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Autor Thema: MODDING HELP! - Object Transparency depending on Camera position  (Gelesen 1018 mal)


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I am making my mod right now and stumbled across a problem. I need to make my mountain wall part transparent depending on Camera position. I have seen similar work done by Edain Team, they managed to make Dwarven Mountain Fortress Wall Transparent depending on camera hight. So in the end you could look through the wall into the mountain. All I managed so far:

found this code in object "TreeLothlorien12":

     StaticSortLevelWhileFadi ng = 2
    AlphaCameraFadeOuterRadi us = 600
    AlphaCameraFadeInnerRadi us = 200
    AlphaCameraAtInnerRadius = 10%

However, applying this code to my new model seems not to work...

 I tried to change only the model name in the object TreeLothlorien12 ( changed to other mode), and left everything else the same. Then summoned it in game, and it didnt work... I think it has to do something with the material of the object or this transparency function is scripted somewhere else...

Any Help or Hints from everyone and Edain team will much appreciated.