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Autor Thema: The Dagor Dagorath: Faction Overviews and Maps.  (Gelesen 16163 mal)

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The Dagor Dagorath: Faction Overviews and Maps.
« am: 27. Sep 2016, 09:17 »
Below are listed all the factions currently in Middle Earth in the Dagor Dagorath, their holdings, and their army strength and numbers. Also, any named character from any of Tolkien's writings is alive. I could never possibly list them all, but they are ALL fair game. Just because they are not listed directly as the leaders of the faction does not mean that they are not present, I just put down the big ones. If you want to create a scenario with a relatively obscure named character you can absolutely present that idea! Just to restate, please do NOT post any discussion or feedback in this thread, post it in the discussion thread!


Leaders: Aragorn Elessar, Elendil, Isildur, Anarion, Gandalf, Mandos and Vaire of the Valar, Ulmo and Nienna in Dol Amroth.
Holdings: All of their old lands in the Third Age, Umbar, parts of Harad and Rhun. Khand have risen up and destroyed their influence, as have much of Rhun and Harad. Since Sauron's return, Mordor has again become inhospitable, a dark, choked land of terror and despair, the breeding ground of orcs and trolls. Gondor must hold fast against Mordor, and attempt to regain control of Harad, Rhun, Khand and Umbar.
Army Strength: Gondor has one of the best trained armies in Middle Earth in the fifth age, surpassed only by the armies of Eriador and the High Elves in prowess. They rely on heavy infantry blocks and large shields, forming phalanx formations that are nearly impenetrable to cavalry and arrow fire. Solid lines of Gondorian troops can hold firm against most anything thrown their way. They also have access to deadly elite cavalry from Dol Amroth, which also houses a powerful navy, in addition to stealthy elite archers from Ithilien.
Army Numbers: Gondor at this time is the most populous Kingdom of Men in Middle Earth. They can easily muster 350000-400000 professional troops, and can summon militias in a pinch numbering around 10 million.

Leaders: Eorl the Young, Theoden the Glorious, Eomer, Eowyn Wraith-Slayer, Theorl the Reclaimer, Heromer Wild Slayer, Helm the Hammerhand, Orome and Vana of the Valar.
Holdings: All of their old lands from the Third Age, as well as much of Dunland and the Vale of the Anduin. Saruman has raised a terrible fortress and taken control of most of Enedwaith, and conquered Northern Dunland and Tharbad. Rohan must crush this resistance and ride to the aid of Gondor.
Army Strength: The Riders of Rohan are famed far and wide as the best cavalry in Middle Earth, surpassing even that of the High Elves. Since the Third Age, the Mearas have bred rapidly, and now are a common horse in Rohan. They also have access to powerful Dwarven forged armor for their most elite troops, and are master horse archers. When facing their biggest weakness, Pikemen, the Rohirrim will call upon their cavalry archers and dwarven allies to defeat the enemy. When the hosts of Rohan thunder forth, all but the most elite troops of the enemy tremble in fear.
Army Numbers: Rohan is a very populous nation, and easily the second strongest human nation in Middle Earth, behind Gondor. Rohan can raise huge armies of cavalry numbering between 250000 and 300000, and has militia infantry who can rise up to defend their land, numbering 3 to 4 million.

Leaders: Harandui, Halbarad, Elrond, Cirdan, Thorin Oakenshield, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin
Holdings: All of the lands of Arnor, the Shire, the Blue Mountains, Imladris. The chief threats posed to Eriador are the orcs of the Misty Mountains and Mount Gram, and the realm of Angmar. The Ered Luin are also under assault by Dragons.
Army Strength: Eriador is an extremely diverse faction. They have access to stealthy Hobbits and Rangers for ambushes, Dwarves for heavy infantry, High Elves for elite heavy infantry/archers/cavalry, and men of Arnor for mainline troops. They have an answer to most anything thrown their way, and have a strong navy coming from Lindon.
Army Numbers: Eriador is more of a union of different realms that add up to a whole than a direct number. Many Dwarves following Thorin and his company of 12 have resettled the Ered Luin, and begun work on tunnels to connect to the other dwarf realms, and could likely field an army number around 25000.  Imladris and Lindon have been resettled and fortified with several thousands of high elves, and could deploy around 10000 troops each. The Shire is home to the Hobbits,  who make excellent scouts, and can field almost 3000 troops. They could deploy militias numbering 15000 in a pinch. Arnor proper is home to the most elite men remaining in Middle Earth, masters of warfare due to their long lifespan, and also fairly populous, with armies numbering around 200000. Eriador lacks militias, except in the Shire, as all men, elves and dwarves are part of the standing armies there. So while they have powerful, capable troops, they don't have as many of them.

