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Autor Thema: RPG Common Law  (Gelesen 2064 mal)


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RPG Common Law
« am: 26. Aug 2016, 15:17 »

Hither the rules and manners of thy conduct were written not to be in vain,
The prime spirit and nature of this place which thou shalt obey.

These are the main rules that any RPG work must necessarily respect. The violation of one or more of the following boundaries will consequently lead the English RPG Team to enforce the proper counter-measures, as our duty is exactly making them be followed by all the attendees of this section. I decided to keep these guidelines a bit flexible, so that they can be adjusted to different circumstances in the future and give Moderators a margin of judgement.

Since the rules can't objectively cover all the possible doubts you might want to be clarified, you are thus invited to ask questions or give feedback in the proper RPG Discussion, Feedback and Suggestions board. Make also sure to read very carefully the welcoming thread at the top of this board, where all the principal premises and purposes of this section are exhaustively explained.

I. The members of the RPG Team have moderating authority over this section. They are in charge of keeping order throughout the threads and censure people that don't comply with the rules.

II. You can't oppose to respect the decisions of Moderators, as they respond only to Administrators. If you don't agree with a decision, just report your complaint in the proper board meant to gather feedback; we will then try to settle the issue in reasonable terms.

III. No one expects you to use a very high level of wording and English grammar. Given the main narrative nature of this project, you are nonetheless invited to be as much accurate as you can. That is, paying attention to grammar, punctuation and the actual sense of what you write (other people must understand you correctly).

Unacceptable levels of wording won't be obviously allowed.

IV. Tolkien's lore is the only lore allowed to be worked on. You have full rights to explore every side of the Legendarium in all its extents, taking inspiration from both the books and cinematographic interpretations. You may also choose other sources, provided that they are consistent and logical.

RPG games that deal with other topics won't get the permission to be established. A perfect knowledge of the lore is not requested either, though you had always better consult official sources or even other users if you are unsure about something (always in the proper board).

V. Within the borders of Tolkien's universe, you are offered a wide variety of possibilities to base your scenarios on. Keep always in mind that you should nonetheless try to follow the most basic lore foundations that tie every element together; lore facts that can't be changed at will (even for the sake of speculation).

Galadriel is thus strongly recommended to remain an Elf on the good side, Sauron to stick to his evil plans, Aragorn to be Gondor's heir and the other characters (canonical or not) to be consistent with their own nature (defined in the known lore-boundaries).

VI. Totally inconsistent, illogical or simply silly elements that don't respect Rule V are not accepted. The same for other obscenities or trolling content, that not only violate these rules but also the very rules of the forum itself. Posts of this kind will be deleted and the development of the relative RPG game might risk to be halted (along with the authors of the violation being reported to the Administration).

VII. This board is intended to contain only RPG games. If you want to propose new games to the Community, ask questions, reply to other participants and similar matters, you have to do this in the RPG Discussion, Feedback and Suggestions board, where you can also arrange modifications on your existing works with other people. Once the game is started, anything in the thread must be strictly on-topic.

VIII. Referring to Rule VII, once you are resolved to start a game, make sure to indicate in the first post the setting and the information required about the context you want to explore; prepare also a list of the characters involved and each participant's role (this list can obviously be edited if other people decide to join). In case of fictional characters, their generalities (race, age, brief story and so on) must be indicated too at the beginning.

Since canonical characters and contexts are the centre of our activity, fictional elements can be used only if they are not the majority and if they serve well for narrative purposes (mainly in obscure sides of the lore that you want to explore).

IX. RPG games may involve multiple people or, at the creator's will, only one person. In the latter situation, other participants won't be allowed to take part of the relative game. These properties may be changed under specific request. All the requests must be forwarded in the RPG Discussion, Feedback and Suggestions board.

The English RPG Team
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