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Autor Thema: Several ideas for Arnor  (Gelesen 485 mal)

Offline Dain@

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Several ideas for Arnor
« am: 8. Dez 2016, 11:40 »
Good afternoon Edayn community! I have a couple of ideas for danogo character and wanted to share with you about them! Sorry for my English !

The main problem of Arnor is that it is almost completely identical to Gondor!!! Base, fortress, design, heroes (the name another and an essence too most, Boromir and Faramir's direct copies and others is simple), Gandalf as the main character (though and here Gandalf as the main character I do not understand, it is possible to leave it of course in fraction, but as draft hero, with the changed abilities and without Glamdring, then it will correspond to books.). Fractions authors fashion offended this most of all in spite of the fact that reserved developments in Fraction very big. and many ideas can be offered to this fraction. Here what I offer:
1) Main the hero to make Elendil!
2) To add Aranarth a son off Elendil.
3) To change abilities and a role of other heroes
4) To add to the Outpost a tower Amon Sull with some abilities and from guards as in the book!
5) To improve Rivendel's fortress in the Outpost
6) To add to the Outpost the Building of White Harbour with Cirdan, and to strengthen Cirdan, he after all was the wisest of elves and carried fire ring.
7) Clean / will change pathfinders of the North as it is the direct copy of pathfinders of Itilen and plus to it they is at Rivendel.
8) To change design of base/fortress
9) To change and add couple of new improvements for base/fortress
10) To change couple of abilities from the book of spells!

Thank you for your attention ! I hope these ideas (or at least used part) you like!

Offline Hamanathnath

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Re: Several ideas for Arnor
« Antwort #1 am: 8. Dez 2016, 15:06 »
The Arnor the Edain Team uses is Arnor during its war with Angmar.  That is the main reason why Elendil is not on the faction.  Arvedui was the King at the time. 

Also, the main reason why Gondor and Arnor are so similar is because they are sister kingdoms and were very similar in Lore.  They have enough changes to make them different factions (Their Heroes and Spellbook being the biggest differences). 

Offline Elite KryPtik

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Re: Several ideas for Arnor
« Antwort #2 am: 8. Dez 2016, 22:41 »
Especially considering that Arnor is actually a really powerful faction right now with no real weaknesses, I don't see any need to change them.
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Re: Several ideas for Arnor
« Antwort #3 am: 8. Dez 2016, 23:32 »
Apart from what others have said, this proposal lack actual suggestions, most of the points you've made are just requesting for something to be changed. It would be better if you specified how they could be changed so that a discussion could stem from these suggestions.
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