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Titel: Confused about Map Crash at Game Start
Beitrag von: jsamueledwards am 14. Jan 2017, 08:08
I've made my own fortress/stronghold map with 3 players. Player 1 is inside a Fortress with some buildings already built, and I think Player 1 works fine (so far) but I have a problem with the waypoints for Players 2 and 3.

Whenever I start the map in game neither Waypoint outside of the main fortress is able to spawn/create its own base. The game starts, each player has their first military unit and after a few seconds the game is over because no one can build their base.

I'm guessing that I need to put down the correct flag to say if you're building a Camp or a Castle but all the labels are in German (which I can't read) so I'm not sure what I need to put at the Player Start Waypoints.

I tried putting down a Flag that looks like the Castle rubble marker in a lot of the maps (sorry I don't have the exact name of that one, I'll edit this post if I find it again). It worked a little bit, buildings would start to spawn in the Player Start Waypoints but the Flag didn't disappear - it just stayed on the field and prevented some of the buildings from opening at game start.

If anyone can figure what I'm doing wrong or if you know what Base Flag I need to use I'd appreciate it! - Side Note: If anyone can explain to me how to know which Flags to use for Outposts and Settlements I'd appreciate it! Like I said, the names and descriptions are in German for some of the custom Edain pieces which really confuses me.

Titel: Re: Confused about Map Crash at Game Start
Beitrag von: Only True Witchking am 2. Sep 2018, 16:32
There is an english tutorial on Moddb, which you should check out!
Just type in "edain 4.4.1 map Editor", and it should be the first result. There is everything explained that you need to know if you want to make a skirmish map.
A lot of that also has to be done for Mission maps, but I think yours is a normal skirmish, right?

If you still are confused after that, just ask. I'm not very experienced with map-making, especially not for 4.4.1, but I know the basics.