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Autor Thema: Clicking "Play" closes the launcher and doesn't do anything  (Gelesen 668 mal)


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Fresh install of 2.01, fully updated mod. Windows 7, also this whole site is in German and I have a hard time navigating it.


I can't even launch RotWK 2.01, so it has nothing to do with the mod. I'll try to fix and keep you all posted.

UPDATE 2: I wasn't able to launch RotWK because I had Edain enabled. With Edain enabled, I still can't run anything. No errors occur, just silent failure.


A full reinstall with patch 2.02 installed with the GameRanger patch installer then reverted back to 2.01 allows me to get Edain to launch but say "Please insert CD-Rom". Using Alcohol 52% I can mount a mini-image and bypass this to finally play the mod.


Getting Invalid Sound 'WOTR_MusicRohanMS'. Can't seem to fix it


Rename !new202music.big to !new202music.big.disabled . Make sure you reverse that when you want to go to 2.02 again.

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