as a foremost goal, repel the assaults, in order to measure the magnitude of the threat and to nullify the surprise factor that the Evil rely on with such unceasing desire. Then, once the bulk of the invasion will have their plans rendered useless, the enemies that were so confident to invade our shires will pay the disgraceful consequence of their act.

As a preemptive condition, I decree that all borders be closed to the outer eye or visitor. In war, there is so little time for welcoming others in our realm or permitting loose passages among our ways. We have to be sure that every potential breach of our defence will remain well sealed, although the attack is to be performed on our eastern side. But prudence is always a very wise counsellor, and all existing eventualities ought to be considered with careful attention, if we are really intended not to allow terror in our borders. The western side shall remain closed as it is now; Rivendell won't provide aid for us in these stringent moments, for they are soon to move in the direction of the Grey Havens and the Lord of Imladris must necessarily stay in his enchanted valley. The southern woods will too be left guarded as they are at the present time; Rohan is too much worried about the great ruin which is to be cast against them. They will fight for their own lives and for the very realm. Their very existence is at stake. We just pray and hope that the renewed White Rider will come at the just moment, to determine the fate of the western lands of this world. I'm confident in him, because an Istar arrives at the turn of the tide, and wonders may thus happen then. Gandalf, the hope of the Good was entrusted in your own hands; may the glory of your sanctity help your deeds. Thou art the wise saint who doth good and who the wrong maketh right.''
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CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD OF LÓRIEN: ''Of course, we understand the actual state of the situation, our noble Lord. Your military and strategic grasp of things is ever-precious for the defence of our domain. Indeed, the soil of the battle and the scale of the enemy's strike will compel us to follow the guidelines you have put forward in the clearest manner. I will thus make it so that all preparations are met in reasonable time; within three days, Lord Celeborn, our forces will have been deployed along the eastern borders, at the outskirts of the internal woods of the Golden Wood. Archers are to garrison the tree-outposts that lie disseminated among the trees of those paths. Surprise is going to prove itself a very important of a factor, if I may add this. And we should not be concerned by possible actions of cavalry-type opponents, as these woods are impermeable to this kind of assaults; enemy horses will not find a way through, and a strategy which entails some sort of charge is inevitably to be made useless in this context. We can deem ourselves lucky to tread the ways of this realm; old, secretive and open only to gentle visitors and friends. Furthermore, our prime infantry is ready to withstand all possible perils, being it smooth, fast and versatile as very few other units in Middle-earth. This is to be the core that will face the mass of the invasion from Dol Guldur, including beasts and other foul servants that our foes are so used to making usage of in battle. All outer ways are now being patrolled with constant attention and we are on the alert for any eventuality that may suddenly disrupt our plans; namely, the loose action of scouts or an unexpected offensive against a vulnerable spot of ours. We are ready to counter and report that, although we strongly believe that the enemy won't take such time to distract resources and efforts from their main goal, which is the total invasion and enslaving of our beloved enchanted woods. We shall put up the toughest of the fights.

May I also say that many of your valiant soldiers, my Lord, remember the days before your rule and some have even contested the hosts of Sauron during the sad events of the Second Age of the World. They know the foul nature of the entity that has waged war against all the Free People of Arda. And our knowledge of the sword and the bow is unmatchable, as all know and fear; especially, the tall and gigantic trees of our home will aid the propositions we have, in order to succeed in this war and to make them regret having dared to challenge the rule of the Lady of Light over the sacred territories on the western side of the Anduin.''
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CELEBORN: ''Just strategy and the undaunted spirit to withstand even the hardest challenges. This we need and you will gently provide, my subordinates. May the word be spread in every corner of the Golden Wood. May anyone know that here hope is well alive, and that our hearts are kindled by the flame of determination. We do not know cowardice nor fallacy of any sort. May all hear this plain and clear: this timeless realm was raised by the power of the Lady's rule, and so shall it remain our guarded home and peaceful shelter, until time is up and we will be inexorably bound to bid farewell to our beloved ways under the leaves. Go, now! I command every measure be taken now and not later, for the Enemy doesn't waste its time in vain deeds. My subjects, you are to become the very shield of this domain. Be it, that this defence of ours never fail to achieve the utmost task! We won't be given any second possibility, nor will there be for us a time of rebirth from the ashes and revenge, like often befell for the fate of Men. No, we shall fight as if no dawn of tomorrow were to come to please our days. All is at stake. All is at stake...

