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Autor Thema: Brief Angmar Suggestions  (Gelesen 10800 mal)

Melkor Bauglir

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Re: Brief Angmar Suggestions
« Antwort #60 am: 24. Feb 2017, 23:26 »
Sorcerers abilities auto casting would be similar to Legolas Hawk Strike ability where attack is maked from higher range after all sorcerers are in archer category . This could potentialy fix it target problem .
I'm having trouble interpreting this. Do you suggest, the sorcerers abilities should be changed into "cursor-target spells" (spells like Fireball, Hawk Strike, etc. where you aim with the cursor instead of targetting an area)? That would work for definitely all spells under a technical aspect except perhaps for Well of Souls and Fell Strength. (On these ones I'm not certain! It could work and actually should work, but both abilities are slightly more complex than the others which just trigger a weapon in the target area.)

Therefore, it should be possible to change the sorcerers' spells into cursor-targetting. HOWEVER, this would severely limit the comfort of targetting them manually, meaning in order to enable autocast, you couldn't really use them by yourself effectively. And this can hardly be the goal, because that's basically saying: "You know what player, we'll take care of this game! Just watch some videos while we annihilate the enemy by ourselves using Corpse Rain. Sincerely, your Computer" ;)
(Though, since the AI uses sorcerers normally, the game doesn't seem to have general problems with area-targetting spells. So don't loose hope! xD)

Melkor Bauglir


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Re: Brief Angmar Suggestions
« Antwort #61 am: 1. Feb 2018, 12:20 »
To increase Ring Hero WK's battle effectiveness the ability Might of the Witch King could be changed to affect all Angmar heroes in a certain radius. That could prove very deadly once the full roster is recruited.

It's not a major change, but it would help differentiate Ring WK from regular WK.
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Re: Brief Angmar Suggestions
« Antwort #62 am: 1. Feb 2018, 12:32 »
I share the same view of yours and I second your thoughts on Discord: it would differentiate the ability from Gifts of Lórien. If you think about it, the effect you proposed gives concretely the idea of a disruptive/festering influence, as such is often the case for the Evil, whereas a selective effect conveys more the idea of a personal blessing (Galadriel and her gifts). Regardless of technical feasibility, I think it is a sound reasoning.
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Re: Brief Angmar Suggestions
« Antwort #63 am: 4. Feb 2018, 20:25 »
I would support that change if it can be implemented technically. Indeed, the Witch-King would be a more menacing presence, boosting many heroes at once. This would reinforce his mass-slayer aspect.


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Re: Brief Angmar Suggestions
« Antwort #64 am: 27. Feb 2018, 19:46 »
I agree too, it would make Ring Hero WK better!


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Re: Brief Angmar Suggestions
« Antwort #65 am: 28. Feb 2018, 18:00 »
While I do believe that Ring Hero WK is already an effective hero due to his passive skills, he should have some sort of bonus with his active skills and the change that Necro proposed would be a good way to do that.