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Autor Thema: Ring maps  (Gelesen 247 mal)

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Ring maps
« am: 15. Mai 2022, 18:56 »


There is one thing in Edain that in my opinion still lacks for the moment concerning Ring Heroes.

The Edain team has gifted the players with some exciting possibilities with Ring Heroes : giving Theoden, Gandalf, Saruman, Galadriel, or Smaug the ring is something really pleasing.

However, as exciting as it is, I feel like these aspects are a bit undervalued in Edain.
Why ? Because when appraising the difficulty of the AI the player want to face , the presence of Gollum in the map will not be considered as an asset nor a disadvantage.

Indeed, it is very difficult to find the ring, and the research of it is often inconsistent with the need to fight a hard challenging battle. Also, the player often find the ring when he has already obtained an advantage against his opponent, with the map control, and therefore the importance of the Ring is doubtful in the majority of the games.

I noticed that in the recent years, the Edain team has conceived always more subtle mechanics around these Heroes, the major example is Durin with Erebor : so much interesting. But once again, is there a lot of situations when a player has ever told himself "Thanks to Durin, I won this game !"? I am not sure.

Ring Heroes for the moments are more like easter eggs: something rare, something fun, but irrelevant in a challenging game. This is OK but I cannot help but suggesting this :

There are Arnor maps and also Horde maps. My suggestion would be to insert also Ring maps.

As for fortress maps, the player would have to place himself at as specified location in the map before launching the game to benefit from the ring.

The player who choose this spot would have the ring from the beginning in the citadel in the form of a button with the Ring. Gollum would not be here even if "playing with the Ring" has been activated in the start menu.

As soon as the player wants his Ring Hero to be given the Ring (for example once Theoden and Gandalf has been upgraded), he just has to clik on this button, and the Ring Hero would instantly gets to his full power, if he is already in the game, and as well if still to be recruited. If he dies, he is then revived in his normal form and the Ring is lost.

Such a mechanic would allow the player to adequately adjust the difficulty of the game  by taking into consideration the factor that he is sure he will have the Ring.
That doesn't spoil the fun of other maps when fiding Gollum is a really good news. But it will make sure to include Ring Heroes in very interesting and challenging games.

Such maps could include Dagorlad, The Black Gate, and some other maps in each region of Middle Earth. Maybe if it is not too complicated, also include some fortress maps.

To finish, I would like to add a quick opinion about Ring Heroes as they are :

The use of great leaderships for Ring Heroes (especially Saruman the Blessed, but also Gandalf) is the aspect I like the least in Ring Heroes.
Because this doesn't require a really good use of the Ring Hero because everyone is so buffed.
Gandalf healing capabilities are something that could be enhanced at the cost of a part of his leadership for example.

Quick recharge time for some abilities is also something more interesting than great leaderships in my opinion.


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Re: Ring maps
« Antwort #1 am: 15. Mai 2022, 20:34 »
This suggestion is interesting but imo it would fit better as just community made maps. It doesn't offer anything really interesting beyond the ability to play around with the ring hero. The it would be an easy edit of just replacing the recruitment of a hero with their ring version.
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Re: Ring maps
« Antwort #2 am: 15. Mai 2022, 23:57 »
Really like the idea. But if there should be more than one of those maps, further twists of the standard rules are necessary, as Necro said.