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Autor Thema: Edain 4.0 Demo Readme  (Gelesen 22498 mal)

Lord of Mordor

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Edain 4.0 Demo Readme
« am: 29. Mär 2015, 06:22 »
Edain Mod 4.0
© by Edain Team
Supported by: EA Community Team

Table of Contents

This Readme contains essential information on the Edain Mod 4.0, among other things in regards to common issues and questions, the Edain Switcher, and multiplayer. It is strongly recommended to read this document in its entirety in order to avoid problems.

This document contains the following points:

I.    Team Members and Credits
II.   Installing the Edain Mod
III.  Uninstalling the Edain Mod
IV.   Edain-Mod-Launcher
V.    Submods
VI.   Multiplayer
VII.  Support and Frequently Asked Questions

Team Members and Credits

Contact persons:
Ealendril der Dunkle (Team Leader), Lord of Mordor, Simbyte, Gnomi

Codes / Scripting:
Ealendril der Dunkle, FG15, Lord of Mordor

Lord of Mordor, Ealendril der Dunkle

Reshef, Ealendril der Dunkle

Models / Animations:
Ealendril der Dunkle, Thorongil03, Radagast der Musikalische

Skins / 2D Graphics:
Adamin, Ealendril der Dunkle

Ealendril der Dunkle

Campaign / Maps:
FG15, Gnomi, Reshef

Game Design:
Lord of Mordor, Ealendril der Dunkle

Website administration (www.modding-union.com):

Installer / Launcher:
Turin Turumbar

English Translation:
FG15, Nightmaster, Lord of Mordor, Simbyte

Video Team:
Prinz von Dol Amroth

Beta Tester:
Chu'unthor, Prinz_Kael, Elendils Cousin 3.Grades, Hüter, Amdir, Fili, Fine, orkanelf, Photti, hoho96, DieWalküre, EliteKryptik, Fredius

Balance Tester:
Prinz von Dol Amroth, Mandos,  Lordrush der Beherzte, Rohirrim, Skeeverboy

Thanks to our former members and supporters:
The Dark Ruler
Alien aka Infiltrator
WOA aka Witchking of Angmar
Doggy aka Ghostface

Special Thanks for the support of:
EA Community Team
Moddb ( www.moddb.com )
Cirdan and Herr-der-Ringe-Film.de ( http://www.herr-der-ringe-film.de )
Ravencrest and HdR-Seite.de ( http://www.hdr-seite.de )
HDRHQ ( www.hdrhq.de )
SuM-Fanpage ( http://sum.onlinewelten.com )
German Gaming Magazines PCGames und PCAction
HdR Inside ( www.hdr-inside.de )
The entire Modding-Union Community

Many thanks for the support and contributions of the following mods and modders:
Robert Johnson      (RJ_RotWk)
Sûlherokk           (SEE - Special Extend Edition)
Nazgul aka Chriz    (SEE - Special Extend Edition)
Celeglin            (Elven Alliance)
The Dead Player
RiderOfRohan (Horse Lords Mod)
Morgoth615          (Four Ages)
Herunor             (DsuB - Die Schlacht um Beleriand)
Hatacatan           (DsuB - Die Schlacht um Beleriand)
Manuel2811          (Elvenstar Mod1)
Firmus              (Elvenstar Mod1)
Buccane             (HDRHQ)
Wars of Arda
Christian Beltramo  (Legends)
magickoala          (Launcher UI)
CeeJay             (SweetFX)
NDC                              (Death-Animationen of the Dwarven rams)
Forhir                           (Launcher music)
NewErr                         (T3A GiveAway Mirkwood-Soldier)