Messengers, we are going to have a look at the outer context now. May you tell this assembly how our allies and noble realms intend to cope with the approaching menace?''
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MESSENGER/HERALD: ''My Lord, the portrait is quite grim to define. I would not cover the plain truth with unnecessary words or talk. The outlook is the most unvarnished and truest possible.

I have just come back from a very long journey across the domains of our own allies. I must say that war will soon be a harsh reality for them too, being the entire continent in great peril. Sauron wages war against all. It is up to any free realm to decide what to do with the possibilities at disposal. Each is to choose in which way the battle for resistance should be fought. As you said, noble Celeborn, we don't have any margin for concerted action now. We and our akin kind of the Woodland Realm shall do our all to resist within the woods under the Elven rule. Dwarves are not directly threatened for now, yet we know that an army is being assembled in the far and unknown lands of the East. We have very little information about the happenings there; the King under the Mountain is very concerned and in doubt. Rumours spread across those far territories, and Men who dwell there fear war as we do as well. The Dwarven king has nonetheless guaranteed that the gates of the Lonely Mountain shall remain shut for any potential foe. Emissaries of Sauron has been sent there once, although the response they got was firm and sure. The resolve of the Dwarves will not falter in the time of need. Of this we may be very certain.

What I dread is the decision of Men. The broad realm of Gondor is not facing any invasion at the current moment, but troubles are arising at the slopes of the Mountains of Ashes. They say that the somber pass of the Bewitched City has somehow grown even more gruesome and terrible. We fear that hideous beasts will soon breach the chain of defence of the realm and that a full-scale operation will then start. The very rule of Gondor appears wobbly and uncertain. The Steward of the throne has lost the confidence of most of his subjects, and his mind is clouded by sheer terror. It is possible that Sauron won't opt for a direct strike; the Black Gate will thus remain closed. It is likely that deception and cunning schemes could be followed by the forces of Mordor. This we can't foretell exactly. On the other hand, the fate of Rohan is to be determined at Helm's Deep. We pray that the Horse Lord will face up to the challenge and fend off the minions of the White Hand. Gandalf is on his way to the scattered troops of Rohan's finest cavalry. We hope that the wizard will come at the proper time, to save the destiny of us all.''
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GUARD: ''Lord and assembly gathered as a whole, before the council ends and we all return to our honourable duties, there is something you ought to know.

Beyond the river, we have long kept track of the enemy hordes assembling and wandering across the shores of the broad Anduin, and we have seen and witnessed a tragic event taking place there, where darkness reigns now and where all paths are grim and with no safety left to be trodden by living foot, if not by foul minions and beasts of dangerous type. An expedition of Gondor had been sent by the Steward of Men, and it was meant to enter Mirkwood and head to the secretive palace of Thranduil which lie far from here, at the end of the common ways of Middle-earth, facing the wide North ahead and the mysterious East of which not so much we are told. The envoys of Gondor didn't know that the Woodland King had moved his domain from the erstwhile seat, centuries ago; they have thus come too close to the southern ends of the eerie forest and we may with precision report that all of them fell in the hands of the Enemy across the river.

