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Autor Thema: Christmas time at the Modding Union  (Gelesen 3393 mal)

Lord of Mordor

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Christmas time at the Modding Union
« am: 1. Dez 2015, 23:56 »

Merry christmas, everyone!

Many of you will be spending their first year in this forum, so I'd like to get you up to speed on our christmas traditions! Firstly, the forum has a more festive theme for the holidays - reload the site if you don't see it yet. Appropriate Christmas-themed avatars are greatly encouraged xD

Secondly, until January 6th, you can freely change your user name to use a more festive name if you like (like Lord of Mordor becomes the gracious Lord of Gifts for the holidays :P ). After January 6th, all names will automatically be reset to their current state. Of course, we'd ask you to only use this feature in good spirits, not to deliberately confuse or troll others.

Have fun!

Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul,
Ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul
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MU Administration

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Re: Christmas time at the Modding Union
« Antwort #1 am: 7. Jan 2016, 01:11 »
Christmas time is over for the next couple of months, and so this forum returns back to normal as well.