Thanks to members of the Edain-Community:
Lord-Alex                   (Sounds)         
Tar-Dingens                 (Map "Fornost Edain")
Wulfgar                     (Sounds)
MCM aka k10071995           (Sounds)
PumaYIY                     (Sounds)
Tar-Palantir                (Sounds)
Halbarad                    (Sounds)
Kili                        (Sounds)
Lord of Arnor               (Sounds)
Nightmaster                 (english translation)
Libom                       (Sounds)
Fin12345                    (Sounds)
EvilBuggie                  (Sounds)
Fingolfin                   (Sounds)
Radagast the Brown          (Sounds)
Minewald                    (Sounds)
Alter Tobi                  (Sounds)
Wulfgar                     (Sounds)
Amdir                       (Sounds)
Hüter                       (english translation,Sounds)
Numenorean                  (Sounds)
Rogash                      (Sounds)
Tar-Palantir                (english translation, Sounds)
Melkor Bauglir              (Sounds)
Rumil89                     (Sounds)
Shagrat                     (english translation, Sounds)
RadagasttheFool             (Sounds)
SnobGoblin                  (Sounds)
Elendils Cousin 3. Grades   (english translation)
Thartom                     (english translation)
HerrscherSeuchenmarines     (english translation)
Lord Sauron der 5000.       (english translation)
GeisterbeschwörerRadagas t   (english translation)
Der dunkle König            (english translation)
MCCL                        (english translation)
Palleon                     (english translation)
Lord Eddard Stark           (english translation)
Caun                           (Trailer and Teaser)
Gepetto                      (Trailer and Teaser)
Leander                      (english translation)
Norgur                        (english translation)
LordDainIronfoot        (Sounds)
Arador                        (Sounds und Graphics)
Gimilzar                      (Sounds)
(Palland)raschi           (Graphics)
CragLord                      (Sounds)

Thanks for the work of the Edain forum moderators:

The screenshot of the fellowship departing Rivendell was taken by MCM aka k10071995. The Screenshot of Helm's Deep is from LastElb's Edain trailer "Edain Mod 3.5 - Helms Klamm" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVMFftUVXdw). The Screenshot of Minas Tirith is from LastElb's Edain trailer "Edain Mod 3.7.1 - Trailer [German]" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJ83lxqg6ak).

Special thanks to Petri Tikka for permission to use his fantastic rendition of Tolkien's song "A Elbereth Gilthoniel" (Gildor's Song) in the Edain Mod. You can find him and his work at:



Special thanks to Forhir for the Launcher music.

Many thanks for the permission to use these great pictures for our Launcher:

The Balrog of Moria by BlueRogueVyse

The Witch-King by Wugrash

Gandalf the Grey by Omar-Atef

Thorin by Omar-Atef

Rohirrim by bakarov

Witch King and Eowyn by Deligaris

Aragorn by Esteljf

Galadriel, Gandalf and the Witchking by SzymekNosiu

II. Installing the Edain Mod

The Edain Mod is a modification for "The Rise of the Witch-King". Make sure you have a fully updated copy of both "The Battle for Middle-Earth II" (Version 1.06) and "The Rise of the Witch-King" (Version 2.01) installed before proceeding. Also ensure that you have no other mods installed.

This download contains all required files to play the mod - no previous versions are required. It is recommended to uninstall all previous versions of Edain before installing this latest version.

Edain is automatically installed by an installation program which extracts all required files into the appropriate directories.

During the installation process, you will be asked to accept our license agreement. You are not authorized to use or install the Edain Mod or any associated programs and components if you do not consent to all points in that agreement.

III. Uninstalling the Edain Mod

To uninstall the Edain Mod, simply launch "uninstalleredain.exe" in your "Rise of the Witch-King" folder. You can also find a button for uninstallation in the Launcher. Open the tab "Tools and Options" and click "Uninstall".

IV. Edain-Mod-Launcher

The Edain Mod Launcher is an essential part of the Edain Mod and provides access to several important functions. When installing the mod, a shortcut to the Launcher is automatically created on the desktop. In addition, you can access the Launcher by checking the link "Edain_Mod_Launcher.exe" in your "Rise of the Witch King" folder.

The Launcher allows you to enable and disable the Edain Mod. As long as the mod is disabled, you can start normally the original game "Rise of the Witch King,". So you dont have to uninstall the Edain Mod, if you want to switch to the original game.

In addition, you can find out some News around the modification in the tab "News". The "update" tab looks for updates to the modification and install them automatically.

Under "Options & Tools" you can set the resolution of the game (including resolutions that can not be selected in the options menu of the game) and select whether you want to play in windowed mode. In addition, you can uninstall the mod here.

With the button "Help and FAQ" you can view at any time this document.

For Announcements and Support to the Launcher, check out this thread:


V. Submods

Submods are user-created addons to the Edain Mod with permission of the team, expanding the mod, giving it an unique touch or even building an entirely new gameplay upon the base Mod. The Switcher allows you to download all available submods. Submod .big-files must be put into your "Rise of the Witch-King" directory, allowing you to enable and disable them via the Switcher at will.

Note that submods are not compatible with each other and only one can be active at a time. After a new release, no submods will be compatible with it yet because they have to be updated first.

