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Autor Thema: [en] Support Edain Demo 4.0  (Gelesen 155444 mal)


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Re: [en] Support Edain Demo 4.0
« Antwort #300 am: 23. Mär 2017, 05:09 »
hello everyone!!  i modified a map from rotwk,  i add some reinforcements,  i put more money,  and in Edain mod the game stars well  in the skirmish, but after 7 or 10  seconds , everybody dies and says defeated,

i changed the start point in to team PlyrCivilian/teamPlyrCivilian and FestungPlotFlag as well,   help please !!!



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Re: [en] Support Edain Demo 4.0
« Antwort #301 am: 27. Apr 2017, 21:21 »
Sadly I cannot launch the game. When I click on the shortcut or the .exe it just does not open. This is really annoying because I cant play this great mod :( Hilf mir bitte  :(
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Re: [en] Support Edain Demo 4.0
« Antwort #302 am: 17. Aug 2017, 21:54 »
Hello guys. I'm new to this community. I just want to know if I can plain Edain Mod without the DVD. My DVD no longer works and the Fix Non Starting Games didn't help. Is there anything I can do?


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Re: [en] Support Edain Demo 4.0
« Antwort #303 am: 9. Okt 2019, 18:01 »
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