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Autor Thema: General Guidelines  (Gelesen 9763 mal)


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General Guidelines
« am: 26. Aug 2016, 15:20 »
Welcome to the RPG Discussion, Feedback and Suggestions board!

As the title of the very board indicates, this is the place meant to gather people's opinions. More specifically: you may discuss here anything related to the RPG games that are being developed in the RPG Works board, you may give your personal feedback on the games or on the section itself, you can forward specific requests to the English RPG Team and, most importantly, this board deals with your own proposals for new games (having the opportunity to share ideas with other users and to arrange for new RPG works to establish).

As it is stated in the RPG rules, this is the legitimate space for all the activities that don't involve the actual RPG-writing. The main RPG Works board will thus be maintained in order and solely linked to the very games it is based on.

Lore debates are well allowed to take place, as long as they are quite topical and concern directly your RPG suggestions. If you want to start purely lore-based discussions, remember that the Lord of the Rings board exists for this very reason.

The guidelines you are supposed to follow are no less different than the known ones of the ordinary Edain discussion and suggestion boards. Try to stick to the topic as much as you can, and to always provide reasonable arguments and constructive criticism in both your feedback and proposals. These are the needed requirements for any civil and useful debate.

The English RPG Team