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Autor Thema: Concerning Murin and Drar  (Gelesen 2443 mal)


  • Thain des Auenlandes
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Concerning Murin and Drar
« am: 26. Jan 2016, 17:45 »
Alright I have searched much for that, but I haven't found anything about the two heroes, can someone help me find out who they are and how the came to be two of the dwarven reqruitable heroes in edain mod?


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Re: Concerning Murin and Drar
« Antwort #1 am: 27. Jan 2016, 21:38 »
They were invented by the Games Workshop: http://www.games-workshop.com/en-SE/Murin-and-Drar and Edain decided to use the concept of the two characters in the mod.

And this is the intense story filled with constant action and thrill covering the history of the great Dwarven heroes!

And that was definitely not sarcasm at all :)


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Re: Concerning Murin and Drar
« Antwort #2 am: 27. Jan 2016, 22:34 »
Uas Veteran said they are non canon IHs Heroes which are invented by Gameworkshop! :-)

Edain chose to use them because of the lack for Lore True Heroes for IHs from the Books amd actually to me they have grown to be as Canon as Dain,Thorin and Durin himself,but this is my opinion! :-)
"I will not stand down before any Elf,not least this Faithless Woodland Sprite,he wishesh nothing but ill upon my people...To Battle,to Battle Sons of Durin!!!..."

"You,think I give a dead dog about your threats you Pointy Ear Princess...Hear now lads,we are on...Let's give those bastards a good Hammering!!!..."


  • Thain des Auenlandes
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Re: Concerning Murin and Drar
« Antwort #3 am: 28. Jan 2016, 22:52 »
Thank you for solving the mystery around those two...
No irony taken no worries