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Autor Thema: Concerning Eomer  (Gelesen 6863 mal)


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Re: Concerning Eomer
« Antwort #30 am: 16. Apr 2016, 13:33 »
Hello all,
Lille Rambo and Saeros, You gave me nice idea. I tryed combined all our suggestions in one, I think this is  lore-wise and balanced idea. What do you think about this?!

Lvl 1. ability: Firefoot/"Bring me my horse" , While Eomer is on horse he have spear only. While Eomer is on foot he get shield and spear(Bonus %20 armor). (until on lvl 5. he get sword instead spear). Cooldown 1min.
Sound is already in game.

Lvl 1. ability: Piercing Spear , same as now in patch 3.1.

Lvl 3. ability:Leader of Exile , Passive aura for Exiles or Royal Vanguards: Gain resources for each killed enemy and gain extra (x1,5) experience.

Lvl 10. ability: "King's cold fury" , Eomer encourage best Rohan fighters to give thier last for King Theoden. Passive: Eomer fear enemy. Active: Hama, Gamling, Theodred get basic attacks aoe, for 2 closest enemy.
(U can put in voice like from Two Towers, Gandalf: " Theoden King stands alone" , Eomer: " Not alone, Rohirrim!!!")

While he is Firefoot he get this ability set.

Lvl 5. ability: Gúthwinë, Passive: He get Gúthwinë instead of spear and he get Area of effect damage like 2 units. Active: He gets 30% attack speed. The sword slew many orcs in its time, especially Uruks of Isengard, and earned a large reputation as the sword of Rohan. Fit in mass slayer. And isnt op, You have Dwalin 1. lvl that ability. Mollock even bigger aoe dmg.

Lvl 7. ability: Memorial, Active: Reducing enemy units armor for 30%.
(Reason why put this skill on Firefoot, because Eomer cant take that head of enemy and put in ground while he is on horse )

While he is Mount he get this ability set.

Lvl 5. ability
: Ride of Exiles , Active, he select one Battalion of Exiles, They get 20% bonus tremple dmg, 40% less slow on tremple and taking 50% of all dmg for 15 seconds. Different version but litle bit weaker of his now lvl 10. ability.

Lvl 7. ability: Eomer's Eored , Active: He promote one battalion of Exiles or Royal Vanguard and they get full upgraded and bonus 25% movement speed .
Passive: Eomer bonus 25% movement speed. (only on horse)
(You can put sound from Return of the King. Theoden: " Eomer, Take your Eored...")

In the end he should cost 2300-1900. Stats: base dmg 250 (from 350), Health: 4000 (from 4500). Because he is now (+ Theoden Buff) like hero killer. I know this require a lot of work, but Eomer and Rohan need him buffed. Every Faction have 2 heros 2500 cost or more, and they are leader of thier factions, Rohan needs one like that.

Best regards. I hope You will like this!
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"What have we done, O king? Is it a crime to be lost in the forest, to be hungry and thirsty, to be trapped by spiders?"

Lille Rambo

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Re: Concerning Eomer
« Antwort #31 am: 16. Apr 2016, 23:57 »
First of all interesting idea giving him two sets of abilities, one dismounted and one mounted. Though it might be hard to fill out both sets with fitting abilities. You made a good support hero with hero killer aspects, but as far as I know, we are trying to make a kit for Eomer as a mass slayer, and most of your abilities does not fit with that description. I would argue that the spearthrow are iconic, but does not really forfill its job as a multi killing ability. So I think it is better to switch it out for an passive that enables Eomer to knock back enemies (aoe attacks). Making mount/dismount be on a one minute cooldown would just be annoying. Lastly I can see your version of "King's cold fury" work. The mounted abilities are out of place, the lvl.7 "memorial", lvl 5 "riders of exiles" and lvl 7 "Eomer's eored" does not fit a mass slayer.


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Re: Concerning Eomer
« Antwort #32 am: 17. Apr 2016, 02:31 »
Mass slayer?? What means mass slayer, killing large group of units in short time. So buffing tremple dmg temporary for horses isnt mass slay? Giving aoe dmg to heroes isnt mass slay? They wouldnt get dmg, to become hero killers, or attack speed. Just small aoe dmg radius. Memorial + Eomers Eored, are more lore wise abilitys. But both of that skill also buffering mass slay effects. You can make hero with only one type ability, look Boromir, hes 10lvl ability? that is tank. Or maybe Bofurs pickaxe, that is mass slayers ability? So litle bit unit support, but only for horses, that is not too op and dont have huge impact.

Eomer now is hero killer, I said that in my post, so base dmg nerfed.

1 min  cooldown is here because of spaming skills, and You most choose wisely and predict what skills you will need.

I think Edain Team will understand why I suggest this abilitys for Eomer.
"What have we done, O king? Is it a crime to be lost in the forest, to be hungry and thirsty, to be trapped by spiders?"