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Autor Thema: List of thougts on WotR  (Gelesen 4046 mal)


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List of thougts on WotR
« am: 11. Sep 2015, 14:22 »
Qkay, here's a quick list of my thougts.
There are bugs relaled to incompatibility of wotr strategic mode's "independent building" system and tactical mode's "camp" system. Basically, when you go defending your land in real-time, and you already have two farms on this land, you wont get a camp with two pre-built farms. You will get literally NOTHING. The camp will be bugged, so the capture place will not appear and you wont be able to settle a camp. Which forces you to storm to the other side of the map and try to build up there. Qui-i-i-ite an inconvenience, i say.
My thougt on that is that instead of trying to make that different building systems somehow compatible, you may try to implement the camp system on the tbs level as well.
What it this:
Say, we got three (of maybe four) types of bases we can set up on the territory - castle, camp, outpost, and (maybe) settlement.
Settlement (not sure about that):
can not defent territory
grants +600 per turn
costs 250
takes 1 space
build up time - 1 turn
can not defend territory
grants +200 values per turn
allows to train basic (cheapest) units on this territory
costs 500
takes 1 space
build up time - 1 turn
can defend territory
grants +400 per turn
allows to train all units on this territory
allows to upgrade units on this territory
costs 1000
takes 2 space
build up time - 2 turns
can defend territory
grants +600 per turn
allows to train all units
allows to upgrade units
allows to order siege machines
allows to call up heroes
costs 3000
takes 3 space
build up time - 3 turns
Or something like that.

Proceeding on, we also have four (or maybe even five) types of territories.
Does not have any free space, but fortress itself acts as a fully functional castle. Which makes fortresses considerably more valuable, since anyone who captures those, can instantly start producing fresh forces, upgrading units, etc.
Small location:
Only has 1 space, thus allowing for single outpost/settlement.
Medium-size location:
Has 2 space, so you can build either 2 outposts/settlements, or build up a camp here.
Big location:
Apparently has 3 space, so three ouposts/settlemets, or canp+outpost/settlement or castle.
Huge location (probably):
THIS IS INSANE!!! 4 space allows for 4 outposts, 2 camps or castle+outpost. Though even i see that as a bit of OP, since having 2 camps right at the start is literally no chance for enemy, unless he has huge advantage in force.
Actually i just stole that one from RJ mod's "new WotR", that had lot of new territories, and some of them had 4 building plots. Sorry.
The problem of this idea is that not all the maps have mixed castle/camp layout, which hinders the possibility of building both camps and castles on the same location. Scripts, maybe? IF i'm correct, some ot the maps in original BfME had different layouts - in skirmish they had, say 4 castles, but in campaign there were 2 camps + 2 castles. But in all honesty, i dont know.
More human players.
I know you will say "uhg... eee... it is not possible, we dont have access to source code blahblahblah", but if you can do something about it, please, for the holy everything do it. I will name my kids in your honor if you will. This 2-player limit is the most stupid thing i've EVAR seen in turn-baset strategies. No kidding.
3. More territories.
Again, back to the RJ's "New War of the Ring". Yes, it had bugs. Yes, it had crashes. Yes you could not change the starting position, because... long to tell why. Yes, three-fourth of the locations would just throw you into "near harad" map if you choose to real-time on them. And yes, the mod is dead for five years now. But in terms of overall WotR experience - this is the best thing i've ever seen. This mod should be the landmark for you people, this is the way to go with WotR. Period. Bugs are bugs, but the ideas behind this mod are simply gorgeous, and it is reckless to deny it.
But enough praising the other people's work. What i'm trying to say, is that the new WotR mode in RJ mod made game much more dynamic, even with stupid ingame AI - and that is just because or the increased number of locations. With only Rohan alone consisted of about 15 locations it got really hard to surround the enemy and to hold the frontline. This was a really great experience in strategic mode. Also it makes the movement of armies more consistent since in original game, with those huge difference in size between the locations your armies sometimes can cross nearly half of the map in one turn, and sometimes can not cover few klicks in distance. I know that modifying WotR is a low priority but i still recommend you to think abour increasing number of locations in an foreseeable future.
More player slots for WotR.
Someone said that this is impossible without digging in engine, but i distinctly remember that in some mod (i think it was The History of Ages) there was a pre-scripted "historical" scenario where there 8 players, so it supported the full 8-faction layout - elves, dwarves, gondor, dohan, mordor, isengard, misty mountais and men of the east. Though it was buggy since there was no actual "slot" for them so you could not change their hero, their AI difficulty and so on, they were actually there, and i still think that this is some way to make full historical scenario. You may create the four versions of this "extended historical" with two Easy AIs, two Medium AIs, and so on. But it's just a thought.