We have no record of what has been of them. And their deed was also an unfortunate one from the beginning, I would say, given that the Sindarin King does not welcome strangers within his hidden borders at all. Secrecy is fundamental and the monarch among the trees would never jeopardise the fate of his people, for words might spread without control, reaching ears that naught good would do, should they be aware of such precious information. And the Woodland Realm does not treat with outer realms either, as now we do as well. They have closed their borders and sealed them in the most resistant defence. Those messengers could carry with them important news of what befalls in the territories of the broad human kingdom; the Orcs, their captors, have not handed the prisoners to Dol Guldur yet, as I doubt they would recognise the robes and fashion of noble heralds. But the malicious intelligence in the ruined fortress will certainly unveil the truth of their status. We therefore must act now. The possibilities at disposal are not much. I envisage the sending of a rescuing force, to surprise the pack of Orcs and quickly recover the lives of those pitiful men.''
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GALADRIEL: ''Nay, brave sentinels and shield of this golden woods. You should not divert your efforts in such a late moment. We have already put forward the strategy that is to be our strength and hope in the midst of the oncoming storm. The pawns have been already placed. No improvised and sudden change will benefit the cause of our task. And as for what concerns the expedition which is now sad captive of the Enemy, I may perceive that not all is lost and the forlorn gleam of hope might still be alive. I sense that conscious life is still beyond the river; yonder, where a veil of darkness disguises and covers the real portrait.

Do not mind the issue, soldiers. Leave it to me.''
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CELEBORN: ''Then, the council may find now its end. Be the message adamant and imperative as naught else. It is for our kingdom that we are to battle. It is for our homes among the leaves and branches of this old forest. It is for the bliss of our shire, that none could have outside these walls and borders. For ours is the last shrine of splendid kind in the East of the clouded peaks. And nowhere else, along the eastern lands, do the Elves gather and store felicity and joy within their domain, due to much grief and doubts; and fear that secrecy might be lost, one day. We shall thus fight for what we deem just and right. We shall, and we are to succeed in the quest!

At your posts now! To each his own. Seal the borders. Garrison the trees. Creeping nightmares are soon to get close. Wield your shiny blades, Galadhrim, and the swift arrows of your fine bows. Pray, let us fend off what menaces us and the peace of the woods offends.''
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The Lady walked swift and soft as the tender breeze of spring, past branches, roots and the famous leaves which noble and golden the realm make. Fast and quick. A mortal eye would have certainly be bewitched by such spectacle for the sight. In the guise of a bright spirit, she wandered and gently meandered across the path leading to the Tree-capital. Her radiance was not an impactful one, though, for light remained nonetheless contained in her vicinity only. A beacon, strong and vivid, yet surrounded by the obscurity of the quiet night of Lórien. None knew about her foray outside the very domain of light; rare event and eventuality that solely indicates much necessity and stringent reasons. It is not common day, when the Lady opts to leave the residence which is for her sound shelter and core of her prowess on this earth. And necessity was indeed the cause, being her heart not close and shut to whom suffers and painfully agonises, near the sunny ways of the Golden Wood. Piety is still in Middle-earth, and profound sympathy for the woes of free people. Never had the Princess of Kôr flinched in front of challenges and utmost requests of aid. Her resolute, albeit silent, advancing took her to the end of the miraculous woods, along the river which divides the two sides.

