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Titel: Zaphagor model update sugestion
Beitrag von: BalkanLuka am 9. Apr 2016, 16:51
Im posting this as a new topic as the changes imply to modeling, thus canot be considerd a minor thing for the minor sugestions topic.

I saw a number of posts suggesting that Zaphagor should get a bit more armor and other combat aparel, i too support this idea because it would increase the diference between him and Mormanath even more, and the increased angmar iconography would further enhance his status as Angmars second most powerful hero. Thus, i have drawn a sketch concept based on Adamins drawing of Zaphagor that includes several aditions including longer hair,an armored elbowguard, bigger fur cape and a iron-crown headguard. In order to spare everyones time and not to make a long text similiar on mod db, those interested in this topic can read a extended reasoning, actor inspiration and explanation for the changes that i am suggesting on my mod db profile. The sugestions are only for these 4 things and not the whole model.

Im not sure how to upload a picture here, just in case ill put a direct link on my ModDB profile where i store other drawings, it even includes an old model sugestion for Ghulzar in 3.75.

Titel: Re: Zaphagor model update sugestion
Beitrag von: Odysseus am 9. Apr 2016, 17:01
Damn, some of these drawings are really well made! I especially like this one:
If we could get such a model instead of the rather boring and bland Gulzar, it would be quite an aesthetic boost to the faction.

Those Morutari look really impressive too. It seems ET has already seen some of this artwork. I wonder if ET would be willing to see to some of it.

Cheers on the lovely concept art!
Titel: Re: Zaphagor model update sugestion
Beitrag von: Draco100000 am 9. Apr 2016, 19:07
Omg men your desings are awesome, the one of rogash is very epic, I would suggest to use it instead of the vanilla one.
Titel: Re: Zaphagor model update sugestion
Beitrag von: Ringgiver am 10. Mai 2016, 05:01
I really like Zaphragor's palantir portrait, BalkanLuka's work is also good, if there is a way that you could combine the two models and give his face a leaner, more scared appearance (afterall, he is killing himself to use magic, he should look gaunt) that would result in a strong appearance.

(Original art work (