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Autor Thema: Edain Mod Demo 4.4.1 released!  (Gelesen 16445 mal)


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Edain Mod Demo 4.4.1 released!
« am: 19. Aug 2016, 18:46 »
Greetings, companions of the Edain!

Today we released Patch 4.4.1 for the Edain 4.0 Demo. You can get the update by updating the mod through the Edain Launcher.

In case you don't have a version of Edain installed already, you first have to download the basic version as a complete package by clicking on the banner below. After installing Edain, use the Update Function of the Edain Launcher to get the latest version. You may have to update several times until the launcher shows that no newer version is available anymore..

hould you encounter any problems with the mod, feel free to stop by in our Support Forums!

Patch 4.4.1

We're delighted to present you a new custom hero class for version 4.4.1: The Elven Lord! We originally planned to release him in version 4.4 alongside Rivendell. But we decided to hold him back a bit and take the time we needed to polish him to perfection. Fitting perfectly with the latest faction of Imladris, you can now create a powerful Elven melee hero on top of the old Elven archer. The Elven Lord is a subclass of the Hero of the Free People. He comes with many different designs you can mix and match, ranging from the silver armour of Rivendell in the Third Age to a soldier of Mirkwood or Thranduil's Palace guards.

Attention: To choose a custom hero with Rohan or Imladris, first click on desired hero's name in the list (even though it's greyed out!) and then press the first character of their name on your keyboard.

Apart from the Elven Lord, this update mainly brings important fixes to the most severe bugs of version 4.4. Among other things, Angmar, the Dwarves and Rivendell should now correctly build defense towers. Additionally, we made several balance tweaks:

  • Cost of monsters raised to 600, elite monsters to 1200.
  • Rivendell's flood spell now inflicts 150% more damage.
  • Some errors with the Weapon Masters, causing them to inflict way more damage with forged blades than intended, have been fixed.
  • The Dunedain Outpost now is defended by fewer and weaker Dunedain.
  • Chariots now slow down 20% less and have the same increased armor against swords as regular riders.
  • Damage of all turrets has been reduced by 15%.

We know that some abilities of the Loremasters still are problematic, but reworking them is beyond the scope of this small bugfix update. We will be working on this problem as well as the promised revamp of siege weapons and defenses for the next big version.

Until then, have fun playing!

Your Edain Team
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