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The Edain Wiki Board
« am: 19. Okt 2016, 17:48 »
Welcome to the Edain Wiki Board

On this board, you can post any suggestion to the wiki. There are a couple things to keep in mind due to the fact that the wiki can be edited by anybody. If you are simply reporting a spelling error or factual mistake  you can edit it yourself using the edit button at the top of each page or report it in the comments at the bottom of the page.

The suggestion board can be used for example if you want to get help on something you're trying to do on the wiki such as adding a quote from the movie/book to every page, or if you want to gather a team to help write up the strategy section of a particular faction.

As a general guideline, suggestions should be as detailed as possible when introduced to the community so that time is not lost by users asking for further clarification. You should clearly state what pages this will affect e.g will it be wiki wide or will it only affect a certain category of pages or even only the pages from a certain faction.

You should also try to avoid using abbreviations and double check your post so as to avoid any spelling error or missing punctuation. This will allow users to get a clear idea of your suggestion and make it easier for users to participate

You can also suggest new or modifications to existing policies. To know what policies are just keep reading.

The Edain Wiki has a set of policies that are used to guide new users on how the information from the mod should be displayed on pages. These range from the order of the sections to the way abilities are written. A full list of the policies can be seen here.

Of course, the policies are ever evolving and being debated which allows the wiki to find the best possible format for the majority of its viewers. If you want to debate any of these policies, you can create a new thread on this board. The thread should include a detailed explanation of what policy you want to change, or if you want to introduce a new one, what pages it will affect and what section of the page it will affect.

The main goal of your thread should be to display the purpose of your policy as clearly as possible so that the Wiki Team and other users can understand it easily. This will make it easier for it to be debated and implemented. Debate is likely to happen but as long as you defend your point with logical arguments, it is most likely that your idea will be implement given that it truly answers for a need.

As a final rule of thumb try to clearly state whether your post is a suggestion or a a thread related to policies.

To post new suggestions you can either go the to Brief Suggestions Thread or just create a new thread on this board.
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