Leaders: Bard the Bowman, Brand, Born the Hunter.
Holdings: Dale controls all of the lands east of Mirkwood, and north of the Sea of Rhun. They formerly controlled land up Mistrand including the Sea of Rhun, but since Rhun has rebelled they lost control of those areas. They are attempting to subdue Rhun and Khand, and crush resistance there. They are also willing to help the Wood Elves against the spiders.
Army Strength: The strength of Dale comes from their incredibly elite archers, easily the best human archers in Middle Earth. They also have access to some powerful cavalry and heavy infantry, and a great part of the Beorning Skin Changers who migrated there from the vale of the Anduin. Rains of arrows coming from the Dalian Heavy Archers can be a frightening thing indeed.
Army Numbers: Dale, while not as directly powerful as Rohan or Gondor, is still a powerful nation in its own right. They somewhat make up for their lack of numbers with their impeccable archery. In terms of direct numbers, the professional army of dale can field between 100000 and 150000 soldiers, with a small militia of 1 million troops.

Leaders: Celeborn, Galadriel, Oropher, Thranduil, Legolas, Urundial, Irmo and Este of the Valar, Yavanna and Treebeard in Fangorn.
Holdings: All of Lothlorien and Greenwood the Great, which now directly connect together. Ungoliant and Shelob have created horrific nests in various locations throughout the Greenwood, and are the chief source of danger to the elves of Lothorndian.
Army Strength: The Wood Elf Union is not a faction who enjoys getting into head on battles. They are a nation of ambushers and skirmishers, and are deadly with bows. They have no cavalry or heavy infantry, and are overall poorly armored. Defensively however, there are few who could overcome the elves without suffering horrendous casualties. Further South, the Ents of Fangorn have been awoken by Yavanna, and while not directly allied with the Silvan Elves, share the most common ground with them. Therefore, the Ents are most likely to fight in defense of their own forest or Lothorndian, and also have memory of their allegiance with the Rohirrim.
Army Numbers: Every single Avari and Sindari elf remaining in Middle Earth migrated to Lothorndian in the early Fourth Age, and it has since grown considerably. Many Silvan Elves have also been revived from the Halls of Mandos and returned to Middle Earth. They can easily muster armies numbering 10 million troops, but with no militia, as every elf who can fight is already part of the army. They can also potentially Rouse the Ents, in which case some 5000 Ents can bring their horrible wrath against any who oppose them.

Dwarven Alliance
Leaders: Durin I-VII, Dain Ironfoot, Thorin III Stonehelm, Gimli, Throingar the Ancient, Aule of the Valar.
Holdings: Erebor, the Iron Hills, Khazad-dum, Aglarond, Hall of the Ancients, vast, enormous stretches of land underground in their tunnel network. The dwarves are currently trying to exterminate the Goblin filth in their tunnels, and cleanse the mountains of the Dragons that have infested them.
Army Strength: The Dwarves have all become 1 culture, and they now hail from the Hall of the Ancients. All arms and weaponry, goods, and reinforcements travel along the main tunnel under the sea to arrive at the Dwarves aboveground holdings in Middle Earth. The main tunnel leading to the Hall of the Ancients is unchallenged by the Orcs, who are physically unable to set foot inside of it. Nevertheless, it is heavily guarded along its entire length by some 100000 dwarves who do not participate in battles anywhere, their sole duty being to guard their tunnel. Their forces in Middle Earth are very numerous indeed, and they possess the most devastating Siege Weapons in all of Middle Earth. In addition, their heavy infantry blocks are the heaviest armored troops in Middle Earth. This makes for an incredibly deadly combination, which is really only vulnerable to surprise attacks or attrition. In head on conflicts, the Dwarves can outlast any living enemies in a fight. Their direct army strength belowground is very powerful and has many professional troops, but this is stretched out across the entire length and breadth of Middle Earth throughout their tunnels, and is endlessly fighting against innumerable hordes of Orcs. Their aboveground armies are engaged in large conflicts against armies of Dragons in the Mountains, as they are the only troops of the Free Peoples who have armor and weaponry sufficient to challenge the Dragons in direct conflict. They are split up into 4 armies in the Misty Mountains, Grey Mountains, White Mountains and Red Mountains far in the east. If one of their main strongholds should come under assault, they can easily raise huge numbers of stubborn militia dwarves. Unfortunately for the Free Peoples, this incredible force of Dwarven might is held back by the endless tides of Orcs and other monsters in the tunnels and fierce battles with Dragons in the mountains, and prevented from directly helping the rest of Middle Earth.
Army numbers: Over 1 million dwarves fighting endlessly with Orcs in the tunnels belowground, and some 1,200,000 dwarves spread out fighting dragons across the Grey, White, Misty and Red Mountains. Militias numbering between 500000 and 1 million inside each of the Dwarves main strongholds, as well as an uncounted and unknown number inside the Hall of the Ancients.