IMPORTANT: Submods are NOT supported by the Edain Team and are installed at your own risk. The Edain Team does not provide support for problems with submods. In case of trouble, you may contact the respective submod's creator, however. Usually, each submod has their own thread in this forum:


This forum also contains a (German) set of guidelines and rules each submod HAS to follow in order to be approved by the Edain Team. Users are not allowed to create Edain submods without approval from the Edain Team.

VI. Multiplayer

Since the official multiplayer servers are no longer supported, we have set up our own network for Edain using the program Tunngle, allowing you to connect with other players. In case you'd like to play a few rounds of multiplayer with other Edain fans, we recommened you check out the Edain Tunngle Network to find likeminded players around the clock.

The "Edain Multiplayer" tab in the Launcher allows you to download Tunngle ("Tunngle herunterladen") and launch it once you have installed it ("Tunngle starten"). If you start Tunngle via the Launcher, you will be automatically be connected to the Edain Network.

In case you have any questions about Tunngle, you're welcome to ask them in this thread:


VII. Support and Frequently Asked Questions

In case you experience any technical difficulties or errors with installing or playing the Edain Mod, please post them on our moddb profile (http://www.moddb.com/mods/edain-mod) or our Support Forums:


The Edain Team will answer your questions to the best of our abilities.

If you wish to report a bug or error within the game, please always include the following information:

*How much game time elapsed before the bug occured?
*On which map and as which faction did you play?
*Against which opponents did you play (AI or human, AI difficulty setting, LAN or Internet, number of players, which factions?)

Below, you will find answers to the most common questions and problems:

1. The game crashes when I click Skirmish, War of the Ring or Network in the main menu.

This problem occurs if you had last selected a custom hero or a faction that no longer exists in the Edain 4.0 Demo before you installed the demo. There are three possible ways to fix it:

1. Open the launcher, go into the "Options & Tools" menu and click "Fix Non-Starting Games".
2. Manually delete the folder "My The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king Files".
3. Disable the mod through the launcher and start the regular game. Delete all custom heroes. Then enter Skirmish and select Mordor as a faction. Enter the War of the Ring mode and select Mordor there as well. Quit the game and reactivate the mod.

2. I received a DirectX error when starting the game

This error is caused by the additional modification SweetFX, which we use to improve graphics. Uninstall Edain and install it again without checking "SweetFX" during setup.

3. My game does not start. The startup screen appears, but the game does not open.

This error can occur under the operating systems Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 because they don't officially support the Battle for Middle-earth.  To fix this, open the launcher, go into the "Options & Tools" menu and click "Fix Non-Starting Games". Error messages like "Insert the correct CD / DVD ROM" will NOT be fixed this way.

4. I have a lot of "Missing" errors instead of actual text.

You most likely do not have the base game installed in German or English. Edain text will only be displayed 100% correctly if your base game is installed in one of these two languages. Uninstall the mod and the game, then reinstall it in German or English.

5. I created an custom hero but I can't select it for skirmish.

To choose a custom hero, first click on his greyed-out name in the list, then press the first button of his name on your keyboard. This way, every hero can be chosen for every faction. If you hover your mouse cursor over the box where you select your own hero, a popup will appear that also contains these instructions.

6. The game crashes after roughly 15 minutes.

In case of unexplained crashes, first try uninstalling both the mod and the base game and reinstalling from scratch. If that doesn't help, post your problem in our Support Forums. But first, ensure that you are not running a crack or no-CD-patch. These are not compatible with the Edain Mod and should not be discussed in our forums due to their illegal nature.

7. Units in the game are pink or invisible.

Most likely this means you have a corrupted asset.dat. In many cases, this problem can be solved by uninstalling the mod, then reinstalling it. If you still have the same problem, try redownloading the entire mod and installing it from the redownloaded files. If the problem persists, please contact us on Moddb or in the Modding Union forums.

8. I can't play as Arnor.

Arnor is not a full faction of its own. Instead, it replaces Gondor on maps that have a thematic connection the war between Angmar and Arnor. If you select Gondor an any of these maps, you will control Arnor instead:

- Angmar
- Arnor
- Cardolan
- Carn Dûm
- Fornost
- Fortress von Amon Sûl
- Forodwaith
- Forochel
- Mitheitelspring
- Mountains of Angmar
- River Luhn
- Mountain Gram
- East road

Edain Mod - Follow your Destiny

The Edain-Team
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