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Autor Thema: Shield Wall Infantry  (Gelesen 551 mal)

Elite KryPtik

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Shield Wall Infantry
« am: 23. Jul 2015, 17:09 »
I take this directly from the LOTR Wikia
"Rohan's foot-men armies were more of a very well trained militia called upon in times of war, the militia of Rohan wielded wooden shields of all sizes and used four weapons: longswords, short bows, axes, and longspears. The actual standing infantry army was relatively small with the professional career limited to the royal bodyguard of Edoras. Royal Guard of Rohan of Edoras were the elite soldiers of Rohan and fought on foot as well as on their horses, they have heavy plate-armour and wield large round wooden shields, their weapons were mostly the longspears which were used for thrusting or throwing at their enemies, they also carried longswords for close combat in the event that they lost their spear"
Now I won't go back to the book and look up the specific point where Eomer talks about The Shield Wall being broken, but there is plenty of evidence that not only the militia but the elite guard as well used large round wooden shields, and made shield walls for their infantry formations.

Now here's my question: why is it that Isengard, who not only were never mentioned to my knowledge to have troops that bore giant shields and used shieldwall tactics, and additionally Saruman's Uruk Hai were bred in an incredibly short space of time, which would mean they actually have LESS experience when it comes to Warfare than Rohan, who have fought to protect their land all their lives; why is it that Isengard gets what are essentially the best shieldwall unit and Rohan doesn't get anything of the sort?

There is plenty of talk in the Rohan Suggestions thread here of what to do about Rohans late game, and I'm thinking of plenty of stuff today, so I'll go ahead and make another two :D

Give Rohan a new Infantry unit, to be trained at the Archery Range(maybe rename this to Barracks) called Shield Wall Militia, cost 650 resources, 90 command points. They would serve as the Elite Infantry Unit for Rohan, as I am aware there isn't really an elite infantry unit right now for them, just their hero battalion the Royal Guard. This unit would have the formation "Round Shield Wall" which would make them 50% slower and give them +35% armor, and additionally they would have the ability 'Desperate Resistance" which would give them +50% resistance to all forms of damage when around one of Rohans heroes on foot, and he is below 30% health. I think this would perfectly describe their infantry tactics of using Shield Walls, while also symbolizing fighting to the last gasp around their lords(Remember in the book Theodred dies on a hill after his shield wall is broken) Finally, just as a counter to everybody who is going to say "Rohan is not supposed to have elite infantry" the cost of basic Rohirrim is only 280 with stud farms, these would cost 650. Rohan does not have the strongest economy in the game, by far, I'd say they actually have the weakest economy, and so that would limit the use of this unit to 4 or 5 battalions if that.

Now my second suggestion, make the Royal Guard heroic battalion able to mount and dismount like the Black Rider battalion, because as it mentions above, the Royal Guard of Edoras would fight both on foot and on horse in heavy plate armor, wielding spears and shields. Their level 7 ability while on foot(not Guardians of Rohan, the other one) should be changed too, probably to be a damage boost to nearby troops or something similar. I think that's all the ideas I have for today :)
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Re: Shield Wall Infantry
« Antwort #1 am: 23. Jul 2015, 17:19 »
I definitely agree with the suggestion to make the Royal Guards able to dismount, if that is possible.