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Autor Thema: Mordor Orcs and Black Uruks Improvements  (Gelesen 2486 mal)


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Mordor Orcs and Black Uruks Improvements
« am: 3. Apr 2015, 16:13 »
Firstly, I want to thank to edain team for bringing us this awesome mod and as a fan, I would like to support and help them by making some suggestions to improve their and our gaming experience in the game to get more fun and excitement with feeling of the middle earth atmosphere all together. I hope that you like my mordor suggestions ( by edain team and by the fans ) ;and if it is possible please consider to bring these cool ideas Edain Team Developer friends.

I really love orcs and black uruks to command on the battlefield. Personally, I love to fight against other enemy AI or players with orcs and black uruks by using them then I support my army with siege weapons and some trolls ( trolls are too expensive and when you lose them you lose a lot amount of investment generally ;because they target your trolls first always^^ ) at the end ;and your army become weaker at the end game while fighting against these big zerg upgraded combined enemy horde forces.

That's why, I have some cool suggestions that will make the mordor orcs and black uruks play more unique and more variations :

1) Increasing  the Sauron's Influence on orc barracks

    As you know too, when you use Sauron's Influence  at 1st orc barrack  orcs units spawn as level 2 and with banner. Thus ( my suggestions start here now and you need to have 3 orc barracks for it ),

    A) If Sauron uses his another 2nd influence on another orc barrack ( that it didn't get any influence before ) then you are able to access to elite orc hordes which you can create 4 hordes. In addition, this 2nd influence on another orc barrack will let you access to orc overseers faster too and overseers will be come out with spawn horde at  the same time which you will not spend time to combine overseers and orc horde.
    B) If Sauron uses his another 3rd influence on another orc barrack ( that it didn't get any influence before again ) then you will improve the damage amount+health amount+armor amount of minas morgul,dol guldur and orcs from orc barracks. In addition, these normal orcs from orc barracks will have kind of better armors,weapons comparing to their first versions ( shortly, slightly improved visual and armors,weapons on these orcs ).

Note :
    If you lose one of these three orc barracks that has Sauron's influence then you lose the effects of influence's effects too ( one by one ). Therefore, covering your orc barracks and especially Sauron factor is very important at my suggestion and it will really helpfull when you fight against your enemies at the end game while their troops are full of upgraded versions ;so it will make a challenging atmosphere between opposite teams.

    For elite orc example, I have these kind of orc type ( and these orcs show themself clearly that they are stronger and clever and aggresive than normal orc troops, warlord orc troopers ).
I know that edain team will make much cooler ones for sure^^.

2)  " A Big Battle Horde " from the deeps of Minas Morgul and Dol Guldur Fortresses

   It makes a dynamic game play for all players in the game and it makes a feeling we are really in Battle For Middle Earth. I believe that good faction players will love this suggestion too, it will be very challenging and very fun for both sides. It gives this feeling for all. For example, hordes comes out from Minas Morgul to march to  Osgiliath then to the white city ;or dol guldur orcs will come out to march Erebor the lonely mountain to crush men,elves and dwarfs !!! Of course, I am a fair person, the good factions will have kind of similar options like my suggestion. As you know, even the evil made attacks then the goods make some counter-attacks too ( you understood what I mean )^^. These suggestions are really fit to edain mod and they are very unique too.
Introduction and features of battle hordes in general :
*These battle hordes will come out as level 5 directly and these orc troops will be very determined, very serious with militaristic formations' options that you can adjust only but you cannot control that horde directly too. This big horde's orcs stat will be higher than Minas Morgul and Dol Guldur ORCS. For example, if this big horder comes out from minas morgul than the the big horde's orcs stat will be higher than a normal minas morgul orc's stats too. This feature will be same for dol guldur too.

*As I said above, this horde's stats will be higher than normal Minas Morgul and Dol Guldur Orcs and they have only one purpose " Go and Defeat " or " DO as much as destruction to enemy faction and " KILL everything on your way " which you cannot control these big horde by yourself directly. The main feature here is " no direct control by the players ".

*You only give the destination to them + formation option at the beginning only. For example, you want your " Battle Horde " to reach the destination faster ( less armor, faster movement speed, other stats remain same ) or taking firm steps forward ( more armor, slightly slower movement speed, other stats remain same ) and they kill the enemies on their way and depature from fortress to attack to the marked location by you ( which you can mark that location for one time too, after that they start moving themself ).

