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Autor Thema: Dragon suggestions :)  (Gelesen 933 mal)


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Dragon suggestions :)
« am: 8. Aug 2013, 04:14 »

After using some breeding dragons in gameplay I have some suggestions I thought could be useful to the look and feel of the units.

Firstly, when the dragon reaches adult stage at level 8, when it takes to the air, it's head and face look different, more stretched, than when it is on the ground. I am not sure whether this is intentional or not. They gain pointy faces, but when they are on the ground they have the normal short-snouted face.

Below is an image where a flying dragon has the same short face as on the ground. This is from a different mod.


As shown in this image, I feel the adult dragons could be larger, and if not, at least have larger wings - their wings at the moment are a little short.

Currently the dragons and young drakes are all black. Perhaps all the colours from the Collector's Edition could be added, so different dragons can be different colours, as shown below.


Lastly, the dragons could perhaps feature a wing flapping power like Drogoth to create a wind beneath them, and perhaps an area of effect flame ability which can be used from the air. However, I understand if you'd want to restrict these to Drogoth himself to prevent dragons from becoming overpowered.

Finally, these are just some thoughts and ideas I had, as I really enjoy playing with dragons in Edain after their less than spectacular implementation in the vanilla game. I really appreciate all the hard work that has gone into their modelling and creation, and these are just my opinions and no reflection on the perfection of your  mod.

Looking forward to 4.0!