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Autor Thema: Isengard Spellbook Suggestion  (Gelesen 633 mal)


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Isengard Spellbook Suggestion
« am: 5. Nov 2016, 01:09 »
Hi all, I've been testing out Isengard a lot lately to try and up my game with them a bit (since they're the only faction I cannot seem to do well with when selected at random) and had a thought in regards to their spell book. Before I go on, I would like to point out that I find the abilities in the spell book themselves and the cost / tiers for them to be fine, I just have two minor gripes I would like some feedback in regards.

These issues stem down to two of the powers, Devastation and Fuel the Fires. Like I said before, I have no issues at all with the spells themselves, don't get me wrong, the thing I find odd about them is their placement in the spell book. With Isengard, the left side of the spell book seems to be the Industrial side, while the right side is more focused on aggressive play, which is where the main gripe comes in, that being Fuel the Fires.

Given the nature of their spell book, I think switching Fuel the Fire's placement with Warg Archers would be a more fitting option. The main reason I think this is as I said above, the spell book itself seems to divide between industry and power, however the placement of this spell is the one that breaks the trend. I understand the warg archers are there to give that side of the spell book a summon, but I think it would make Isengard a lot more interesting in play style if they were indeed switched, giving the spell book two separate points of focus, which allows a more adaptable style of play suited to the person. It wouldn't break the faction as the spell isn't being adjusted, just having it's placement switched to align the spell book a bit better.

The other gripe I had isn't an issue as such, but more of technical thing, again it's positioning, I feel like Devastation and Industry should also be switched. This might seem pointless, but the reason I'm suggesting this is because of the nature of some of the game's maps, there are a few maps, such as Khazad Dum, The 3rd Hall, etc that do not have trees on them whatsoever, so the reason for this switch is just to make the spell book a bit more balanced for use on all maps, granted the majority of them do have trees, due to some maps having an absence of them it does make the spell book look a bit out of sync. In doing this, while minor, in maps without trees, one can attain Industry as a power, and then branch out to Rain (assuming the placement of Fuel the Fires is switched too), as opposed to having to having to go down another segment of the spell book first to get access to their tier 4 powers, without risking having a dead skill or two along the path.

I understand that this might not be done / have a need to be done, I just think it would make the spell book a bit more interesting having each side have a focused purpose, while sorting out minor issues with certain maps making spells a bit redundant.

I'd appreciate any feedback in regards to this at all.


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Re: Isengard Spellbook Suggestion
« Antwort #1 am: 5. Nov 2016, 01:55 »
Agree with both proposals!