The Hosts of Valinor
Leaders: Eru Illuvatar, Manwe, Varda, Feanor, Gil-Galad, Turin Turambar.
Holdings: 60% of Aman, with some ground invaded and taken by Melkor to the south. The forces of Valinor need to drive Melkor from their lands and assist the rest of Middle Earth as soon as possible.
Army Strength: The hosts of the Valar are the best trained, best equipped, and longest lived hosts fighting for the forces of light, and indeed in existence. The only thing they lack is cavalry, but the make up for it with the best archers and swordsmen of any army in the fifth age. They also have access to the Great Eagles, who follow Manwe's bidding and help any in Middle Earth who need them. The Eagles are currently in a fierce battle with the Dragons for control of all of Middle Earths mountain ranges, aided by and working with the Dwarves.
Army Numbers: The hosts of Valinor are comprised mostly of elves who have been revived from the Halls of Mandos, in addition to the extra Ainur and Maiar who dwell there. Essentially, every single elf who has ever come into existence inside Middle Earth, regardless of household, come to the armies of the Valar when they are slain. Melkor, however, has somehow developed a method of stealing the souls of those slain by his own armies, depriving them of the ability to return to the Halls of Mandos, which means that any elves slain in conflict with forces led directly by Melkor will be unable to return unless Melkor is slain once and for all. The hosts of Valinor can easily muster armies number between 20 and 40 million elves, with some 1000 Maiar and 15 Ainur, not including Manwe and Varda themselves.


Forces of Melkor
Leaders: Melkor, Gothmog of the Balrogs, Fraule, Geldorin, Horinth.
Holdings: Southern Valinor. Melkor's immediate concern is to destroy valinor and kill Eru, to give him uncontested control of the Secret Fire.
Army Strength: The armies of Melkor consist of the terrible Mornauth, equals to the Valar, the Balrogs, who are extra powerful Maiar, as well as many horrible monsters and endless tides of poorly armored and trained Orcs. Vampires, Werewolves, Dragons, Giant Spiders, many other horrible beasts and monsters march under the banners of Melkor. The hordes of orcs Melkor has at his disposal can be thrown at the enemy with no regard whatsoever for the lives of the Orcs, as their numbers are replenished so quickly their loss has no impact.
Army Numbers: 10 Mornauth, 300 Balrogs, various armies of different horrific monstrosities and abominations totalling some 100000 troops, countless millions of Orcs.

Forces of Sauron
Leaders: Sauron, Gothmog of the Orcs
Holdings: Mordor, Khand, much of Rhun and Harad, what is left of Umbar. Sauron is attempting to destroy Gondor and push onwards to Rohan.
Army Strength: Sauron has many monsters at his disposal, including Trolls, Vampires and Werewolves, though not nearly as many as his master Melkor. He also does not have access to any Mornauth or Balrogs. Therefore, his armies consist entirely of very large armies of orcs and evil Men, with the orcs soaking up the damage while the Evil Men punch through resistance. Due to the mountain ranges surrounding Mordor, his realm is very secure indeed, and is only enterable through the Black Gate or Cirith Ungol. He has not yet reclaimed Minas Ithil, but lays constant siege to it, and this is currently the main battleground between Gondor and Mordor, with many skirmishes inside Ithilien as well.
Army Numbers: Some 5 million Evil Men of various countries, endless millions of orcs, 1000 various monsters and beasts, 10000 trolls.

