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Autor Thema: Glory Charge is enough powerfull?  (Gelesen 546 mal)


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Glory Charge is enough powerfull?
« am: 11. Aug 2015, 22:27 »
I have played lot of matches with rohan and i have to say that the glory charge in lategame is a useless tactic because of 2 reasons:

1 When rohan go in in lategame fight is really usual to find the rohirrim tents. the problem is the health of the summoned rohirrim who completely upgraded only have 900 health points. This is too low health for caval, in comparison with eastfold fully upgraded (1200 health) they resist less than the standard caval.

2 The glory charge seems like no give any charge bonus so its extreamly easy to counter with lot of heavy pikes ( isengard Pikemen, Towerguards, Ered Luin Phalanxes...) So it is completely useless in lategame.

My suggestion is firstly increase the health of the rohirrim from the tents, and also gives bonus trample dmg to the glory charge. This could make more usefull the ultimate of theoden which isnt very easy to get, and see how weak is it makes me sad. In edain 3.8.1 was extreamly powerfull, you could destroy entire armies even with pikemen. Now is nearly useless. I dont want the same dmg from edain 3.8.1, but a buff to almost reduce the health of your enemies and kill infantry or archers. because now you cant kill anything with glory charge :(.

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Re: Glory Charge is enough powerfull?
« Antwort #1 am: 11. Aug 2015, 23:32 »
I agree, something needs to be done to make it more powerful. I frequently see many Rohirrim die while under the effect, even though they are taking only 10% normal damage. I have 3 suggestions: Change the Rohirrim's trample effect to continually cause trample damage even to units that have been knocked down on the ground(Like the Mumakil in BFME2 1.06), so that as the entire army passes over the enemy units they keep damaging them. That would better simulate the effect of a massive cavalry charge, it doesn't make much sense that because enemies are knocked down they don't take damage. Next, make this ability ignore enemy abilities that make them immune to knockback, like the Veterans for example, as those abilities basically neuter this one. Finally while under the effect of Glorious Charge Rohirrim should be immune to Crush Revenge damage from pikes.

I didn't know the Tent Rohirrim had less health, that's interesting. But they do grant additional armor and damage, and can switch to bows, so honestly I think that's a fair tradeoff. What they REALLY need is to get Fire Arrows along with their Forged Blades, and arrows that pierce heavy armor. Then, like the trainable Rohirrim Archers, they would be an effective counter to heavy pike spam, without being so weak in health and armor, increasing the value and versatility of the tents over Ents.
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