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Autor Thema: Signal Fire  (Gelesen 1360 mal)


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Signal Fire
« am: 23. Jun 2016, 01:01 »
Hello everyone,

I would like to bring up the new system of signal fires in the latest version of the edain mod.

First off I do like the new system in which you can turn on and off the signal fire and now how your units spawn there, good change imo

Now for the problems I have with it, the original signal fire used to give you 2 units after you got it , the swordsmen and the axe men and was worth 600 resources imo. Now the signal fire only gives you only one unit every 4 minutes I believe and its random which doesn't make a lot of sense to me because before it was worth the money to get it and you knew what units you were going to get where as now its random and you get 1 and 4 minutes its way to long to get a single unit.

Now another feature I thought made getting multiple signal fires useful was that your units would get more upgraded the more you had, 2 gave your units banner carriers etc.

Now for the changes I thought of

1. either make it so the more signal fires you get the more upgraded the units spawn in as or another thought I had was to make it so you had the option to buy heavy armour forged blades etc. At the signal fire but increase the buying price say 1000 for heavy armour so that eventually you will be saving money on it

2. I think it has already been said to change what unit you want to spawn in and the team said it couldn't be done so I say to just change it back to the normal way 2 units at the start and when you buy the power point you get 4 units instead

3. If the 2nd idea doesn't go though here's another, considering 4 minutes is way to long for a single unit I say decrease the time to say 1 min and 30 sec or 2 mins but every time you get another signal fire the timer to get them at each signal fire goes up say 10-15% so that they can't be spammed like orcs

Just some thoughts, would like to hear your feedback

Elite KryPtik

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Re: Signal Fire
« Antwort #1 am: 23. Jun 2016, 01:54 »
I agree I think they have been nerfed into uselessness, its far more reliable to just spam Gondor Soldiers. I would say the spawn rate being set to 90 seconds is perfectly fair if it continues to spawn a single unit or 2 with the assistance in times of need power, or switch it back to spawning 2 units at first, then 4. Great idea :)
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Re: Signal Fire
« Antwort #2 am: 23. Jun 2016, 13:55 »
I agree on making the Signal Fire spawn 2 fixed batallions every 4 minutes (and raising the number to 4 when you purchase Assistance in the time of need)^^

However, since units now spawn in the location of the Signal Fire, granting them upgrades would be slightly unbalanced if you can build a Signal Fire close to the enemy base, and after 4 minutes you can get 2 (or 4) batallions fully upgraded. So, here's my idea:

The standard waiting time is 4 minutes. For each upgrade purchased by the player, the waiting time is increased by 2 minutes, but the troops will spawn already upgraded (the more upgrades you purchase, the longer they take to properly equip and reach the battlefield)

So, if you purchase all the four Gondor unit upgrades (not counting Knights Shield), the units will take 12 minutes to arrive (4 by default, plus 2x4 unit upgrades), but they'll spawn fully upgraded in the location of the Signal Fire


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Re: Signal Fire
« Antwort #3 am: 23. Jun 2016, 14:13 »
I agree that they have been too nerfed but I do have some issues with the suggestions here. With the new system I think that 1 battalion before the power and 2 after the power is better since the unit spawn next to the beacon and no longer in the back of the map: the beacons can now be used to aggressively spawn troops near/close to the enemy base. I also have issues with adding two minutes every time because it's simply too much time to spawn troops, even upgraded. You already have to maintain 4 signal fires active (in the old system) to spawn troops, which could have been replaced by farms to boost the economy, in addition they don't produce resources and nor do they have any sort of defense system. Therefore I think that instead:
1. Decrease the timer, to 3 minutes. While this may still seem long, it's important to remember that  the number of beacon affects the number of troops.
2. Reinstate the system of upgrades depending on the number of beacons but lower it by one (1= banner carrier, 2=forged blades/fire arrows, 3=heavy armor) and instead make it so that the upgrades have to be first unlocked in a blacksmith. If they are purchased the upgrade will happen automatically.
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Re: Signal Fire
« Antwort #4 am: 23. Jun 2016, 21:01 »
Definitely agree that the Signal Fire is underperforming right now.  Because of its high cost, and how long it takes to give you basic units, farms are always the better option right now. 

Now I'd rather see a way where you can pick the units you want, but since that is impossible, I think just decreasing the timer to 90 seconds would be the best option for it.  That might seem low, but remember the units you are getting are around the same stats are Gondor Soldiers, if not only very slightly better.  Waiting 3 Minutes for a units that would normally cost 200 is way too long.   

Also, here is an idea.  Can Assistance in Times of Need be brought down to 2 power points?  It is a very situational power right now, and because of that, it costing more then Arrow Volley makes it never worth getting becuase of how people try to get Army of the Dead as quickly as possible.


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Re: Signal Fire
« Antwort #5 am: 25. Jun 2016, 19:39 »
I'm glad people want to see a change in the signal fire because before I thought it was well worth its money, I would almost always get it, and now I never see anyone get it, I would like it to be brought back into usefulness



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Re: Signal Fire
« Antwort #6 am: 2. Jul 2016, 13:51 »
I think one aspect of the Signal Fire is the fact that it should be more attractive to get more than one. In the old system the units you were given came with upgrades equipped in terms of how many Signal Fires you had. Also, with the fact that every three minutes you'd get 2 battalions (which is quite a longcooldown) you'd consider earlier to get the Assistance in Need spell book power because getting four battalions per three minutes is very decent.

Perhaps the timer could be reduced with the amount of Signal Fire on the battlefield? This could go in combination with upgraded units being spawned, either both discounts at the same moment or in zigzag combination:

1) The first Signal Fire spawns one battalion randomly (two with spell book power) without upgrades; with the second one or two will be spawned with banner carriers and afted a lower cooldown; etc with more upgrades and lower cooldown
2) The first Signal Fire spawns one or two battalions at random with banner carriers; with the second the countdown is lowered significantly; the third will spawn upgraded battalions; the fourth will significantly lowed the cooldown; etc.

The only problem I see with the use of multiple Signal Fires is the point of where units spawn. Do they all spawn at the first, or at every single Signal Fire, and is the countdown shared or does each go separately?

In this case I read a suggestion on the German forum (as I dont speak it I might have misunderstood slightly though) but it contained a levelling system for Signal Fires that determines the upgrades: every next battalion will be spawned with one more upgrade. This gives the Signal Fire also more use to build in the Early Game as it provides one with significant advantages in the Middle Game with already upgraded units for free. The discount for the lowered countdown could be implemented with more Signal Fires present on the battlefield, but I don't see this very necessary if every single Signal Fire is already so powerful.

I hope these suggestions help the discussion further, and do cause too much confusion.

Captain Jin

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Re: Signal Fire
« Antwort #7 am: 6. Apr 2017, 06:20 »
Now I'd rather see a way where you can pick the units you want, but since that is impossible-

Is that impossible though? That genuinely seems like the easiest possible implementation. Rather than waiting on random reinforcements every 4 minutes, remove the toggle on/off, put the units in the palantir, and simply give them a 4 minute spawn time (or just the same "spawn" system as before but without the randomness). That way the only thing being changed is that you can select the units you want to spawn. The only limitation I'd see from this is that the Power upgrade (I can't recall the name) could only double the units you spawn in rather than give you an option for a second unit.


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Re: Signal Fire
« Antwort #8 am: 6. Apr 2017, 10:12 »
The Signal Fire will be completly reworked in 4.5.