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Autor Thema: Upgrade order for recourse building  (Gelesen 2133 mal)


  • Thain des Auenlandes
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Upgrade order for recourse building
« am: 7. Apr 2016, 20:38 »
I just want to know which upgrade order for the recourse buildings is preferred.

When I start, and when I don't reached the max CP points (Battle mode), I use this upgrade order:

Production Increase=> Improved Pantry

When the CP is max, I use this:

Production increase=> Improved Production Increase

And when is a choke point, I use one of this:

Production Increase=> Improved Defense Measures
Defense Measures=> Improved Defense Measures

I want know if this upgrade order is right, or there is a better upgrade order.


  • Bilbos Festgast
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Re: Upgrade order for recourse building
« Antwort #1 am: 8. Apr 2016, 00:50 »
It really depends on what you want. For Lothlorien, I usually go for 2x Production on castle maps, since you can build two Border Guardhouses in your base, and with their level 3-4 upgrades, you'll have all the CP you'll ever need. If I get Corrupted Theoden for Rohan, I upgrade a farm next to my base with 2x Production and then use Cruel Taxes on it. Otherwise, I've recently started to use Pantry --> Production more, as it gives enough CP in the long run, costs less than Production --> Pantry (600 vs. 750) and gives you better economy. I rarely get Defence for my resource buildings. Usually when I do, it's on an RB close to the enemy base, and I get Production --> Defence for some economy and arrow defences (2x Defence just takes too long to upgrade).