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Autor Thema: Finalbig  (Gelesen 911 mal)

Offline Akuma-96

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« am: 21. Feb 2016, 16:06 »
Hi, i'm new in this forum although I have a friend who follows the forum. I Have a question about the program FinalBig. I have downloaded th program for modding the .big files of the game/mod. But i don't understand what parameter i have to change. If i want to increase the speed of an Hero, the Witch-King for exemple, what parameter i have to change? or if i whant to change te life or the armor of a unit. In the .big file there are many lines of script and i don't understand which are the right lines.

Thanks, Akuma-96.

Offline Joragon

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Re: Finalbig
« Antwort #1 am: 21. Feb 2016, 16:42 »
Hi Akuma,
here are a few tutorials:
Hope that was helpful

Offline Akuma-96

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Re: Finalbig
« Antwort #2 am: 22. Feb 2016, 01:52 »
I'm sorry to make another question but I don't understand how I can replace the stats. I modified the lines with finalbig but in the game they are unchanged. Sorry for my English, I'm Italian and I'm not so good with English