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Autor Thema: game crash  (Gelesen 13971 mal)


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game crash
« am: 23. Dez 2015, 13:24 »
Hi !

First I am not sure i am on the right topic here.
hoho96 you helped me one month ago, it was about a video card problem and it was solved.

This was my first problem
I have 2 video cards ( intel and amd).I tried to desactivate the Intel card (direct x problem), then desactivate the amd one ("battle for middle earth 2 has stopped working") and then it was solved by your help (both cards activated +lotrbfme2ep1.exe and game.dat on high power).

The new problem is that my game is slow : for example when i click on settings, the settings menu appears one second after (my graph are in very low). And this is a problem when i play multiplayer games.

So i compared to an other computer (the game is working perfectly on it ) and decided to desactivate one of my video card (the AMD one) on my new computer.

The game starts very well, the menu is fluent ( when i click for example on settings i don't have to wait), but when i start a skirmish i have this message at the very beginning of the game : "battle for middle earth 2 has stopped working".

I tried the non starting game fix but it doens't work.

Any idea ? thanks for your time.