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Autor Thema: Edain Multiplayer - How and where?  (Gelesen 5007 mal)

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Edain Multiplayer - How and where?
« am: 25. Apr 2020, 15:02 »
Ever since EA turned off its servers over a decade ago, the BfME community has had to rely on third party programs to play with and against each other online. In the early days of this mod that software was Hamachi; eventually we switched to Tunngle and nowadays, GameRanger is the central hub for Edain multiplayer. Here you can find a guide on how to install GameRanger and how to be a part of the Edain multiplayer.

  • Download GameRanger here.
  • Install it and create an account - the free variant is sufficient, you don't need to pay anything.
  • GameRanger will automatically find and recognise your games, including Rise of the Witch King and therefore Edain.
  • Now you can either create a new room for RotWK yourself (by clicking on 'Host' in the top right) or join an already existing room - look out for descriptions that show you which room is for Edain. You can use the search bar in the bottom to make this easier.
  • As soon as enough people have joined the room, the host can start the game.It is important not to start Edain beforehand. GameRanger will start the game for you. Once you are in the menu, go to Multiplayer -> Network and you are ready to go.

Another way to come together with other fans of the mod are the various inofficial Discord servers. They are run by the fans for the fans and allow you to find other people to play with, organize big battles or just talk about all kinds of stuff. We want to point out however, that even though some team members or beta testers may also hang around, we are not in charge or responsible there - so please pay attention to the moderators on each server and follow the rules they have set up. Here are two links to the largest german and english speaking servers:
If you want to communicate with us to report bugs, give us feedback or share your ideas and suggestions, the Modding Union is still the right place.

Have fun and enjoy the mod!
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