Forces of the Mountain
Leaders: Azog, Bolg, the Great Goblin, Golfimbul, Durins Bane.
Holdings: The Goblins have 3 overland areas under their control, which are Mount Gram, the old fortresses of the Dwarves in the Red Mountains, and the ruins of Utumno in for North-Eastern Middle Earth. Both of these areas were completely unoccupied and easy to colonize and fortify. From here, the Goblins conduct their massive, endless battle with the Dwarves in the tunnel system, and use various pits and hollows they have dug for themselves underground as staging grounds. Their immediate concern is to reclaim control of the mountains by taking Khazad-dum and Goblin Town from the Dwarves, and Gundabad from Angmar.
Army Strength: The Orcs of the Mountains mainly have access to numberless hordes of orcs, but this is all they need. They breed faster than rabbits, and use skirmishing and attrition tactics against the indomitable might of the dwarves. They are everywhere, ceaselessly attacking the Dwarves throughout their entire tunnel system. They also have access to Durins Bane, who sometimes leads charges against particularly stubborn Dwarves to break the resistance, as well as some extremely old, nameless abominations, creatures that have gnawed at the foundations of the earth since its creation. Any forces who bear witness to these creatures will almost always lose their sanity, and either slay themselves in terror or flee, never to be seens again. There are few among any forces in Middle Earth who have courage to view these creatures, let alone stand against them. Fortunately, they are very unpredictable, and though Durins Bane has had contact with them, they rarely heed the call. Where they do show up, all resistance ceases as the unfortunate enemies of the Goblins, and the Goblins themselves, are driven mad by the nature of the creatures.
Army Numbers: Innumerable orcs, numbering in the hundreds of millions. 1 Balrog. Abominations who terrify the enemy into insanity.

Forces of Ungoliant
Leaders: Ungoliant, Shelob
Holdings: Various hives and nests throughout the Greenwood. The Spiders are attempting to overrun Lothorndian and slay all the elves there, so they can begin their assault on Dale.
Army Strength: Ungoliant has at her disposal huge numbers of Giant Spiders of various broods and capabilities. Some have incredibly powerful webbing, some have deadly poisons and venoms, some are huge, larger than trolls, some have camouflage, some have extremely thick hide and sharp fangs, the list goes on. The spiders have an answer to most situations. 1 thing they lack in entirety is ranged capabilities, which is where their biggest weakness is. They do not, however; lack numbers, and can field seemingly endless swarms of the giant insects. Shelob also has access to some various types of monsters bred by Melkor which he sent to aid her annihilating the Silvan Elves.
Army Numbers: 50-75 million spiders of various race and brood, 5000 various monsters.

Brood of Glaurung
Leaders: Glaurung, Scatha the Worm, Ancaligon the Black, Smaug the Terrible
Holdings: They have complete uncontested control of Forodwaith and a strong foothold in Forochel. They are also in fierce battle with the Eagles and Dwarves over every mountain range existing in Middle Earth.
Army Strength: They are fire breathing Dragons, varying in size from 20 to 200 feet long.
Army Numbers: Some 100000 dragons of varying shape and size, spread out among all the mountain ranges of Middle Earth.


Saruman's Realm
Leaders: Saruman, various leaders of the Wildmen and Uruk-hai
Holdings: All of Dunland and Enedwaith, Newgard in central Enedwaith. Saruman is currently attempting to crush all resistance in Rohan and southern Eriador, to create a solid border with Angmar and go to war against Melkor and Valinor.
Army Strength: The forces of Saruman are made up of huge numbers of angry, barbaric Wild Men, who lack in armor and weaponry but not in spirit. The Wild Men have been known to fight on for some time even after sustaining mortal wounds, driven by their hatred of the Men of Rohan and Gondor. Saruman is also again breeding his Uruk-hai, who are significantly better armed, armored and trained than any other orc forces in Middle Earth. Saruman has also unlocked the use of Gunpowder, and frequently uses it to make devastating projectile weapons and bombs. Finally, he has control over 5 Maiar, who are disillusioned with both Eru and Melkor and wish to form their own realm, just as Saruman does. Of the 3 nations in the unaffiliated league, Saruman is the most openly evil, and wishes to dominate all other realms and peoples, and if necessary form alliance with Melkor and Saruron in the future, if it will get him access to the Secret Fire.
Army Numbers: Between 3 and 5 million Wildmen, 20 million fighting Uruk-Hai, 5 fallen Maiar.

