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Edain Mod Factions Overview
« am: 11. Feb 2016, 19:15 »


Gondor is a defensive faction with a massive ring of walls that can be equipped with many different extensions. Their castle features nine build plots, the highest in the game. To make good use of them, Gondor has to build a wide variety of structures, from different barracks to supporting buildings like the marketplace. On the battlefield, the armies of Gondor are robust and versatile, led by mighty heroes like Aragorn. Their particular strength lies in their pikemen, who are among the best in Middle-earth and allow them to form strong defensive lines. The disciplined troops of Gondor can take different formations to react to the shifting tides of battle.

On camp maps, Gondor's camp is surrounded by a more simple wall, but still better defended than most other maps. On settlements, Gondor builds beacons to call aid from the fiefdoms while the outpost can house a mighty fortress of Dol Amroth. On some maps, instead of Gondor you will play as its sister kingdom of Arnor.


Rohan is one of the most aggresive factions among the free peoples, but can still retreat behind the wooden walls of their fortress in times of need. In the early game, Rohan can call peasants to defend their country. They are cheap and not skilled warriors, but can be trained from resource buildings without having a barracks, making them readily available in significant numbers from the start - and all the more threatening once they're armed and drafted into the King's army.

At heart, however, Rohan is a cavalry faction, commanding the largest variety of riders and mounted heroes in the game. While they may lack powerful sorcery or heavily armed infantry, the Rohirrim are a formidable force on the battlefield. On settlements, the Rally Point allows healing units in the field for additional mobility and recruits captains of Rohan, who supply a small contingent of heavy veterans. Rohan's fate powers summon many allies to your side, from Haldir and his Elves to the Three Hunters and even The Last March of the Ents.


The Dwarves take pride in their stonework, including their massive angular fortress which can be outfitted with powerful defenses. At the beginning of each game, the Dwarven player will select one of three realms to lead into battle: Glorious Erebor leads well-armed and aggressive troops, the hardy Dwarves of the Iron Hills are a particular tough lot and the wandering exiles of Ered Luin have learned to travel at speed and use unorthodox tactics like high-ranged archers. Each realm has its own array of heroes, including Dain for the Iron Hills and Thorin for Ered Luin.

What all realms have in common are their mighty infantry and powerful engines, including siege weapons and battle wagons. This coupled with their strong defenses makes the Dwarves are fearsome foe. However, they lack speed and any sort of true cavalry. Furthermore, to gain access to elite archers they have to conquer a settlement and call upon their allies in Dale or Laketown.


Lothlorien is the only faction of the light whithout a solid ring of walls. Instead, their base is surrounded by wooden bridges from which archers rain death at approaching enemies. The faction recruits all its units from the citadel, which means they can't build multiple barracks to win through numerical superiority. Instead, the Wood Elves have to use their light and agile units as well as the best archers in Middle-earth to their advantage and outmaneuver the enemy. This makes Lorien one of the most challenging factions to play, but in the right hands they excel.

On settlements, Lorien can recruit beornings, mighty warriors that can change into a bear and devastate most enemies in melee. Outposts offer aid from Mirkwood. Thranduil's elves complement Lorien's with a stronger defensive line and mounted elk archers.


Isengard 's fortress provides no walls and is only  protected by individual towers and palisades. Isengard is a powerful industrial faction that needs time to start up its war machinery, but can drown the enemy in heavily upgraded units and sheer economic superiority if left unchecked. Additionally, Isengard constructs the highest number of siege weapons and batters the enemy fortress with ballistas, ladders, rams and mines. While Isengard starts only with Uruk scouts, warg riders and Dunlendings from the settlements, their army grows more powerful the longer the battle takes.


The root of all evil in Middle-earth, Mordor commands a large variety of Orcs, Trolls and other horrors. Their base is not secured by walls, but Mordor can build several types of defensive structures. The whole gameplay of the faction is focused on the central hero Sauron. By fulfilling tasks like conquering outposts or recruiting certain units, the Dark Lord's power can be increased, which in turn strengthens heroes like the Nazgûl and the Mouth of Sauron who are linked to him. Furthermore, Sauron may use his influence on structures to unlock new units and technologies, ever expanding Mordor's armies.

As basic Orcs are free, Mordor can field the largest armies in the game, supplemented by Ringwraiths, trolls, siege engines, spiders and more. On settlements and outposts, the Dark Lord calls on his fortresses of Minas Morgul, Cirith Ungol and Dol Guldur. However, Mordor lacks most unit upgrades and has few cavalry units. Sauron's armies must rely on superior numbers of weaker units and a good combination of beasts and heroes to plunge the land into darkness.


The northern realm of Angmar is unusual among the evil factions in that the Witch-king has swayed traitorous Men of Arnor to his side and thus gained a core of disciplined elite soldiers as well as stoneworks who can raise mighty castles. Similiar to Gondor, the fortress of Angmar offers nine build plots and mighty defenses. This, Angmar must use to construct a variety of structures to gain the full benefit of their highly versatile armies. Orcs, Hillmen, Barrow-wights, wolves, sorcerers and the elite Men of Carn Dûm all serve the Witch-king and form a frightening force.

As the Witch-king demands absolute loyalty from his subjects, Angmar is a faction of sacrifice. Often, their most powerful abilities come at a cost and must be used with care - but timid generals will fail to realize Angmar's full potential. Angmar is the only faction that has no allies and cannot call on supporting factions. Instead, their settlements and outposts can be dedicated to the different parties vying for the Witch-king's favor from within, unlocking different bonuses.


Imladris has little strength in numbers: Their fortress offers only seven build plots and their units come in small groups. However, these ancient elves excel at craftsmanship as well as warfare, making them a mighty adversary. Their units are recruited with the highest experience level from the start and in their castle, the library researches upgrades to improve them even more. Similiarly, their small number of heroes all synergize with each other to form more than the sum of their parts.

To gain access to lighter troops, Rivendell can invite the Dunedain of the North to make camp at one of their outposts. On settlements, the elite elves of Lindon supplement your own armies with more powerful archers. The core faction of Rivendell is centered more around formidable melee infantry and cavalry.



The Misty Mountains are a very diverse faction, which is divided into three different realms: Moria, Goblintown and Gundabad. Unlike Mordor and Isengard, they are not in it for the long haul: The Misty Mountains must play aggressively from the start and plunder their enemy's camps as fast as possible. To achieve this, they can recruit hordes of cheap and quick Orc warriors.

The starting fortress is the largest realm Moria and offers only 4 build plots with a couple of building options. Unlike other factions, however, the Misty Mountains can recruit pioneers who can freely dig tunnels to any of their three realms anywhere on the map. This makes them the only faction that can choose where their bases lie, emphasizing their wild and unpredictable nature. However, these bases are much worse defended than even those of Mordor and Isengard.

Among the greatest strengths of the Misty Mountains are the wild beasts of the North. Not only have they trolls and wargs on their side, on outposts they may even summon Mountain Giants and powerful dragons.
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