*Once this " battle horde comes out and start moving from the fortress then other players will get the notice that " BATTLE HORDE is ON THE WAY ( for you ) "and there will be a small timer with a countdown at top right corner of the screen STARTs too at the same time.

*This " Big Battle Horde " will cost much with in game currency like 9000 gold ;and there will be 15 minutes cooldown for re-recruit this " Big Battle Horde " option from the fortresses and the construction time is 1.45 minutes too. Once you start to recruit this unit, there will be a global countdown indicator for all players in the game and a marked location will be appear on their map to show where this threat will come to them ( it will inform your allies and your enemies at the same time ;so you can make your strategy for it ). Before this " big battle horde truely goes out you will make your destination/location where you send your troops. However, if you don't mark  the destination location on the map ( or going that location with your mouse by yourself and put the mordor flag icon as destination indicator ), even the construction of this battle horde finishes they will not go out. At the same time, the enemy will know where your troops are going too.

*Your " Big Battle Horde " will be stay on the battlefield only for 8 minutes then they will disappear.

*This battle horde will have " 4 spear orc hordes, 6 melee orc hordes, 2 archer orc hordes, 2 catapults and 4 ramming ". These big battles will come out like how we have seen from lotr and hobbit movies ( from minas morgul and dol guldur ) with animation effects as sound or visually.
    A) Minas Morgul Battle Horde :
   Minas Morgul Battle Horde will have  " 4 spear orc hordes, 6 melee orc hordes, 2 archer orc hordes, 4 catapults and 4 ramming ". And while they are coming out, like in the lotr movie, a pencil of light will come out from Minas Morgul's sorcery tower's to sky while there are grey-black clouds on the minas morgul fortress and the soundtrack from movie of that scene will start too at the same time.

   *You might notice that at minas morgul orc troopers " some orcs hold shield + sword/ axe ;but some of them only holds only one had weapons ( sword/axe ). As you remember from lotr and hobbit movies whenever these big hordes are moving out from the fortresses some of the orcs are holding torch on their other hands. Thus, edain team would bring some torch upgrades which is fitting and it is very cool too 8 and that torch + one hand weapon holder orcs inside of orc horde would give a little more damage to units and to buildings.

*To activate to create these battle hordes of minas morgul and dol guldur you need to use " Sauron's Influence " first on these fortresses.

   Minas Morgul Battle Horde is a " SIEGE BATTLE HORDE ".

     B) Dol Guldur Battle Horder :

   Dol Guldur Battle Horde will have " 6 spear orc hordes, 4 melee orc hordes, 2 archer orc hordes, Dol Guldur 4 battle trolls ( there were many new types of them in the 3rd hobbit movie, and these 4 battle trolls will be different type of like in the 3rd movie ) and 4 ramming trolls for breaking the castle walls or buildings ( of course these ramming trolls will die after thy give damage , as you remember they make a momentum first to jump on the castle wall and after that troll dies because of having a brain hemorrhage like in the battle of five armies movie^^ ) ".

    *There should be some Dol Guldur warg rider unit option in the Dol guldur, why ?  because we have seen wargs inside of dol guldur at movie too. In my opinion, there should be some expension options on the dol guldur fortress like in the movie where orcs are watching wargs' fight each other inside of Dol Guldur too ; or there will be black rider statues around the dol guldur fortress like in the movie and it moves for defensive purposes physically ( within some radius of the statue ) and sometimes give damage as in wraith form too ( there was a scene in the movie like that ) and there should be illusion effects ( common ivy/creeper ) to scare or run away the enemies when this skill activated in the fortress by players ( you might remember this scene from extented edition of hobbit movie while gandalf meets with torin's father in dol  guldur ).

    Dol Guldur Battle Horde is a " RUSH WALFARE ( WAR ) BATTLE HORDE " on the battlefield.

2)  Black Uruks of Mordor and Black Uruks of Barad-dur
     In my opinion, in demo 4.0 's cirith ungol deserves a better visual design really. Current cirith ungol is very small and it doesn't make any attraction for players ( come and build me first^^ ). Thus, Please make us a better " Cirith Ungol " building.
     Cirith Ungol needs to have very heavy armored Black Uruks too like in the 3rd hobbit movies. You might see it too, at the 3rd movie's end, we have seen some black uruks with heavy armor type while our female elf girl is fighting with them in the building^^.

     For " Black Uruks of Barad-dur ", I was talked this similar topic with " hoho96 " at moddb back then^^. It was about a conversion how the personal legion of orcs and black uruks are different than normal ones we have encountered on the movies and in the book.

