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Autor Thema: More territories on the world map  (Gelesen 3559 mal)


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More territories on the world map
« am: 29. Nov 2015, 11:03 »
Hi, it would be great, if you could divide the map into smaller territories, especially using the maps from bfme 1. I saw this in early phase in RJ-Rotwk mod and it was great, though it doesn't work very well.
The link below show you something what I mean.


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Re: More territories on the world map
« Antwort #1 am: 14. Dez 2015, 09:08 »
I completely agree, it would really be great if the Team would make/divide more territories on the World map, it would make WOTR a lot more enjoyable.  :)
Though, it depends on the Team's opinion  ;).

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Re: More territories on the world map
« Antwort #2 am: 14. Dez 2015, 09:53 »
I agree to this as well, once there are maps available for all the territories of course.
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Re: More territories on the world map
« Antwort #3 am: 14. Dez 2015, 11:37 »
Great suggestion, I hope the team finds the time to do this eventually (after releasing the factions that are currently still in development).

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Re: More territories on the world map
« Antwort #4 am: 18. Dez 2015, 14:01 »
I would also love to see this once the primary work is finished, especially considering all the factions that were added. It kind of sucks having only 3 regions that are technically "yours" if you play as Rohan, or even only 1 playing as Lorien. I know its impossible to have more than 6 players added in wotr mode, but having expanded realms would be fantastic. If you want a very accurate map of Middle Earth, play Third Age Total War, with MOS or DAC submods installed, you can work off of that :)
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