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Who is your favorite Fellowship of the Ring member?

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Re: Fellowship Members
« Antwort #15 am: 27. Nov 2015, 18:41 »

I agree about everything you wrote.
As you said, at the end, Boromir won that inner battle. Battle between his character and ring's corrupted power. He wasn't wise leader of his people, I must say that. He felt into trap by ring (although he had the best intentions for his people), and at the final moment of that battle, when he was maybe in doubt to kill Frodo, his great side of character prevailed. His honor and glorious side prevailed against corruptive nature of the ring. Simply that was value of character which never could be corrupted. That is great strength of Boromir. And as you said he  achieved redemption with his last act, when he tried to save little ones. :)
Boromir was reincarnation of the last king of Gondor (House of Anárion), Eärnur in some way (sadly we haven't more info about Eärnur).
Reincarnation in  character properties, physical abilities and leadership. Both of them was great warriors (last great members of their houses),  leaders in battle but sadly not wise leaders. That lack of wisdom, costed them their lives.

P.S. Concerning inspiration of making those characters, I have read "TOLKIEN'S RING" by David Day. It is really good book in term of analysis of Tolkien works with other myths and legends and real history facts of this world. There is nice analysis and it is presumed that Tolkien used character of Roland,  the chief paladin of the emperor Charlemagne, as base material for Boromir's character. So I recommend you to check it if you haven't known this already, it is pretty interesting material. :)

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Re: favourite Fellowship Members
« Antwort #16 am: 8. Okt 2017, 00:40 »
Gandalf and Aragorn. I guess I like the older, more mature and wiser characters. They are the leaders of the group. Without their leadership things would start falling apart.

''There is one who I could follow.. There is one I could call king..''