    I have found this thread and web links about it that confirms my thoughts too ( You can read it from note information ).

    Shortly, there should be more variety for black uruks too İn Mordor. Coming to my suggestion, after all of these desired  the new or ( kind of ) upgraded versions of black uruks' units and changes like a new building design are made for Cirith Ungol, there will be some weaknesses of these high cost strong Black Uruks.

*These Black Uruks will be weak against this spellbook skill of gondor and rohan that make your troops paralizes, once this is happened your black uruks will be very exhaust and weak ;so your troops can give more damage to them. In addition like gray/white gandalf or saruman ( saruman was a white wizard too ) 's holy kind attacks will give much more damage to kill these black orcs and the mages will give really good damage to these black uruks too ( mages of elves, good factions' mages ^^ ). However, if mordor uses its spellbook " the absolute darkness " spellbook that is increase the power of the mordor units as you know; but this spellbook effect will the power of black uruks much more !!!






Anti-Hero infantry ever created.

It would be incredibly interesting scenario if Forcse of free people defeated Mordor army at Black Gate came to assault Barad-Dur for 2nd time instead destroying One ring. They would not have strength left to beat Legion of Terror.

The Black Uruks of Baard-Dur where the most feared orcs at the time of The War of the Ring. They numbered a full legion in size and where Elite Guard of Dark Tower.None could stand against them.Breed for size,speed and agression,they where also most intelligent of the orcs of Mordor. Mixing cunning and ferocity they where trained in all fighting arts and could easily stand against best warriors of elves and man.


I HIGHLY encourage to read furthermore at site.

They look so badass and ferocious.

An ultimate killing machines.

Aragorn , Legolas nor Gimli would have very slim changes in 1v1. Against group they would be shattered to pieces ...

There's some confusion in all this. Let's organize the data.

- "Uruks" are large black orcs of superior strength, first noted at about the middle of the third millennia of the Third Age when they took over Ithilien and destroyed Osgiliath. Hence all Uruks are black.

- "Uruk-hai" is a name used only by the sub-version of Uruks serving Saruman. It's the name they use for themselves and it is not repeated anywhere else by anyone else, though technically it simply means "orc-folk". As we know, Saruman's Uruk-hai are a somewhat improved version of Mordor Uruks with more human traits (like appearance and sunlight tolerance).

- "Black Uruks of Barad-Dur" are mentioned in LotR in passing and are quite conceivably very well-trained, well-fed and hardy Uruks, though physically no different from any other Mordor Uruks. Any other data on that site is essentially supposition and not really canon.

We know that all our heroes, be them Gimlis, Aragorns, etc. etc. are quite capable of fighting and killing Uruks with gusto. They did so at Amon Hen, at the Battle of Hornburg, at the Pelennor and at the Morannon. So any comparison between Barad-Dur Uruks and any other Uruks is the same as a well-trained warrior vs. a standard rank fighter of the same stature. If you are comparing them to the heroes of the Free People, keep in mind that the heroes are certainly exceptionally well-trained warriors, by far not rank-and-file.
Now without delusions of genetic superiority between Uruks, discuss.

References :
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Re: Mordor Orcs and Black Uruks Improvements
« Antwort #1 am: 6. Apr 2015, 21:45 »
I quite like the battle group idea. And i think it can be an amazing solution for people complaining about mordor being over powered or under powered. However,  i don't agree on some points:
The battle group should be permanent not with time limit. And you can't recruit another one untill you have like 20 or 10% left of the first one.
also the number of units can be changed a little. Maybe less.
I think the battle groups shouldn't contain any catapult or Trolls. Because it would be just too much and the player should always have the motive to build the troll cage and siege works.


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Re: Mordor Orcs and Black Uruks Improvements
« Antwort #2 am: 6. Apr 2015, 22:40 »
I am glad that you liked it too, hoHo96^^, I spent quite time to make a cool suggestion for mordor ( more than my isengard suggestion for sure^^, I tried to add some industrial element for isengard units to use them on the battlefield at my isengard suggestion ;but I don't know how it is , good or bad. that shield package idea was coming from call of duty 3-4 shield holder class in the game^^ ).

Anyway, If EDAIN team likes my mordor suggestion too please EDAIN TEAM FRIENDS make a commenT. I look forward your reply here too, thank you.


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Re: Mordor Orcs and Black Uruks Improvements
« Antwort #3 am: 22. Mai 2015, 13:26 »
I have posted my 2nd Mordor suggestion here :

I hope that you will like it too, thank you.