Unstoppable and firm, she entered the woods of Mirkwood, now somber and wicked, and not loyal mirror of how the grand forest of the East used to be. The traces of the Evil were clear to behold and chase; easier for the Mistress of Magic, who sensed a great void getting closer to those eerie ways, as she trod thither, knowing the objective that had to be reached. Inexorable, no beast nor fell sentinel her presence could have noticed; the pace of a mighty Elda from times afar in memory, apart from those who the past have lived and seen in equal manner. The lurking shadows had to concede the passage for whom before the Sun and the Moon breathed the air of the ancient world. And then the crude scenery she finally came to, and she had thus plain evidence of slaughter and much misery. As the corpses of the convoy from Gondor lay motionless on the dry grass of the wood. Massacred and obliged to suffer the tragedy of torture. Yet, proving the divination of the Lady right, a survivor was the lone desperate remnant of such a murder; chained with horrid iron and about to expect the inevitable arrival of a definitive death. The hideous Orcs were not given the chance to react, for the figure of the Elven Queen started bursting with light, now disruptive and almost blinding. Brightness inundated the place as a bolt would do in a dark night without stars. A moment it lasted, and then those strong gleams of magic left space for normality to return. The captors had all fallen in a long and profound oblivion, which sleeping could have been its pale resemblance, when the incantation struck the servants of malice in sudden surprise and terror. And the lone survivor had also been liberated in the meantime, because the wave of might that had spread all over had even corroded the iron and strangled it. The weary man was at a loss of words to describe what had befallen, and to thank the mysterious saviour clothed in starlight. Before any word was spoken by him, Galadriel pronounced her consolation and advice for a vexed soul of that kind.

GALADRIEL: ''Thou hast outlived a very somber of a demise. In the hands of those monsters and last of the company to perish. Hearken, courageous man, thou art now free to live and fight another day. Thy realm needeth the aid of any of its subjects, if ye yearn to close the chapter of this war with final triumph. The Eye is watching the lands of Men with implacable obsession; he longeth to crush the hope of a new era of peace after the storm of the conflict. Go now, get far from these woods. Thou hast naught to do hither, no business for the good, where another contest is soon to have beginning. Cherish life and wield the sword in staunch pride, for thou shalt face other misery in thy path. Remember, when the will is adamant and sure, thou wilt move mountains and the Evil to kneel thou art to force.''
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Atop the mightiest tree of Lórien, on the grand balcony of the palace in which the rulers of the Golden Wood dwell and together govern.

CELEBORN: ''Hither we have thus come, and we are now waiting with trepidation the battle to commence. The battle under our trees and leaves of blessed kind. Within our domain which naught has feared for more than ten centuries of this grey age. As the sun wanes and moves to the West, the last moments of joy we are enjoying in suspended mood. At the sunset, light shall leave space for the obscure night to come and veil these lands with darkness. Despite shadows growing larger in fashion and long, there is a fountain of brightness at the heart of the forest that never could be extinguished or made go out. The Lady of Lothlórien dwells in there. As long as her ladyship guides the fate of us all, we may be sure of victory and triumph. Her nobility shall never bow or surrender. In no way would Nenya relinquish its defence of these ways, enchanted and blissful as the sole Rivendell in Middle-earth. Wide and vast territories the Lady has trodden in her eventful life, and in truth she is not of the continent which is said by the Eldar to stand hither. She has seen the Light that was and never shall be. She dwelt during the Day which never would end, amidst the paths of the Angels who prior to Arda things remember; in the domain of the Powers beyond the seas and the roundness of the World which only Elven vessels may defy.

Lothlórien is ready to fight the last war of this age. Green may burn and shields be undone; we shall never permit the Evil to trespass. The hallowed ground of our woods will retain light and the filth of Mordor is to reject. Foolish has been the plan of whom the destruction of our kingdom had in his designs. Naught but his very demise this fell intelligence is going to behold and suffer.''
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The quietness before the storm, which is soon to be broken by the crushing of shields and the waving of blades. As apprehension rises, the Lady takes a walk on her lonesome among the external trees of the realm, facing the chain of the Misty Mountains. She entrusts some words to the wind, addressing Sauron and his oncoming assault.

