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Concerning the news:

Just write them in english and that will be fine for me.
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Es wäre gut, wenn sie auch auf Deutsch wäre.
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Ça serait bien qu'elles soient en français aussi.
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Umfrage geschlossen: 13. Feb 2016, 13:33

Autor Thema: Sons of Durin Submod [CLOSED]  (Gelesen 13966 mal)


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Re: Sons of Durin Submod [Edain]
« Antwort #30 am: 9. Apr 2016, 19:35 »
I would like to help with this, I dont know anything about mapping but I think i have clear sight to detect bugs in units movement/ designs, new features and so on.
If you need betatesters I can test for you anything you would want.

I think the more eyes you have the more bugs you can fix and the best the sub mod can look in his first apparition. ;D


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Sons of Durin Submod [Edain]
« Antwort #31 am: 27. Aug 2016, 10:30 »

Hi everyone,

I was enthusiastic concerning this submod and everything it could offer but I misjudged the work and the skills it needed. Right now I havn't enough time to grant to continue supervise the project.
With the approval of the team I officialy close this submod.

I will keep the dedicated forum (http://sonsofdurin.boards.net/) active for a while.

I want to thank all the team members for their participation and their motivation and wish them a lot of fun in their further modding experience.

The team: Aragorn_frodo, Fredius, Lord_ellesar, LordDainOfIronHills.

Baruk khazaddumu