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Autor Thema: Several ideas for Angmar  (Gelesen 1006 mal)


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Several ideas for Angmar
« am: 8. Dez 2016, 11:53 »
Good afternoon Edayn community! I have a couple of ideas for danogo character and wanted to share with you about them! Sorry for my English !

In my opinion Angmar along with Izengard are the most interesting fractions in Edain to fashion, only one problem: Angmar very different  fraction and what is only not present both sorcery, and Gundabad's orks, and people of the North with mountaineers, an umertviya (ghosts) and trolls and interesting ideological heroes (why I will tell ideological a little later). It seemed all is however at game for Angmar obviously a certain  incompleteness of fraction is celebrated. Why so? First the same problem as at Izengard. If about other fractions Tolkien wrote much and in details revealed them, and so Angmar rests against a ceiling of an innuendo of Tolkien. What did Tolkien write about Angmar? The fact that there was a king the magician what under the banner he collected various forces (orks, sorcerers, people and other), however he does not detail them fully as other fractions plus to it Angmar is not picturized in movies!. From here and end result. First of all I want to thank you expensive team Edain and all who is related to creation given fashion! Despite all et of a problem you really tried to make this fraction as close as possible to Tolkien's books with use of own ideas. Knowing it it is not easy also for it and once again I thank you. However there was a wish to bring also to me couple of ideas for this fraction:
1) The first problem in my opinion is the leader Angmar - the Witch King!. In principle it has to embody all rage of Sauron how his most faithful and strong servant, however what we have? It obvious not to cope with the duties, costs though to look at it on comparison with Zafragor. It concedes to it almost on all indicators: on a loss, and on power to abilities. Somehow had to resolve an issue of receiving a ring, but it to it not especially adds bonuses. From there is conclusion: he is not the first person Angmar!. It concedes also to many other heroes and not only to leaders another of fractions, plus to everything at it  quite dullish design also obviously duplicates abilities of the Mordor Witch King. For correction of this misunderstanding I suggest to make couple of changes:
   To make a palantir where it can change the weapon: the first eto a sword with a morgul blade / or with we echo a sword, the second is the extended mace (not morgenstern as at Mordor). Thus with a sword it will be carries a big single loss of one purpose and to heroes, and the second will suffer a loss on the area (several units). Why I offer it? Because in current execution it is good against the mass of units, however is weak against heroes. Only about use of abilities he can battle against heroes, and without them he is doomed. To add to it what to nenut ability of leadership! (he is after all a leader of fraction!). However it has to be not just something banal and that that to it peculiar. For example strong fear as tool weakening of enemies. To change the last ability as it is very strongly similar to the Mordor Witch King of the magician.
So except the Witch King is necessary to bring up also other heroes. Zafragor needs to reduce the area of a loss, there are a lot of abilities which in large quantities kills enemies, Ragosh as the troll is not especially effective as it has those problems as at Molok, it effectively resists to many units, however is weak against heroes! (It is interesting to look at that as the huge armor troll cannot win against the hero of an average link)
The second. To finish army. In general everything is excellent for an exception of two things: it is necessary to add trolls as earlier and to finish elite. Also to change the specification of action of improvement for archers, for example it carries a small loss to enta.
The third. To change couple of abilities from the book of spells.
The fourth. To add Gundabad as the Outpost and to strengthen  Gundabad's orks. As it is sad but Gundabad's orks (with radiculitis) are very pathetic. It would be healthy if z volchy equestrians to strengthen them. Also to add design from the Hobbit and to steam of abilities for Gundabad.
The fifth. To add Kurgan with ghost to the Outpost. Whether remind Umertviya on units of which added sh was more, I pound from them a little, but if to strengthen them and it would be much more interesting  to add passive ability at the 3rd or 5th level.

Thank you for your attention ! I hope these ideas (or at least used part) you like!


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Re: Several ideas for Angmar
« Antwort #1 am: 8. Dez 2016, 14:47 »
The Witch King of Angmar is an incredibly effective hero.  While his cost is high, his abilities make up for that making him very powerful as supporting your army.  The only shortcoming he really has is that he is not too strong against other heroes, but using Death Blade/Life Drinking Blade helps tremendously with that.  And using Might of the Witch King has incredible effects on certain heroes, for example Hwaldar and Zafragor. 

I used to underestimate the Witch King as well, and I think he is worse then his Mordor counterpart, but I understand now that he is worth his price. 

Also, Rogash is one of the most powerful summon in the game because of his leap, which can be combined with Fell Wind/Frozen Land to make it have a devastating effect.
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Re: Several ideas for Angmar
« Antwort #2 am: 18. Feb 2017, 15:26 »
I will share it here

I don't know if Edain Team plan reworking Angmar WitchKing Ringhero abilities and taking into consideration how small is change to get ring i would like to see some improvments to make him more less this some as Mordor Version after all those boost he get from being improved by spell His Deadliest servant / in Angmar WitchKing case it will be ring that improves his stats a little to being nearly stats wise this some. Improvments in stats 1000 health and +65 damage similar to unknown boost that Mordor WitchKing gets (check out this thread https://modding-union.com/index.php/topic,34341.0.html .Second think are WitchKing abilities while being Ringhero All of his abilities should be avivable from level 1 becouse it makes more sense while being Ring hero and it is supposed to be fun . Angmar WitchKing ability Dead Blade need to replaced by Life Drinking Blade without taking into consider his level (so he could use it even at level 1) . This is proably everything at this moment taking into account his great ability Lord of Winter that nerf economy on the whole map the only addition to this ability could be Armor debuff not only for units but also buildings that are on battlefield .