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[Edain] Dwarven Suggestions / Re: Durin's fate in the Edain Mod
« Letzter Beitrag von Isildurs Fluch am Heute um 09:49 »
I totally forgot, that this even exist  8-|

I´d like to present my ideas for the ring-functions of young Dain and Thorin. Concerning Hannar I will wait for Aule, as the whole creation of this character was his and his friend idea. This will be a longer post and most of it are not about Durin or the ring-function at all, but it´s aim is to complete the topic by focussing on Dain and Thorin. If it´s in the wrong place just move it to another thread or write me and I will do it myself.

Standart abbilities of the two different versions of Dain:
I know read not only the ring-concepts of Dain and Thorin, but also their normal abbilities and it came to my mind, that Dains character-developement as described in the book (and seen in the movie) is somehow contradicted:

Young Dain was the one, who came with his army by forced marches all the way from the Iron Hills and was totally fine to let the situation escalate and fight against Elves and Humans. He doesn´t seem to me as a defender, more an atacker.
Gandalf: It is Dain, Lord of the Iron Hills. He's Thorin's cousin.
Bilbo: Are they alike?
Gandalf: I always found Thorin the more reasonable of the two.

Old Dain was the friend of King Brand and defender of Dale, who was able to refuse Saurons influence. He fought at the foot of Erebor alongside the Bardingers against the Easterlings, indeed giving his life to defend Brands dead body. In the end his dwarves managed to be victorious against an army with superior numbers, so in my oppinion he seems to be the defender.

Based on this thoughts, I would switch two abbilities between the versions of Dain:
  • Iron Hill-Dain get´s Baruk Khazad! and Erebor Dain get´s Lord of the Iron Hills renaming it to King under the Mountain. This abbility is in a way the reverse of Thorins abbility with the same name which nicely points out the differences in character.
  • Vendetta is transferred to the ring-function, while his normal version get´s Forced marches, which increases the speed of foot soldiers on the map for 30 second, but making them in exchange after that a bit slower for 10 seconds. Defend the Halls! is transferred to Erebor-Dain, who indeed died defending his halls and his friend.

I´m aware, of the fact, that the Edain-team didn´t chose the abbility-sets for no reason and it all fit´s in the theme of precise specialisation of the different dwarf-factions, but I don´t see this as a very big problem:
Dain is a late-game hero, so when he appears on the battlefield the player normally would have the opportunity to buy upgrades, to cope with the realm-specific weaknesses. Besides that all the effects are either temporarely or only affecting nearby troops, so the over all theme of the subfaction is not touched at all.
I even find it more interesting having the opportunity to somehow change tactics using Dains abbilities. Just strengthening your advantage seems somehow boring.

My concept about the ring-functions of Dain and Thorin will be edited soon...
General Video Games / Re: Age of Mythology
« Letzter Beitrag von DieWalküre am Heute um 00:47 »
You can be very sure of that! She will use anything in her power to conjure an unstoppable juggernaut that may not be halted. This is the terrible potential of the goddess of the underworld. There are a couple of interesting analogies between her and Hera, if you think about it: two goddesses available to one sole major god, who both enhance and affect mythical creatures! However, I quite doubt that a fire-breathing dragon could ever reach the terrifying exterminating property of the thunderstorm. Hera's gruesome might cannot be matched by anything else. How much has that goddess had to bear and endure from his untrustworthy husband? xD
RPG Library / Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Letzter Beitrag von DieWalküre am Gestern um 23:57 »
We are the ones who never falter

We are the one who shall not falter, undimmed our piety and adamant the loyalty,
With patience the coming of the Immortals on Númenor we wait for, for any visit of theirs is to be a jubilation of ours.

[Edain] Bug Reports / Re: Imladris Bugs
« Letzter Beitrag von The_Necromancer0 am Gestern um 23:01 »
I think the Imladris Resting Place snow texture while being built is missing. Might just be me but it appeared pink even though I had just updated my Edain.
RPG Library / Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Letzter Beitrag von DieWalküre am Gestern um 19:53 »
Eyes in the Night

Claws, fangs and horrible death,
The pass in the ravine was in the end bewitched,
Haunted by ghosts and horrors by magic assembled,
This is the art of the mighty Sorcerer who in the fortress dwelleth, many shapes he may take and the Tyrant serveth with malicious will.
<a href="//www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIDvESu8Zq4" target="_blank">//www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIDvESu8Zq4</a>

11/10 IGN. Wer würde es auch anschauen?^^
Sonstiges / Re: Forenspiel: Was bin ich?... aus der Edain-Mod
« Letzter Beitrag von Wurm Morgoths am Gestern um 18:36 »
[Edain] Map Suggestions / Re: Huorns as a map feature
« Letzter Beitrag von DieWalküre am Gestern um 18:27 »
Let's put it in these terms: Huorns are not as dynamic, if we may say so, as the Watcher, but they're not lone towers either, given their impact on masses of troops. It's like an in-between situation, and, believe me, the spell used to be much more powerful than Eagles or whatever akin spell :D

The topic does belong to this board for sure, being it a map-related suggestion. If you wish to debate Huorns further, you may head to the Lothlórien board, although I don't know how much I can be of help for you, because Lórien's spellbook is still being worked on by the Edain Team at the moment.
Sonstiges / Re: Forenspiel: Was bin ich?... aus der Edain-Mod
« Letzter Beitrag von Eomer der Verbannte am Gestern um 18:14 »
Bist du ein Gebäude?
Hat dein Gebäude eine aktive Funktion?
Bist du eine Werft?

Bist du gut?
Bist du eine Einheit?
Bist du steuerbar?
Bist du eine Karte?
Bist du auf allen Karten zu finden?
Bist du nur auf einer Karte vorhanden?
Bist du auf Karten vorhanden welche einen Festungsstart haben und nicht vorhanden auf Karten mit einem Lagerstart bzw. anders herum ?
Bist du ein bemannbarer alter Turm?

Richtig :P! Du bist dran.
Sonstiges / Re: Forenspiel: Was bin ich?... aus der Edain-Mod
« Letzter Beitrag von Wurm Morgoths am Gestern um 18:07 »
Bist du eine Werft?
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