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Autor Thema: Edain Mod Memes  (Gelesen 2162 mal)

E-Mod Memes

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Edain Mod Memes
« am: 2. Jun 2016, 09:05 »
Sup homies

I noticed that not many ppl have been following me on instagram you bunch of pumpnickles
Nahh I'm just kidding you guys are great.

But I would like to keep that instagram account alive and try to spread some of the Edain love.
If u follow me, your followers will see ma memes and get interested and then you can hook them up with this site and have them join the community.

My ultimate goal is to expand this community and I'm trying to achieve that goal by usage of social media. But I can't do it alone I need your guys' help.

If you dont wanna expose your true identity by following me I can always make a facebook page too, alot of ppl have fake facebook accounts. Whatever floats your boat just lemme know in the comments.

Im gonna show you a few of ma memes and hopefully youll feel the urge to help me in expanding the community.

Hope you guys enjoyed and gimme feedback guys, come on lets make this community huge as a badass watermelon!!


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Re: Edain Mod Memes
« Antwort #1 am: 2. Jun 2016, 14:59 »
The image links are broken though xP.