Leaders: The Witch King, Khamul, the rest of the Nazgul, various chieftains from Rhun and Khand.
Holdings: All of former Rhudar, everything north of there up to Carn Dum, Mount Gundabad. Angmar is currently at war with the forces of the Dwarves in Gundabad, the brood of Glaurung in the north, and are in skirmishes with Eriador to the west. His main priority is to either create a truce with, or annihilate, Eriador.
Army Strength: The Witch King has at his disposal a very large army made up of men from many different realms and cultures. Fallen Gondorians, Arnorians, Rohirrim, wildmen of Rhudar, and many men of the East have flocked to his banner. His troops are well armored and well trained. He also has access to a new breed of Orcs he has created, called the Snow Orcs, who have captured and domesticated Snow Trolls from the mountains. These orcs are the least hateful, most intelligent orcs ever created, with many bordering on being especially ugly Men. Unlike all other orcs, these can be reasoned with and may show mercy, they do not hate all life, and many are even open to the idea of creating alliances if it will allow them to destroy Melkor, whom their beloved leader despises so much. Of the 3 leaders in the unaffiliated league, the Witch King is the kindest and has the most mercy, and wishes for peace and the defeat of Melkor. He greatly desires to atone for his terrible deeds while under Sauron's influence, and prove himself to be trustworthy to the Free Peoples.
Army Numbers: Forces of Men numbering 2 million combined, 15-20 million orcs, 15000 snow trolls.

Fallen Numenor
Leaders: Ar-Pharazon the Golden.
Holdings: Numenor. Ar-Pharazon is currently at war with most peoples of Middle Earth, and frequently has fierce naval battles with the elves of Lindon, the navy of Dol Amroth, and the navy of Valinor. He is attempting to secure a foothold in both Northern and Southern Valinor, to wage war on the Valar and Melkor simultaneously.
Army Strength: Ar-Pharazons army consists entirely of undead warriors in rusted golden armor, as well as newcomers from Umbar. These troops do not feel pain, and are incapable of feeling emotion. They follow their kings word to the letter, and have no instinct of self-preservation. They are not slow or weak, but fight as if they were strong, prime aged Men fresh from their beds, even if they have been fighting for an extended period of time. This makes them incredibly deadly and effective in a war of attrition, as their assault will never falter until they are victorious or are all dead. They also control the most numerous and deadly navy in Middle Earth, and because of their alliance with Saruman, have crude gunpowder cannons on their ships. Since others navies have to resort to Arrow Fire, Catapults and Ballistae, this makes them deadly to face on the sea, especially when combined with the undead crewmen. Ar-Pharazon has powers of resurrection which were granted to him by Melkor before he declared himself against him, and therefore he gains new troops from the corpses of his enemies after every battle.
Army Numbers: Ar-Pharazons army is currently very small, only numbering 100000, but this army is constantly growing as he raids and pillages with his navy. Every time a conflict finishes, his army stores the corpses of their enemies which are still intact, and Ar-Pharazon resurrects them as his undead slaves. Therefore, the threat of Ar-Pharazon will grow stronger and stronger over time, unless Ar-Pharazon himself is defeated. Of the 3 leaders in the unaffiliated league, Ar-Pharazon is the most neutral. He desires to destroy both Melkor and the Valar, but has no direct ill-will towards the other peoples of Middle Earth, and is somewhat friendly with Arnor and Gondor, his former kinsmen.

That wraps up all forces currently contesting for control of Middle Earth, along with their leaders, strengths, weaknesses, and territory. With all of this backstory, I'm sure that we can come up with some truly awesome and interesting scenarios and battles, and I really look forward to reading them :) I will again state, please leave all discussion, feedback and criticism in the DISCUSSION thread, do NOT reply to this thread! Below is the link to 2 maps, 1 for the overland and 1 for the tunnel network, courtesy of The_Necromancer0

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Re: The Dagor Dagorath: Faction Overviews and Maps.
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