GALADRIEL: ''The chill prior to bolts and lightning. Such a suspended mood all over this old and hallowed ground. An eerie breeze blows from the eastern shires of the outer world. The beast is ready and well prepared; long claws and poisonous fangs. The shadows shall creep unto our sunny home, Galadhrim. We shall rest stout and firm in front of the hordes of hell which against us are to be thrown, with violence and no trace of mercy left. The end will either be their triumph or ours, my subjects. We are not to be given the second chance of the lucky, for lucky we are not. Luck seldom rewards the idle, while the wise mind strives to craft at wit's end. The latter luck is to bless. The reason why guard has never been lowered or weakened. Nor have voices of warning been deafened by ill-natured confidence which the Eldar are unlikely to boast. The pawns now move. The river shall run and meander at will, loose and impetuous its course and temper. Those waters will behold the spectacle taking place and raging in utter fury, stained by blood and gore of whom solely desires to keep the offender out. Of whom has dwelt in the forest as time passed and many mortal lives came to an end. The gentle dweller of these ways shall soon experience the crude unfolding of this major war, in which the Dark Lord longs to cast his shadow on every corner of this large continent. Those who are vexed will nonetheless live up to necessity and bold stand; hope still resists the spreading of darkness and light is not to abandon my merry domain. Nay, it shall not. Methinks, the menace will pass away and vanish, no matter the struggle and suffered strife. Songs will be sung again in the woods of Lothlórien. There shall be renewed occasions for joyful parties at the foot of the golden trees. Peace shall reign again over this kingdom. The Silver Lord will have been given even larger lands of green, when my task is fulfilled and my time on this earth is up and concluded.

Sauron, abhorred and cursed, your business will lead you nowhere but to demise and eternal desolation. You seek to stomp the fields of my realm. You seek to breach the wall you have never succeeded in passing through. Your hope is forlorn as your means. It won't be Orcs or monsters to bend the will of my people. Hither I have come a millennium ago and I don't intend to forswear what to me was appointed: defence and well-being of anyone breathing under the branches of the Golden Wood. Here lies a power you cannot grasp or understand, as very little you pay attention to what you deem worthless and lesser. Well, Dark Lord, there are forces in this world which were before Men and Elves, whose nature someone of your order should know well. Beware, tyrant, Arda is not be toyed with or deceived; the vast ether shall cry and waters rage. You will regret your ominous deeds and the prison of exile you are to undergo.''
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In her heading back to the tree-mansion of the White Lords of Lórien, the Lady encounters a lone fox, treading her same route. It seems confused and scared, as other animals were due to the pending fate of battle. She has some words of comfort to give.

GALADRIEL: ''You wail, gentle dweller of woods. I sense it. You're seeking for a fine shelter that would avail your hiding. You worry and wary you are about what awaits us all at the end of this. And you're not alone; no, you are not. Elves are not the only souls inhabiting these green paths, as you surely know. Beasts and creatures of diverse kind make our leading of life merrier. No cruel fangs nor claws. Quietness and peace reign here. Creatures of amicable temper, rejoicing at songs and sung noises they have too for us.

Well, friendly guest of this forest, you ought to stay far from the heat of battle which is soon to hit my golden domain. Move to the western limits, and even beyond, if you fancy soundness and your very existence. You have no part in this war and naught you might be blamed for. Your innocent being does not deserve to undergo pain or additional torture. You just desire to live and the joys of this world you merely yearn. Don't you, buoyant character of woods? War has been staining the soil and waters of Arda for too much time. Let us mend what is up to us to restore. And you, fiery traveller, flee and head to the shires whither the very Sun journey to go out and be renewed. May your loose and wild passion ever-lively be. Arda needs life and spirited mood as never before.''
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At the time of the evacuation of Edoras, battalions of Orcs trespassed and violated the borders of the Golden Wood. In spite of the large number of such invading forces, it was not a proper full-scale assault. It might be that Dol Guldur sought to make an attempt and test the defence of Lothlórien, being unsure of which type of defensive mechanism the Elves would rely on. Sentinels were also well hidden all over the woods, their own homeland, making it quite impossible for the enemies to spot them, as they were completely in tune with the environment in which the battle would occur. The clash takes place in the late afternoon and this is the only assault of the three that befalls when there is still pale light in the sky, albeit Sauron sending clouds of menacing weather above the realm of the Lady. And Galadriel does reply to such magical device, by the creation of a strong wind that blows away any potential threat from the heaven of Lothlórien. The Elven Queen is also to be given a central role in the very confrontation, for her guidance will be decisive for the successful ending of the counter-attack.

