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Autor Thema: Sieges in 4.5, part I: Your feedback  (Gelesen 855 mal)

Elendils Cousin 3. Grades

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Sieges in 4.5, part I: Your feedback
« am: 15. Apr 2018, 22:06 »
As always, we are excited to hear your opinions on the newest update - what are your impressions? Got any questions? Let us know!


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Re: Sieges in 4.5, part I: Your feedback
« Antwort #1 am: 15. Apr 2018, 22:36 »
Just wanted to say, it is great to see the amount of thought that goes into these changes in the mod! Siege seems like it will be much more interesting and have more variety now, and this addresses problems like the towers' damage or how static the siege was so well! I'm not sure about all the nerfs the towers get, but with the amount of thought that's gone into it, I guess it will be fine  :P

I feel like this will also make some things that I never used much (Siege Towers or Siege Ladders) much more interesting and valuable to use, which could lead to sieges resembling the iconic scenes of movies and books!

All in all, great work!

Edit: adding to it, I think that abilities which can disable buildings or have an effect on them, like Annatar's abilities, Khâmul's level 4 or Grima Wormtongue's level 10 will be even more interesting now (if the latter two can effect the citadel bonuses), and add a whole new layer of strategy to the sieges!
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Re: Sieges in 4.5, part I: Your feedback
« Antwort #2 am: 16. Apr 2018, 21:40 »
I personally like the overhaul of the defensive systems, every choice is reasonable and well thought, as always you took your time to develope things with very much care and balance :)
A question: what will be the effect of the new tower system on Ents troll and siege monsters in general? Did you change some bonuses now that there is no more elemental damage?


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Re: Sieges in 4.5, part I: Your feedback
« Antwort #3 am: 16. Apr 2018, 23:14 »
From all that was written in this update that concerns the new siege overhaul and implementation that is slightly deeper explained than the first one, I personally find that you guys have managed to incorporate actual historical reference, logics and ancient/medieval warfare into Tolkien's Universe. That is astonishing because it will eventually allow the player to actually enjoy the game more and more. For me as a history student this is a great opportunity to re construct some actual sieges that occurred in our past. The main difference that I noticed is that the whole siege system is tied up with how the economy develops or eventually tears apart. Why is this so important ? The answer can be defined with simple words: the castles/bases in Edain represent how real life ancient cities functioned: they all shared one common thing- carefully planned infrastructure that was developed to bolster the growth of a certain city, supply it with essential resources for further self expansion, connecting vast network of economical "roads" that will make it an impenetrable fortress/bastion in its further defense or planned offense in long terms. In this game, that was made with great eye-catching ability to simply connect the reality into virtual World.
Furthermore, what I found interesting is that if we try to divide these 2 components, we will actually fail because of the tight connection which clearly shows us that the whole waiting was not in vain. Another good point about this topic is that we wont be able to experience the old mainstream usage of siege engines that may be found in other RTS games ( I am excluding Total War series ) that were rather put for filling certain slots and were pointless ( look AoE and AoM for instance ). The ancients carefully studied the art of warfare and were deeply familiar what projectile is good for or how physics works.
All in all, I feel the right to tell You that I am personally satisfied with the amount of work that is put into 4.5 and therefore I wish all next releases be emboldened with the spirit and determination that was the driving force trough the period of the past, turbulent year.
P.S: I feel that the  Dwarven, Numenorean ( Arnor/ Gondor ) and Angmarian  fortresses would be simply hell of a epic battlegrounds for defending and attacking.
Best regards,


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Re: Sieges in 4.5, part I: Your feedback
« Antwort #4 am: 17. Apr 2018, 12:47 »
Hello ! In principle, meanwhile, you have done everything right! Now each siege / defensive unit will have its own distinct role  :). Some of the members of the community correctly noted that, truly, now the siege of Gondor / Dwarfs or Angmar will not be an easy task and the defenders will not be doomed  :D. But I have two comments!
     First: It's a mordor. With their fortress everything is fine, but what additional protective abilities / mechanisms for Dol Guldur and Minas Morgul you came up with ??? Because in principle these strongholds are simple barracks that allow you to hire troops. So why so much overpay 2500 against 500 barracks. Dale, the fortress of Dol Amroth and Thranduil fortress have the same role as the barracks, but they also have defense, medical and economic opportunities. I hope this shortcoming will also be corrected.
     Second: It's Isengard. I really love playing for Isengard and I know how weak the passive defense of the fortress. Partially helps Saruman in Orthanc. If you are surrounded by catapults, you are almost doomed. But if you are attacked by the Ents, then this is your 100% loss, since the enty are vulnerable to fire, but the Isengard towers are bolted. (By the way, it seems to me that the analogous situation is with Angmar vs Ent) and Isengard has no defensive catapults. The new ability of Orthank from the spellbook promises us a slightly different system of renewal of the fortress (economy, intelligence and defense). And I'm wondering whether there will be any nebut new or recycled defense capabilities ??? xD. Forgive me for hurry because I wrote at work! Have a nice day! :)

Éomer Éadig

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Re: Sieges in 4.5, part I: Your feedback
« Antwort #5 am: 24. Apr 2018, 09:51 »
A very nice update. I really like it since I always felt that epic siege battles were somewhat lacking. A very good counter system between the attackers and defenders as well. I also like the fact that you have a good variety between the factions (such as the dwarven oil).

I have just one worry, actually. Since you now increased the minimal range of the wall catapults, do you not fear that players will simply move their own (attacking) catapults to within this minimal range and then use them to a destructive level? or are you supposed to counter them with archers at that point?

Kind regards and many thanks for this awesome mod,
Éomer Éadig