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Autor Thema: Using and Editing the Edain Wiki  (Gelesen 1856 mal)


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Using and Editing the Edain Wiki
« am: 19. Okt 2016, 17:39 »
This is a small guide to help all those that wish to edit the wiki but have never understood where to start or how to start editing. This guide will also go over how to use the wiki to the fullest so that you may see all that there is to see about the mod. After reading this guide, you should be able to go on the wiki and learn things that you had never seen before.

Using the Wiki
Using the wiki is quite simple, from the main page you have access to a great amount of the wiki. The first section is a series of links to the main pages for each faction of the game. Theses pages will allow you to see an overview of each faction and gain access to the pages for the units and heroes of the faction. At the bottom of every page you will see the categories under which the page is classified, for example all unit pages will be classified under the unit category, by clicking on it you will be able to see all other pages under the unit category. You can also search pages classified under certain categories in the search box by simply prefixing the category you are looking for with "Category:" (e.g Category:Archer , Category:Monster)

Categories also include the maps made by a certain author (e.g Glorfindel23), the types of maps (e.g Fortress) or even the number of players on a map. Other categories include the race of the unit and perhaps the faction the unit is in which would lead you to the category page for the faction (which is not the same as the faction page). Categories are also linked in the seconds section of the main page (the parts with the GIFs)

Even lower than the categories you will see the content box, this provides the link to a great portion of the wiki that isn't related to the factions. You can click on any of the images or words to access those pages which include a tutorial to install the mod and one on how to play multiplayer. Below that you can gain access to many of the external links for downloading the mod and going on Moddb and the MU Forums, here.

So as you can see the main page is quite a piece of work which should be the starting point of all your research. However, the Main Page does not follow you around, which is why you have the top navigation which links to a good portion of the wiki, although it is not as precise as the the Main Page, nor is it as artistic.

This is all there is to know on using the wiki, it should know be easy to travel around the wiki and gain the information you need. But, what if you want to fix the mistake that you have seen, what if you want to change that percentage which is wrong. Well in that case you're going to have to edit the wiki page.

Editing the Wiki
Editing the wiki is very simple, all you have to do is click the edit button at the top left of the wiki and you will then be able to change the words and formatting of the page. At this point you can edit anything, and if you make a mistake you can either use the usual Ctrl + Z or presc Esc to discard all your changes. If you do decide to save your changes just click save changes at the top. It's literally that simple, so don't be afraid and if you mess up don't worry it'll be an easy undo just give me a shoutout on my wall or the wall of any other admin.

If you are a map creator and want to create a page for your map just click the top right button ("Contribute") and write down your map the way you want, an admin will probably go over it and add some information to the page to fit wiki policy.

As a final word, I would just like to clear some confusion I caused at the very beginning of this entire project. The project, which aims to transcribe the entire Edain Mod into a form accessible to all, is called the Edain Wiki, a Wiki being a website upon which a community of user collaborate to create a knowledge base, whereas “Wikia” is the company that hosts the Edain Wiki. Finally, Wikia has recently rebranded to “Fandom powered by Wikia” so keep a look for mentions like that.
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