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Autor Thema: Welcome to the English RPG section!  (Gelesen 3359 mal)


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Welcome to the English RPG section!
« am: 26. Aug 2016, 15:15 »
Welcome to the new English RPG section! This RPG forum has been established to finally give even to the International Community of Modding Union the concrete opportunity to work on and experiment with RPG-based content. I had been thinking about and developing this project of mine for quite some time, and I eventually had the possibility to make all of this real with the consent and help of the Edain Team.

The rudiments

First of all, what does 'RPG' stand for? RPG are role-playing games (or, more generally, activities) started and progressively taken care of by one or multiple people. Everything begins with a defined lore/subject (it can encompass books, films, tales and so on) that is chosen as the pillar of the whole game, each participant then takes up a specific role and the development of the story can thus see the light.

RPG games can vary substantially from very restricted contexts to the creation of a whole alternate universe, involving many fictional characters and places. The latter of the two is exactly the structure of the German RPG section of this forum, which exactly aims to expand the radius of its view on the entire Middle-earth and its places, enabling the participants to create actual new lore where Tolkien's wording doesn't offer clear details (or even leaves some aspects completely in the obscurity of doubts). Needless to say, every work that is meant to do so must necessarily comply to precise rules and to adhere as much as possible to the reasonable founding guidelines of the common lore.

The legitimacy of this purpose is well visible to any of you: much of the Angmar faction's lore (design, heroes and properties), in the Edain Mod, was fashioned on the fictional lore created by the said RPG games.

The particularities of this project

I must absolutely make it clear that this project is still in its initial stage; that is, I decided to opt for a more contained concept, in order to value carefully how the work-in-progress actually proceeds and to expand it in the future if there are the right premises to do so. This decision was also mainly due to the own particularities of the International Community: I am in fact fully aware of the fact that we do not all come from English-speaking countries (me included) and thus know the English language as native speakers do. That's why, although the language issue will still remain important to stay within decent levels of quality, the RPG section won't be as pervasive as the German one is and the relative language/narrative requirements won't be as strict equally. Bear nonetheless in mind that I and the other members of the English RPG Team will always ensure the content of the section be of an acceptable decency, lest everything turn into inappropriate material for the forum itself.

The core concept of the RPG activity

After having stated what have been the main premises lying behind the English RPG section, may I now conclude with explaining briefly how the general RPG activity will be led. All the rules and boundaries you need to know will be indicated in the relative informative thread of this board (which I sincerely recommend you read thoroughly).

As I pointed out above, the English RPG section won't have a structured design: anyone willing to write and co-write will do it in a more loosened environment, being absolutely free to pick up any particular event or general context from Tolkien's lore and to explore it (alone or involving other people to join, who will consequently choose their own role in the game). The exclusive reference to Tolkien's Legendarium is totally paramount. That will be the only lore (already quite immense, I would say) permitted to work on. Nothing else to add about it.

Have you ever wanted to recreate one of the White Council's meetings and to make its members speak with your own words (in accordance to common lore-principles)? Have you ever desired to give your own interpretation of Sauron's attendance of the Númenórean royal court, while being held captive? Or maybe giving a more direct perspective on Théoden's discussions with his Marshals in the Golden Hall of Meduseld? Here, you will be definitely able to express your own creativity in the best ways, benefitting also the whole forum with very sound lore content.

The actual success of this project is likely to be evident only in the medium-long term, as it often is for similar initiatives. I profoundly rely on everyone's willingness to embark in this new adventure and cooperative spirit to help this section grow in the proper way. Now, let the story begin!

The English RPG Team