As soon as Orcs are driven off from the border, some companies of Galadhrim will be sent as reinforcements to aid the king of Rohan and his people, besieged by Isengard in Helm's Deep.

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Clouds get close to the golden woods of Lórien, in a suspended atmosphere that carries angst and fear, for there is none who might not dread the menace of future ill to befall, especially those who ever have resided and bathed in light. Such was the case of the joyful people of the Golden Wood, since the departure of their one-time powerful monarch and the coming of the Lady and the Sire. The two were asked to keep the key of the kingdom and rule its subjects in wisdom, temperance and witty judgement. And these are rare qualities, nowadays, which one may seldom find in the rule above their head. But we're talking about Elves and the mightiest among them, clean and pure; far from vice as they are from evil. So that a land can truly be given the chance to flourish under the rays of the sun, and the fruits of one's hard labour shall be eventually rewarded for the good. This the Lady knows and taught, because the loyal sentinel, who never failed his imperative task, will see his home protected and sheltered, and his kin live the days ahead, in a brighter future that leaves woe behind. Hence, the new lords did came and were proclaimed the guardians of this region, oasis between perilous peaks and darkened woods. Yet, the so-named Elven Queen was not common ruler and a secret she bore, in that in her dwelt a magnificent force which green would make greener even in the most bitter winter and which seemed to keep decay at bay, halting the passing of time and rendering bliss a still present, to a point that Elves forgot grey days and there built a marvellous shrine. A secluded sanctuary, in which the art of the Immortals was not to know corruption, contrary to the voluble craft of the other races of Middle-earth. And every branch or bush was delighted to be nurtured by means that to nature belonged not; but to magic and arcane powers, hallowed and noble, acquired through the ages and taught by one of the Angels, millennia before. That formed the shield of those enchanted woods, charmed and blessed, or its wall that naught may breach, like the hard marble behind which Men are used to defending themselves.

Skies get dreary and thick, promising to rage and blow fell wind, to the damage of the sacred forest, that bad weather never has seen. The master has set his minions loose, as he wants his token back, to lead the world to a new darker night, inhabited by nightmares and wicked ghouls, whose malicious source is still alive and plans woeful revenge, now that he got to know that the Fellowship entered those safe ways, asking for relief from fire and shadow. Therefore, Isengard rises in fury against the shattered kingdom of the Horse Lords, although we pray that the hammer of Saruman will meet a gate that may not break; indeed, it is not stone-made, or of wooden shapes. It is the valour of those people, bound to battle their fate against the machines of the traitor. And the Fallen Wizard ignores that such hope may have been rendered frail, but it's not lost. Not yet. And destiny made it so that three gallant heroes shall join their fierce fight. And Elves might give a helping hand as well, should they succeed in driving the threat out of their dwellings.

Whilst the disgraceful wizard is waiting to unleash such army of dreadful steel and industry, his real puppeteer wages war to the country of Galadriel and Celeborn. Because he ever feared the potency of the Sorceress, being her able to pierce through every obscure desire and guess how things are actually to be, beyond any disguise or cheap trick. Being thus the War of the Ring near its bloody apex, Sauron deemed it right to begin his whole assault on all lands that dared define themselves as free. The Free People are outnumbered and besieged from all sides; every of them will have to fight their way through, for the Dark Lord has been amassing grand legions of foes, comprised of his southern and eastern allies. And allies they are not, looking more like pitiful slaves who beg for survival and were forced into an unnatural allegiance. Well, these armies shall be sent to every corner and region, with the sole intention of seizing control and erasing any resistance. This will soon happen within the borders of Lothlórien, as a foul host is awaiting in trepidation on the other shore, sending its vanguard to watch over the target and explore.