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Autor Thema: Drúedain models  (Gelesen 1203 mal)

Canis carcharothias

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Drúedain models
« am: 5. Mai 2016, 00:09 »
I will be brief, but not enough for a "brief suggestion":

I think the drúedain need a more accurate model. Although they appear in just one chapter of the novel, we have an almost complete description of them in the "Unfinished Tales".

"To the eyes of Elves and other Men they were unlovely in looks: they were stumpy (some four foot high) but very broad, with heavy buttocks and short thick legs; their wide faces had deep-set eyes with heavy brows, and flat noses, and grew no hair below their eyebrows, except in a few men (who were proud of the distinction) a small tail of black hair in the midst of the chin."

The fact is that, in the mod, drúedain are very far from this description, they have quite long and slender legs in relation to the size of the torso, which is not too wide. Also, they have beards, really long beards.

I suggest using a model closer to the dwarven archer of ered luin (shorter, stumpier...) shaving those lustrous beards (Ghan can have his "scanty beard") and changing the animation(I think right now they have the orc archer one) to the dwarver archer one (having blowgun animations would be fantastic -they used darts-, but that could be asking too much). Just for the sake of the lore.

I'm surprised by this lore inconsistency, specially when we have such a detailed description. Out of curiosity: Why was the model made like this in the first place?

That's all, I'll leave you with this drawing of a druedain, or a bushman, who knows.

And this one, with stumpier drúedain:


PD: I lied about the brevity.
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