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Autor Thema: Welcome to the English Forums!  (Gelesen 10942 mal)

Lord of Mordor

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Welcome to the English Forums!
« am: 28. Mär 2015, 17:00 »
Greetings, companions of Edain, and welcome to the Modding Union Forums!

As Edain itself, these forums have long been primarily in German. However, with the release of our first English version, we have decided to expand our English forums to give international users the best possible to space to discuss the mod and share their feedback and ideas directly with the team. Foir this reason, we have created a larger English Edain forum as well as English smalltalk forums and feedback area where you can tell us what you'd like to see improved about the forums.

On the top right, you will see a language switcher. This will allow you to switch between seeing only the English forums, only the German forums or the entire forum. You can also change the language of the forum interface itself here. Unfortunately, if you click "Unread posts", "Unread answers to your posts" and "Latest posts" you will still be shown all posts from both the English and German forums - this will be fixed in the future, however. This is still under construction, but we're doing our best to build a great English modding forum as soon as possible :)

If you don't have an account yet, click "Registr." button at the top of the forums. This will also take you to a German screen, but it should be easy to navigate. The conditions for registering can also be read in English form in our Forum Rules thread.

Once you have registered your account, the Edain Discussion and Feedback Forum is a great place to share your impressions of Edain 4.0! We look forward to seeing you around!
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